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It's pretty rainy here in Tokyo but still great as always. It's been a while since I've been in Tokyo and the flagship was nostalgic. Didn't even realise they were having a sale so picked myself the Asymmetric-Front Tunic. Salesperson told me that sale ends tomorrow because they're bringing the FW stock.  Going to head for all the second-hand stores tomorrow.
Yeah I ordered the poncho in blue and black from rags to riches a few seasons ago. Tatjana was a great help. They even put it on hold for a week for me and told me the price and shipping.  During our correspondence they did take a while to reply but Tatjana explained that's because they were out of the office.  I guess it was easy to ask for an item since the poncho was a pretty stand out item.
@sepp   If your just in Tokyo then you should definitely it some of the second hand stores that stock Yohji. DC Bank, Bring, Ragtag, Rinkan and Modscape all have locations in Shinjuku if I remember correctly. I'm not sure if the Ragtag and Modscape Shinjuku stores sell Yohji but worth a try.   Also with the Yohji Aoyama don't have high expectations. It's just another retail space; there's definitely more interesting stuff out there (infact go to 1ldk or pool aoyama if...
http://www.fashionsnap.com/news/2014-12-25/ground-y-eva/   Another yohji collab. This one is for Ground Y and is a collab with Evangellion. Available from January 23rd.   Looks like a bit of fun capsule collection.
Very, very pleased to see a resurgence of flower prints in the fw show. I've always been a big fan of yohji's flower prints and I'm a keen collector and wearer of them. The look of the flowers are very reminiscent of the flowers in the clothes that carried the 花と少年 (flowers and youth) theme that was present in his work quite a few years ago, and this is probably just a continuation of it. love those yohji prints. 
David, all of that looks and sounds absolutely phenomenal. Green with envy.    I loves this collection. A lot of very wearable pieces and I think it's a strong continuation of the already established Yohji summer look that's been going on for the last few ss. In the fallout of this I was a little saddened that almost 30 years later wwd's discourse hasn't gotten any better with a reliance on Orientalist tropes.  This is the...
I've got a couple books to suggest. They're light on the pictures as they're a bit more academic:   Re-Orienting Fashion - The chapter by Lise Skov is wonderful. It discusses the Orientalism that Japanese designers faced in the eighties. Actually, I would recommend anything by Lise Skov.   The Japanese Revolution in Paris Fashion - For those who love their Japanese designers especially those in the eighties this is the book for you. It's a comprehensive book on...
I really hate that quote, "It's ethnic, that's all". Frankly, I still surprised at how much the orientalist framing of Rei and Yohji in the 80s has continued to this day. 
Yeah, that was me who won the ss03; it was just too good to pass up. I currently have a love affair with all floral Yohji pieces. 
Everything's coming up Milhouse :) How do they fit compared to the yoox models. Can't trust those models. 
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