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Can anyone in Melbourne recommend a great eyewear store. Not talking about Spec Savers or OPSM I'm willing to drop some dosh.
W Spread Charcoal Coat H0-B01-800 Cotton/Laine Wool Raw Hem HE-T10-088 (thanks kiko!) Linen Wide Leg Pant HJ-P63-253 Lanvin Sandals The Coat was worth it.
  Need to iron new pleats and the tunic.  
I'm sure david has since he knows everything Y's related but has anyone came across B Line Yohji Yamamoto? Came across this then found this article,675454.html So it seems just to be for ladies which doesn't get mention here much.
Just bought the W-Spread Charcoal Dyed Coat from Fascinate.   It's the first time I've actually bought something yohji full retail price now that I look at it. Got a bit of extra cash and decided to buy myself something nice. I have a nice floral shirt and chainmail jumper that will go nice with it. Want to buy some slimmer yohji pants though to go with it: the light wool garbadine trousers from luisaviaroma would be nice but too expensive.   was it a mistake to pay...
Should I be conditioning once a week? I cream and condition my RM Williams once a week, but I'm wondering if conditioning once a week is too much?
 How do you get those woodlore in Aus? Peter of Kensington doesn't have it.
It's pretty rainy here in Tokyo but still great as always. It's been a while since I've been in Tokyo and the flagship was nostalgic. Didn't even realise they were having a sale so picked myself the Asymmetric-Front Tunic. Salesperson told me that sale ends tomorrow because they're bringing the FW stock.  Going to head for all the second-hand stores tomorrow.
Yeah I ordered the poncho in blue and black from rags to riches a few seasons ago. Tatjana was a great help. They even put it on hold for a week for me and told me the price and shipping.  During our correspondence they did take a while to reply but Tatjana explained that's because they were out of the office.  I guess it was easy to ask for an item since the poncho was a pretty stand out item.
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