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Very common. All my jackets require one sleeve to be shortened more than the other by as much as 1/2 inch. It's not necessarily differing arm lengths though. In my case, my right shoulder drops more than my left, and with the way jackets drape it becomes obvious in the sleeves.
Lucks-hire (with a silent H)
A bit disheveled after a full work day of sitting down. Probably the first time I've posted a photo in this thread. My apologies for the challenging lighting and background noise, small house. Looking at the photo, arms are short, but posting anyway. I need to stop shying away from myself.   Thanks everyone for the inspiration.   The shirt has fine but widely spaced blue stripes for some interest. Wool navy jacket, light brown flannel pants, suede shoes.
Hi Powertrip,   I also work in a "flip flops and shorts" software company. It can be tough to go against the grain, but if you stick to it and are a naturally friendly person you will be fine. There's always going to be someone who has a disdain for dressing nicely. On the other hand, there are just as many who appreciate it.   This is what I did, and where I stand, and was a progression of about one year to get there...   I've been with my company 9 years now. I...
 Edit: I see others commented. I also have this. I have a different opinion than what others have posted and think the weight is on the heavier side. And I wish it was just a bit more pink (darker), but not much!! The photo of Beatlegeuse has it largely in shadow so it looks a tad darker than in a well lit situation. Regardless of my opinions, I do enjoy the shirt and it's a regular one for me,
Having a belt *perfectly* match a pair of shoes must be something our mothers or fathers taught us as young boys. It seems every man eventually unlearns this unfortunate rule (thankfully).   Looks completely fine.
 I disagree with wording such as "under any circumstances". This won't always be the outcome. When letting out, one will expose the old seam, hence the V shape. It's always there, but depending on the cloth, age, color, etc. the apparent visibility differs. I just let out a cheap pair of light gray cotton j.crew pants and after a quick pressing on the old seam it's barely visible. Is it something to be concerned with? Yes. Something to always avoid? No.
Clipper, are you wearing a short or regular? If so, try a regular and/or long. Not sure how well the rest is fitting but it doesn't seem the most flattering cut for you (could be the camera angle).
+1. Luxire already seems to use them internally, I think they should just expose the codes to us as well (keeping the current descriptions is fine). BTW, for those wondering, you can get the code of all swatches I've seen by looking at the file name of the images. I use this technique when comparing with the swatch sheets.
Big ironing person here as well. Usually wash two, maybe three shirts at a time. Ironing likely takes more than 20 minutes, but probably less than 30 for three shirts. Never timed it. I take my time with it, as it's somewhat therapeutic. After ironing I put them on a hanger where they finish drying overnight (I do laundry in the evening)
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