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Posts by gus49 Can anyone comment, how these will wear They look amazing but a little on the shiny side. Does the leather dull down ? I mean the Classic Kudu
Can anyone comment on the    Viberg Vintage Mocha  &  Viberg/Sixteen Vintage Mocha/Harness leather.   They look similar although Mocha Harness looks darker and is oil tanned are they actually different leathers or the same?  Is the Viberg Vintage Mocha a chromexcel?   thanks
My last purchase from was a year ago.  The communications were not good, like not much confirming purchase and delivery etc that I recall,  except when I did open the box there was a hand written Thank you for your purchase note,  which was nice to see.  That was a Zip Cardigan.     Another Everest Parka is on the bay,  Size 48 Orange ,  its a 7 day auction
     Anyone tried one of these on ,  just wondering about the sizing ? this chaps is wearing a 46,     cheers   A
There is a Ventile  M65 Cabourn Bauer  Field jacket for sale.   Does anyone know how Ventile wears in terms of soften up much. It must be a very heavy duty military grade material. But I wonder how comfortable it would ever be.   has anyone seen this in person?     cheers
The sale at Cabourn was advertised to finish Feb 29 so it does make you think twice if items are still on Sale Price whether your given the final price. I don't think the Zip Parka will drop anymore there, but who knows. Tbh I'm as interested in the last price as actually I am in buying said item. If that makes any sense! Cheers for sizing guide advice. .
The Zip Parkas are still showing as a Sale price off %50 @’m waiting until its 70% off... all sizes available.
What do your wrecking to 8 eyelets?  I’m thinking slightly clashing acethestic  next to rough out waxed!! leather!  I prefer 7 eyelets for rough outs.  There are other mark ups going to other shops.
err,      I would take 2 sizes smaller
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