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Looking for a new or almost-new pair.
Any color, preferably green. New or used, make me an offer.
New- $100, Used - $75   Thanks!
interested in the first two shirts (turquoise and navy). Does 75 shipped work for both?
Interested in the rib jacket and the TOJs. I have two uniqlo regular fit oxfords in XS that are too wide in the shoulder and too baggy in the body; do you think they will fit me?
Sorry, this is the size 29?
Its actually just cordovan colored, regular CXL leather.
The problem I have is that the color is too red, I don't think it would go with jeans and such as well as the brown. Also, the black sole is kinda weird looking. I agree with the leather being nicer though.
Care to explain why?
He sent me a pic of them compared to the rusts:    Which one do you think I should get for my only pair of boots? Would be worn with jeans, cords, maybe chinos.
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