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I was looking to buy the Cricket sweater from Rugby, but am unsure of whether I should get a S or M. 15.5 neck 38 chest 34 sleeve 31 waist   Whachoo fellas think?       Also, am loving Styleforum since I've been here.  It's pretty great!
Seeing this first picture, I thought you were Mahler.  I was excited. http://klacknermusic.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/mahler_opera.jpg
this is wonderful!  thanks so much, Despos!
Dewd!  It's so cool you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe!  I'm new here, too, and have devouring these threads when I ought to be doing other things.   What would you think about something like this:  http://www.porhomme.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/timberland-chukka-boots-wodehouse-horween-ss-2009.jpg   Some clark, alden, or timberland chukkas in a dark brown leather so they'll look good with most anything?
After reading through this entire thread, I want to see this shirt!
The more I read on here, mull it over, and sleep on it, the more I find myself discerning my way through my wardrobe, pulling out junk, moving the better items up the the forefront, and taking note of discrepancies for future buys.
  I hadn't considered it, but if you guys think that is a viable and thorough cleaning option, then I trust your word.  Thanks! Look forward to reading and engaging more as I become acquainted with SF!  boa noite!
  =) Oklahoma City
I've been on the hunt for a good tweed jacket for a couple months here in OKC and I think I've found it! My question is can one successfully wash a thrifted tweed jacket without jacking the thing up?  I was planning to lay flat it in the tub, spray it with cold water from the shower head, put a small amount of woolite in, squish and mash it for a few minutes, drain the dirty water, rinse til the water runs clear, rolling it gently to push out excess water, and hang on...
I've been looking for the same thing!  It's also neat to see that there are SF folk here in OKC! Dilliards at Penn Square recommends Tran's Alterations on Penn and 30th, but I took a suit with working sleeve buttons and she said she couldn't work with it.  I know little about tailoring, but this seemed odd.  
New Posts  All Forums: