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two days ago (xmas night) non-celebrated the night by getting waffles at a 24/7 supermarket.
whats up guys, [[SPOILER]] hey bene, i remember you saying sometime ago about how 'incongruent' you felt of the choices of frames you've seen on people in yohji's clothes. this is just my opinion but your frame looks odd in relation to what you're wearing. to me they look like a pair, kanye dons on his face but in clear lens form. your recent awesome haul of items would definitely look stronger of you with a change of that i believe.here's a different more general thought....
Hey guys, I've been wearing my jacket and pants for at least 4 days of the week for over two months. They both smell fine, but I've had an itch to give 'em both a wash. I handwash my pants(which are wool) but I'm not so sure about handwashing the yohji jacket (its 100%cotton/60%cotton40%linen/cupro lining). Would it be fine? If you highly recommend me to dryclean them instead, what are things I should be aware of, to mention to the drycleaners?
damn, those are some fantastic scores for your girl kiko. i'd love to search for my mum some yohji, but absolutely clueless on sizing so that puts me off. i don't think ive posted a proper fit (the previous one was a shoddy iphone shot) so here's a clearer shot of the jacket i got of comma.comma. I think for a long while, this will be the daily uniform since all that I have else are just extra tshirts//I recently committed to shedding my whole wardrobe. HT-J20-003 100%...
I think the pants on their own are fine but what is bringing down the whole get-up to average territory is the styling(i feel this might be the wrong word).Lets forget about colour and just think of shape.That t-shirt is killing the whole thing with its proportions. The combination of tiny sleeves(which in my opinion is terrible) and elongated body of the shirt looks awfully disproportionate. I feel that you should always give the rise/crotch area of the trousers some...
would any of you guys be willing to help me identify the fabric used for pants in these two looks on the accompanying video(YYPH SS12, 2.45-2.50, 3-.05-3.10). im enlisting the help of a friend to make a skirt and it'd really help if i could translate to her my ideas on the feel of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQboo8IcH_Y
second that guy. this hasn't got much to do with yohji, but i felt the people on here would appreciate it. mugshots of criminal convicts in australia, circa 1920's. link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2000227/They-dont-make-mugshots-like-anymore-Amazing-police-photos-1920s-criminals-arrested-Australia.html
The quality of opinions on this thread is so good that i confess to screenshot certain posts. Sometimes, I feel a void when I feel something yet have nowhere near the ability needed to put it into permanence as words but I can only be happy when another is able to fill that void of mine. Syed just did that in the above but also, was able to expose me to more knowledge. Thank you sir,   Ivwri, I hope I can check off on my list 'Have somebody attribute me to something...
thank you, to parker and syed. im on my phone now but when i have laptop access i'll certainly check out that ozwald video.
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