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made by D. Niestroj (https://www.instagram.com/niestrojleatherworks/); classic, dual-compartment, legal briefcase design with functioning and removable wrap-around straps (as in SAB's Westminister); made of the original J.&E. Sedgwick's "Australian Nut" bridle shoulder leather (ca. 3mm thick), still with the distinctive white "gloom" appearance; fully handstitched and built to last, using exclusively the quality "Fil Au Chinois" linen sewing thread; measurments: ca....
Thank you, kind sirs. I'll probably go with the oxblood, since it is more subtle and business appropriate. Sure Vass burgundy is a wonderful shade, but also rather showy and not the best option for a guy who doesn't want to get noticed.
Take a #A6 repp twill from Cappelli. Looks great.   A grenadine grossa would be the more natural choice for a versatile tie (so says Simon C.), but grenadine looks kinda dorky nowadays.
Anyone's got the photo of an oxblood calf next to a dark brown calf? Or an oxblood calf next to burgundy calf? I already have dark brown calf, considering oxblood or burgundy for the next dress shoe.   Is it true that oxblood looks very similar to dark brown?   Pictured from the left: burgundy, oxblood, navy.  
Considering Cappelli's cashmere ties. Any idea which ones are actually pure 100% cashmere, and which are made of a wool/cashmere blend?
Is there any difference - as fas as room for instep is concerned - between F (G-fit) and P2 ?
Gotta be Steed, straight from Savile Row. Cheap as fuck.
Any idea which last those Vox's Vass are made with?      
  Anyone here with a 29cm long foot had experience with Meermin's HIRO last?
Thanks guys.   The shoes are not bespoke and they are certainly not made by the famous polish shoemaker, Kielman. They were kop'd for 20 bucks, unused, with some tiny marks on leather (easily covered with cream and wax). Strange thing, I couldn't find out, who were they made by. The label reads "made in england" and "goodyear welted" only. There are also some serial numbers and a logotype (coat-of-arms lookalike), which I couldn't identify. I suppose those are made...
New Posts  All Forums: