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Hey guys, I just had a buyer on eBay request a return (original purchase price + shipping both ways) on a 3sixteen shirt because he is claiming that it's fake. According to him, the quality isn't as high as other 3sixteen stuff he's had and the label is blurred/faded (This was pictured, 1st one below). I honestly didn't think that they fake 3sixteen, and the shirt seemed pretty nice but then again I could be wrong. If anyone has some expertise in the SW&D field and can see...
Burberry looks like a badly done strippers tit.
I use "IMPRESSIVE" and " GORGEOUS" all the time in my listings. I don't see why those words are really any different than the ones that many other people use as attention grabbers.
Alaskan Pipeline has to be the best one though.
So you're the one who left me picking up scraps on the ties!
Thanks for the love, homies! I was pretty much at full mast all day, shit was flying off the racks. I'll try and get to the PM's at work today. There was one pretty faded black Wings + Horns cardigan left and no Norse projects. Definitely would have picked that up though. There are definitely some places that go dumb on prices. A lot of the "fashion focus" sections had over the top pricing, as well as most VV's when they actually knew what they had which thankfully...
Went up to Seattle this weekend with my girlfriend and her family. Apparently everybody there was watching the game, because I hit it huge. Apologies to those of you who's stores I plundered. DEM SHIRTS. [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   SHADES  [[SPOILER]]  SWEATY  [[SPOILER]] DENIMZ [[SPOILER]] Sideways tie action [[SPOILER]]  SHOOZ  [[SPOILER]]  LE GRAND FINALE:  [[SPOILER]]
That light box is almost identical to my old setup and works fantastic. Phase two for this should be to thrift some desk lamps with the bendy necks plus a pretty good size opening in the plastic shade thing. Then go to Home Depot or Lowes or large home improvement store and get the brightest daylight bulbs you can find. It'll fix the yellow background and colors of your items will be represented way better.
A Ford Festiva is my dream car. Seeing one gives puts me at full mast quicker than a rack stuffed with $.99 Kiton.
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