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Ordered this pair of alpha khakis off ebay for around $50, got them, and they didn't fit my thighs. Had to go on vacation right after I got them, and couldn't return to get my money back. Looking to salvage something from this, hoping to get at least $25. Msg me here, or email me at if you have any more questions, want pictures, or anything.
Hello, I recently upgraded my raw denim game from unbrandeds, and ordered this pair of APC's. They were purchased from Machus in portland. After getting them, I tried them on and they didn't fit my weightlifting thighs. I was bulking up at the time, and I thought that after I cut back down they would fit so I didn't return them. That didn't work, my thighs didn't cut down too much.      Im looking to at least get half my money back (I payed around $180), or I would...
Hey I am probably gonna get a pair of ST-100x in 28, and I was wondering if i get the inseam hemmed from 37 to 30/31 would it look weird?
Hey why do all 3sixteen jeans have a 37 inseam? if you are not that size do you have to get them brought up? or am i missing something
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