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Understood a lot of you consider clothes with something of a passion, but does it not worry you when you need the discussion forum equivalent of an AA group to curb your spending? Or is this more a self-disciplinary measure, where you often spend a lot but you have wealth enough for it not to matter? I'm curious to know to what extent the more dedicated among you are prepared to sacrifice for a better wardrobe.
  Careful, comrade, I think you're making some questionable assumptions about where Elite is based, who owns it and who its main customers are.
I thought that would be unsurprising considering that he's based in Sydney, but in saying that something he wrote earlier about the breakdown of his business made no mention of Australia so I'm not so sure.
Hey facet, thanks, I agree with what you said about sleeve lengths, it's the shoulders on the shirt that aren't quite wide enough. Additionally, to all of you I'm going to have to say something in support of Michael. I know for a fact that among Australian youth (I am one) too-slim is in style, stretching the buttons and all.
For anybody who wants to see the photos I promised, the post was recently approved on page 3 of the thread. Moderator, sorry for trying to post it three time before spotting the notice explaining why it wasn't showing up.
Okay. Not a photographer and not a brilliant camera, but nonetheless, for your perusal: My apologies if I dress boringly.     Shoulders on the shirt are a bit short but that is probably my fault with the measurements (Though the jacket seems to have turned out fine on the same numbers) Similarly the sleeves are a bit narrow, and restrict full movement of my elbow. I also find the tails of the shirt don't fall low enough, and are liable to untuck themselves...
Thanks. And Wraith, sorry if you took that as me questioning the community here. What I meant was, if you like and if it would be beneficial at all, I can put up some photos of what I have to aid your judgement.
I'd imagine I'm pretty young compared to most of you, I own one suit and I got it from elitesuits. It cost me $299 (and I got a nice deal on some custom shirts with it) and as far as I can tell it's a decent suit, but I don't actually know anything about suits so it could be crap. Would some photos be of any benefit to any of you? How much can be told about a suit from photos? And yes, the website needs work. Regardless of good intent concentrating efforts elsewhere,...
New Posts  All Forums: