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I believe its  http://thehipstore.co.uk/  and   http://www.smithandmorris.co.uk/Nigel-Cabourn-Aircraft-Jacket.html?Tan.   Black friday here we are... I hope this festive cheer is extended to a good mark down on the AW14 stuff soon,  I’m dying to add some wooly knits to my collection.   
If its any help I think your perception of what to expect was going to lead to some disappointment.  I’ve done the same thing,  buying something with such high expectations.  You are always going to be underwhelmed.   You only have The parka of choice.
Thats a handy to know      for the money they should I guess.   cheers
 The hand warmer pockets look very nice, are they special to this Japanese version only? I haven’t noticed them on The Everests before. 
The Filson Cabourn collaboration has now landed at End.....lol..
   If your actual chest is 38 with a measurement taken with a tape closely around your torso go 50 is my advice.  I am 181cm’s 64 kg and a 37chest  with such a measurement,  so I am confident I’d take a 48 myself,  you sound a size up so 50 is probably the one from what I can understand ...hope it helps.
The Cabourn site has sprouted a few actual sizes of particular garments, with chest sizes etc,  and the site shop front looks even better, have you seen the interview.  
Sorry,  Don’t know.  never tried one on.   Chest size is 38 ish  - if that helps.    cheers
 I think I may have been over reacting.  My Clip Coat coat arrived and I really am quite delighted.  The fit of the S is spot on with plenty of room to move around my arms.  The material is quite stiff but its going to be fun wearing it in.  The colour is close to what I imagined if a little  bit more khaki than tan but I’m nit picking over that. Its a great colour. Its a very very nice, Superb coat. cheersHAGW
     Comparing other tan colored Jackets on Filson’s web shop makes me believe its the lighting that exaggerates the greenish yellows here (from Mildblend). The pants look sandy beige in contrast to the tan coat.  Its as I see it,   Anyhow, cheers for comments again. They have made a difference. good weekend all.
New Posts  All Forums: