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Okay, slightly devastated and also wanting to learn.    Found my first Oxxford piece, a pair of b/w houndstooth suit trousers.  Thing is, they're orphaned.   What does one do?!  Leave them?  Buy them for the $3 they're asking and keep them to study and savor?   I got the opportunity to feel, see, and examine some first class suiting so that is definitely encouraging.
Prince Albert (he prefers Bert or Bertie) and I on the porch this morning.    
Can anyone speak on the quality of older Dior ties, particularly the slimmer ones that are all silk or silk/poly? They often will look yellowed/dingy and their structuring fabric seems out of sorts.  Folks on ebay and etsy have no problems selling them, but are they worth picking up when I find them? Aside from the occasional PRL or BB, they're the only seemingly nicer neckwear that I come across in thrift shops here in Oklahoma City. [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
Men of official thrift/discount store bragging thread, I copped two identical, unworn, pairs of the these Harold's wool trousers today at GW for $1.50 each.  I know they're nothing particularly spectacular, but they seem to be very well made, the wool is substantial for cooler weather, and they fit me, or at least I think they do.  I like them quite a bit.  What do you guys think? [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]] Also, really enjoying voraciously scouring these threads the...
WHAT!  You're a saint!  I'm gonna go check it out before church!
You guys think these can successively be worn without looking like I'm about to start trekking the Pyrenees? Went home over the past weekend and found them in the bottom of my closet.  From 2002, when they  were still stitching these tough pups in England.  I'll wear them regardless this winter as they're great boots and still look good, but I'm in need of a second opinion as to whether they can be sported with something like a pair of slim fitting jeans and an...
  Are you still getting those Harris tweeds in cuz if so I think I might marry you.  They're so hard to find here in OKC.  Well, that, or I'm awful and looking in all the wrong places.  I'm a student here at OCU and would love to check your store out! I'll be there tomorrow!
Any good shops in Oklahoma City? I've had some awful luck finding things here in OKC, aside from the Junior League's Remarkable Shop which closed last month.
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