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[[SPOILER]] I would go with McAllisters. But I like bals compared to bluchers. Most of my shoes are bals.IMHO, considering you already have Merlot McAllisters, Sanderson will give you variety. And if it fits better than McAllisters (without the hissy noise ), go for Sanderson. Also, as suggested try to get an exchange (for the right shoe issue) if you can get away with it.HTH. Thanks.
The best suggestion is, find an AE store and try on both sizes. If that is not a viable option order both and return the ones which don't fit well.   Why? : I wear 10 E in Park Avenues and Strands, 9.5 EE in McAllisters and 9.5 E in Nuemoks. Though they are all same 5 last, it differs from style to style, Lined vs Unlined etc. Consider Starnds and McAllisters, both are lined 5 last, but people suggest going down half a size for McAllisters.   What I am trying to say is,...
Good to have the puff rather than the swelling I guess. Even I am used to it now.
Funny thing is, we trying to buy the same shoes in the last two months or so. Remember the McAllisters with tap sole air puffing issue. lol
  Yes I understand that, in AE site they have a separate version of Strands with tap sole for the same price as well. But in the leather sole version, if you would like to add tap sole it would cost $50, that's what I meant.   In either case, I was trying to make a point that the SA was helpful and price matched even though it wasn't the exact thing on sale.  
  I think there is only one guy working. So probably we are talking about the same person. I bought Walnut Strands but with the combination tap sole. The ones on sale is with leather sole. Was surprised especially they charge $50 for combination tap sole.   I was wearing my Merlot McAllisters while buying, if that matters.
Hey NeedAnM3, I see your location is mentioned "Salt Lake City". Are you referring to CityCreek AE? Whom did you talk to. I was there yesterday, price matched an item which is not on sale with the specifications I wanted. But SA was happy to do price match.
I totally agree with this.   But my brother suggested this approach to make it symmetrical. 1. While placing the tie around your neck, place it in a way that the split blades on top (that is, the back of the tie on top) 2. Instead of crossing the longer end on front, cross shorter end on top 3. Follow the regular knot steps.   This will add little bit more symmetry and looks better. The only problem is, this knot will not untie in the usual way.   HTH.
Someone asked this couple of days. But I don't remember seeing the answer. Could anyone please comment on this. Will AE price match Walnut Strand with combination tap sole ? (The Nordstrom sale has Walnut Strand with regular sole)   Thanks
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