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WILLIAM GIBSON X BUZZ RICKSON MA-1 COAT Size 36 $500 - 9/10 condition, slight pilling in ribbing. Bought in Japan   Size 36 Chest 40.0 Vertical Length 25.0 Sleeve Length 24.5 Shoulder Width 17.5
Got my greenleafs in a couple weeks ago, 10/220. Sadly, the waist stretched out a little too much, and I want to trade down. Let me know! I ship from the east coast.
Looking for high quality grey/oatmeal sweats, preferable slimmer-fit and not as boxy. I am a TTS XS but willing to buy a little oversized.   Interesting in new and used sweats. Let me know if you're looking to sell your sweat!
Bought off grailed from previous user, too small for me. Worn once by me, twice by previous owner. Incredibly nice quality and slim fit. By far the nicest henley/tee I've ever seen. This shirt is size 3/XS:  Shoulder measures 16.5" (S2S)  Chest measures 15" Retails for $125+, but sold out everywhere, some links with...
Very popular shirt with a famous, slim-fit cut. Worn infrequently by me, but it now too small - condition is 7/10. Beautiful collar roll, fabric, and details. Retails for $225.,default,pd.html Note: one of the sleeve buttons is missing. I can sew one on for you if you want, free of charge. Asking $75 + Shipping OBO.
For sale: Black/Black toj size 46.
This is a used pair of Alden for J.Crew Black Longwing Bluchers made out of Shell Cordovan, size 8.5D (Barrie last). There is some creasing on the toebox and the back of the shoe (especially the left foot) as shown in pictures. Minimal scuffing on the sides. Uppers are in good, 7.5/10 condition, soles look 6/10. More pictures available upon request. Very open to offers/trades. $250 + Shipping OBO  
Bought on grailed, tried on one shoe but they were too wide for me. Here is the original listing:  ---------------------------------  Awesome HANOVER 8.5 E Genuine Shell Cordovan 2351 Black Cherry Longwing Bluchers, made in USA. If you're not familiar with Hanover, you should know that in their day they were considered on a par with Alden in terms of materials, quality, and construction. These shoes are as nice as any Alden shells.  Size: 8.5E (wide)-fits very similar to...
Looking for parka, TOJ0, MDR, A-2, or MA-1 in size 44 or size 44 with 46 lengths. 
Selling two lightly used GBV oxford shirts, both size small. $80 each OBO. Blue sold, price dropped to $63!   Available: Blue, Red/Pink   Shipping is $5 CONUS.
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