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This looks like the procedure they used:   It seems more common that people request an "original hem" than a new one. I hope that someone will correct my assumption, but I believe it's more expensive to make a new hem that looks good for jeans for reasons of matching the original stitching color/thickness and perhaps not everyone can do a chain stitch? I've had a couple of jeans hemmed using the original hem and admit I dislike it enough...
For what it's worth, I do minor alterations myself such as shortening sleeves at the cuff and taking in sides. I've shortened 3 suit supply jacket sleeves by nearly 3/4 of an inch and there is nothing that SS does to make it any more difficult than others.
I've been hesitant to post, figured the sizing discussions would work themselves out by now. I've found the polo sizing to be somewhat (but not unusually) inconsistent in both length and chest width. My first order included smalls and mediums and I returned the smalls for being nearly unwearable. I later ordered more mediums and found them to be looser than my current one. I've since propagated back to a size small. Lots of factors so I try not to make assumptions. But...
I received the Havana Blue Check jacket about a week ago, no idea if it was prior season apparel. If not, they are at least sending some pre-orders out already. I apologize if this was posted, I don't check these forums frequently.
Very common. All my jackets require one sleeve to be shortened more than the other by as much as 1/2 inch. It's not necessarily differing arm lengths though. In my case, my right shoulder drops more than my left, and with the way jackets drape it becomes obvious in the sleeves.
Lucks-hire (with a silent H)
A bit disheveled after a full work day of sitting down. Probably the first time I've posted a photo in this thread. My apologies for the challenging lighting and background noise, small house. Looking at the photo, arms are short, but posting anyway. I need to stop shying away from myself.   Thanks everyone for the inspiration.   The shirt has fine but widely spaced blue stripes for some interest. Wool navy jacket, light brown flannel pants, suede shoes.
Hi Powertrip,   I also work in a "flip flops and shorts" software company. It can be tough to go against the grain, but if you stick to it and are a naturally friendly person you will be fine. There's always going to be someone who has a disdain for dressing nicely. On the other hand, there are just as many who appreciate it.   This is what I did, and where I stand, and was a progression of about one year to get there...   I've been with my company 9 years now. I...
 Edit: I see others commented. I also have this. I have a different opinion than what others have posted and think the weight is on the heavier side. And I wish it was just a bit more pink (darker), but not much!! The photo of Beatlegeuse has it largely in shadow so it looks a tad darker than in a well lit situation. Regardless of my opinions, I do enjoy the shirt and it's a regular one for me,
Having a belt *perfectly* match a pair of shoes must be something our mothers or fathers taught us as young boys. It seems every man eventually unlearns this unfortunate rule (thankfully).   Looks completely fine.
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