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Considering Cappelli's cashmere ties. Any idea which ones are actually pure 100% cashmere, and which are made of a wool/cashmere blend?
Is there any difference - as fas as room for instep is concerned - between F (G-fit) and P2 ?
Gotta be Steed, straight from Savile Row. Cheap as fuck.
Any idea which last those Vox's Vass are made with?      
  Anyone here with a 29cm long foot had experience with Meermin's HIRO last?
Thanks guys.   The shoes are not bespoke and they are certainly not made by the famous polish shoemaker, Kielman. They were kop'd for 20 bucks, unused, with some tiny marks on leather (easily covered with cream and wax). Strange thing, I couldn't find out, who were they made by. The label reads "made in england" and "goodyear welted" only. There are also some serial numbers and a logotype (coat-of-arms lookalike), which I couldn't identify. I suppose those are made...
Attending my mom's barbecue birthday party today. Rocking a navy wool blazer with MOP buttons, sky blue cutaway shirt, cream chinos, white linen PS, cream/navy silk tie, mahogany full brogue oxfords and same socks.   Is the fit of the jacket okay? White PS may look a little off here, but unfortunately hadn't had access to my full wardrobe. I'd rather go sockless with dark brown calfskin loafers or tan shoes and cream socks, too. Nonetheless, here is the...
Guys, Looking for the most suitable Saphir Color for these tan shoes (cream & polish). I was thinking light brown (#03) or fawn (#19) fo cream polish and light brown for Pate de Luxe.   1.   2.
Guys, are those Tyrwhitt classic collars kinda short and straight-pointed, or is it just an illusion? I saw numerous Tyrwhitt pics and the collar points never seem to be hidden under the suit jacket, what bothers me the most. T.M. Lewin classic collar appears to be far wider, a bit of semi-spread, and those collar points are never shown...
Thank you, gents.   The belt is actually dark brown, not black. I do agree that it somehow clashes - hadn't bought a tan one yet. The tie is one of two Ed Meier ancient madder silk seven folds, which I kop'd at our local auction platform (Allegro.pl) for a stunning $1 (one dollar) / each. The jacket fabric is a Loro Piana wool/silk/mohair blend, looks and feels like denim, can't really say who the manufacturer is, but the label reads "Made in Italy". Got it for $3...
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