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Classic thread! Good job guys!
Just out of curiosity.... did you have these resoled even before the first wear? Basically brand new boots. Why did you decide to do it so early in their life? Just wondering...
This is an awesome job!
To be honest, wasn't sure who all sold these besides the manufacturer themselves. I do know of Nordstrom, but live in a small town so don't have any close by. I also looked up Amazon but there are some comments there of the boots (Being sold there) just falling apart after a few months and accusations of counterfeit boots. I just actively started looking for these boots so hopefully I will run into some more reputable retailers.
Guys - Do the Wolverine 1000 mile boots ever come on sale? July 4th? Thanksgiving? X-Mass?Through Wolverine that is. I am looking to buy, but I can wait if these puppies ever come on sale. If not, then I'll go ahead and get em.
Guys.... which of these outfits better for a date? Are they looking any good? Anything I can change? I'm not too sure about the shirts..... Any recommendations?        
Awesome thread!
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