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bump for the weekend
I am looking for an NC Aircraft Jacket 46.  Anyone thinking of selling let me know  thanks
Nigel Cabourn Aircraft Jacket 46.  
I think you have named the two most 'off' sized Cabourn jackets, I take a 50 in the Cameraman, Mallory, Rangoon etc. and they all fit perfectly but my Surface in a 50 was tight across the chest and my Aircraft in 48 fits perfectly. Thanks so much for your replies.  Its a massive help.   I’m now on the hunt the Aircraft Jacket knowing what I need to know. Sizing is a conundrum sometimes, still,  thats what makes NC so fun, thanks allgus
I need to see a bit more come off the price before I go for it...butI'm tempted to try one of the Taped Ventile Aircraft Jackets ,  can anyone comment on how the orange colour looks in the flesh, it appears a dark sort of burnt  orange rather than a bright fruit orange.  And sizing, for a 37 ‘’ chest I’m going  a size up in 48 hoping it won’t be too long in the sleeves or big?  The only NC jacket I tried was a lined Surface jacket 48 which was too tight around my...
Hi Looking for a 30 inches natural stainless steel buckle Tanner Goods Leather belt.     cheers for reading
Thats a great looking grey vneck knitwear. Is Cabourn too?  
Here is the label for the white one one at least.   Think they are both labeled.  I assume the grade of leather would be a some knotches up on the finished items?   Don’t know when I’d wear something like this!
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