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So these are sports shirts?   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/mens/sport-shirts/0297,default,sc.html?&CCID=20221788204370084&QTR=ZZf23300144Za20221788Zg172Zw48Zm770Zc204370084Zs3086ZZ&CLK=516130122185649496&ac=003&ai=D1D2766D89693142A7ED57D1775F80E5C87C031C&ad=16640059587&sp=&fb=sport%20shirts&mt=e&aceid=&cmp=PPC_GOOGLE_NB&gclid=CMyE1cO9_bQCFa57QgodzD4AOA&&WT.srch=1   What makes a shirt a sports shirt vs. an OCBD or a dress shirt?
I'm not very fond of tucked in... will untucked work?
Two-tone, thanks! That is some great info right there.
I think I need to try new shirts. 90% of the time I choose to wear dark denim jeans. Lucky is my brand of choice; just fits me nice.   While wearing a blue, slightly frayed polo, my friend turned to me and said, "dude, your pants and shirt are nearly the same color. That just doesn't work." Now, I had actually always thought that I didn't like the look of a shirt that is close to the color of my jeans, because it always made me feel like I was wearing a one-piece of...
Thanks! But don't clip them perfectly horizontal? That would have never occurred to me. So do you slope it down... or up?
Thanks for the reply! Yes, the "in style" thing matters to me a little bit because left to my own devices... well, it can be bad. Real bad.
I searched but couldn't find what I was looking for. I was wondering a few things about tie bars:   1. Um, are they "in"? It seems I've been seeing more of them. 2. My ties are usually 3.25", so what length tie bar goes well with that? 3. How do you know how high up you are supposed to wear the tie bar? 4. I mostly see silver and gold colored. Any advice on when to wear which?   Thanks for any help!
Anyone have any insights on this? Sorry to bump it.
I recently bought a pair of Park Avenues, but am too nervous to wear them because it has been snowing like crazy, which can get things wet and dirty quick.   Does anyone have a recommendation (link appreciated but not required) to a product for pre-treating my shoes to protect them? A little instruction would be helpful too as I am completely new to even caring about shoe care. I've never done any kind of shoe polishing or anything like it.   Thank you very much,...
Hi guys. I'm looking for a leather weekend/overnight bag for traveling (as a carry-on) and a leather laptop bag, preferably but not necessarily as a combo, so they match.   I'm looking for as affordable as I can, without getting into just cheap crap.   Also, today happens to be Thanksgiving, so if you know of a Black Friday sale, awesome! (my Allen Edmonds I bought three weeks ago are 40% off today.. woops!)   Thanks for help or insight dudes!
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