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Yo!  Love the shoes.  Could you snap a quick photo of the bottom of the sole?  Thanks a ton.
Yo, kidamerica17, the pop-up is open generally from 10a-5p 7 days a week.  What's your schedule looking like this week?
In case any of you are close by and interested...       Booking suiting/shirting appointments every day of the week!  Come hang out over at our pop-up location at the corner of Pacific and Kearny (596 Pacific Ave, SF, CA).  
Can be sticky if you use too much of it.  I usually use maybe a dime-sized amount, rub in my palms, then spread pretty evenly throughout.  I'll shape the wax after its all in there.
    Honestly, AC shouldn't be used on its own.  AC Fiber and Pomade are worthless by themselves.  However, I've had successful results pairing it with other stronger hold products.  I would tend to condition the hair with AC Defining Paste (the orange jar) when wet, then blow dry until completely dry into the direction you want your hair to stand-up/lay for the rest of the day.  After that, apply some sort of wax-based product to hold the height (but not too much because...
  Playing around with some different texture contrasts today.  Harris Tweed Vintage sportcoat, vintage tie bar, Billy Reid linen tie, Taylor Stitch custom shirt.
Go vintage.  I've scored pretty nice Harris Tweed coats over the years just by popping into local thrift/Goodwill stores.  I think the heavier ounce tweeds (10-13 oz) would be what you're looking for. Since sizing is so drastically different nowadays than 20-30 years ago, it would be best to try on coats even if the sizing isn't even close to what you'd normally buy.  Just make sure the coat has a natural shoulder so you won't have to tear into it too much to get it to...
Hello all!  Been lurking for quite a while now and decided I needed to jump in here.   My name is Ryan Devens, 25, and I just recently moved to San Francisco from Nashville, TN to hop on board with local American-made retailer, Taylor Stitch.   Usually if you see me, I'm rocking some Billy Reid loafers, Imogene & Willie jeans, a Taylor Stitch button-down, a bow-tie that's too small, and my trusty Timex.   I believe that tweed is the only way to true...
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