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Along with the first question I posted several replies up, what's the best way to get plugged in on the styleforum?
  Have you considered a bit of felt from your local hobby store?  Cut it to size, stain the edges black with polish, some light sanding on the soles, and glue it on.  I've had friends do this for large choral concerts where the halls were unforgiving to the heels of the ladies.
Question:  Using a clothes brush/garment brush for your suits, jackets, trousers, and sweaters is fairly common and encouraged, but what about broadcloth shirts, denim jeans that are only washed every 3 weeks, chinos, garments that aren't mentioned in the first group and have either a thick shetland-like pile or something much tighter and neater?  Recently, I've started doing just that, and enjoy doing it, but if there's nothing outstanding on the fabric is it really...
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