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I feel your pain. Same exact issue. I swear every season I ask him to please buy more smalls so I can buy from his shop... 90% of the time I want something my size (small) is sold out and I have to order it from someone else. As for the sizing inconsistency, actually makes EG a bit more fun to me somehow.
Glad you liked Paseo @nevergreen. The line can be brutal depending on what time of day you go (you can also call in your order to skip the line... but that's not so practical for someone who has never been there before).
So, seems like a suit in the brown homespun fabric may have to be acquired. Anyone worn the ghurka pant before? How is the fit compared to the cinch pant? (Only EG pants I own).   Also wondering if there will be a pant to match that corduroy andover...
As long as you avoid the godawful combination of athletic shorts + generic college sweatshirt and/or North Face, you'll be doing better than average.
I like the fall preview page a lot. Assuming it will be updated with links to the product (purchase) pages when the products go live? (I know the French Terry Sweater page is already live, but the fall preview doesn't link to it). Big fan of sweaters so I'm glad to see a lot of those.
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