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coldeyedpugilist, can't say im too knowledgeable with the units, never took part in any of that BMT. straight up admin from the get-go. singapores been fun in some ways, not so in others but thats how things are i guess. i've not really explored this whole place apart from the 'yohji' thread and a coule pages of the the waywt thread but someone enlighten me on the general audience of the styleforum, if this isnt the wrong place to ask.
@prof. b. bear, nope, you can't defer due to the reason of an athletic career. i mean, it should be treated like any other career. and i wasn't able to defer due to the reason of undertaking tertiary studies because i was doing it in another country. @pasey25, not in the market for a suit right now but i'll keep it in mind, thanks
I feel you there. Not there yet, but hoping to be there about 'being in your own bubble'. Hope this is a worthwhile thought to voice but I was reading about Basquiat and his wearing of Armani suits while painting. I'm not quite knowledgeable with fashion history so I'm not quite sure what a typical Armani fit is like but while I looked at pictures of him in them I couldn't help but think of a Yohji fit and how he would have been perfect in a Yohji ensemble.  
Never said it was difficult, all I said it's not where I wanted to be. It's a farce really, dragging me back for two years to only strip me of my citizenship? And no, I wouldn't be that dumb in the head to subject myself to their whims and hierarchal structure and run around taking their orders. That's the only place you've got it right, I have it easy. As easy as doing nothing, and its all so I don't jeopardise what I had to leave behind. I've put a professional...
I can't say it's where I want to be right now/only here to complete military service. In a way though, my time here has helped me progress as a person/with style so I'm grateful. Do you have any connections here, is why asked? Whats been happening over in Australia lately?
Hey guys. New to the forums here, was attracted to the really comprehensive 'Yohji' thread. I figured this would be a pretty good forum to involve myself in too since I am Australian. I'm from Perth if you wondered but in Singapore for now. I am missing home like hell...
certainly, i believe strongly that an extent can never be carried out to its fullest. if a positive mentality were to be had, its about balance because each side of the coin has its own merits too. imagine though if you were so confident in yourself that you wouldn't even have to look in the mirror for assurances. that would be fantastic! im sure wire feels this way when he doesn't have to.
i think when one wears yohji, to a certain extent, one shoul forego the use of a mirror. we get to analytical in front of mirrors i believe which works against the freedom one should feel in his clothes. if you force yourself to not look at a mirror i think it'd change your focus from 'how do i look in what im wearing' to 'how do i feel in what im wearing'. thats my take on the above
      thanks for that, both of ya'. wire, what did you mean by killer page? haha and yeah, good photos on the 'gram david. that run down on how you reached that conclusion was so good, it made so much sense. i'm relieved too, the mobster theme running through that collection is insane.
hey guys. think this is my first post and would like to say thanks for this highly informative thread. its a godsend. well, i've admired yohji from afar for quite sometime but alas i jumped the gun the other day after sighting this jacket on ebay. i lurked this forum for sizing advice and i guess it allowed me to go ahead confidently even though its a size 4 and i dont stand too tall(5'6). i believe it fits me nice. not sure what season it is though, according to...
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