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I still wear my nerdy denim, mostly Sugar Cane. Are you asking to see who's still around or because you have a specific question? Raw denim fetishism has definitely calmed down and moved to denim-specific forums, but I still appreciate what those companies do and how insanely detailed they are. Much of the Japanese denimhead stuff works really well with EG, visvim, Monitaly, Blue Blue, Kapital, Post O'Alls, etc. I feel the thing that keeps it from being similarly...
+ 160 = 25,286
+ 130 = 24,861 canstyle we miss ya
+ 110 = 24,656
+ 100 = 24,426
+ 100 = 24,136
Charly is not TOJ at work, he's Charly at work on top of his own job and personal life/interests. If he has not been paid, what makes you think he and Drew are still on good terms with consistent communication? He may well have just as little ability to get in contact with Drew as the rest of you and does not live in Korea.
+ 100 = 23,856
wow, haven't seen that before   one of the most traditionally structured yohji silhouettes in recent memory, a dandyist version of the EG jacket (or Daiki's is a pyschedelic louche's response)
I was scoffing at the quote as much as anyone, but that is some intense and unattractive vitriol.This is the truth. What makes the quote funny is not the foundation of the statement, but the way in which it is presented, the context of Stylezeitgeist currently being a forum where Faust and the old guard ridicule or ban any newcomers and then lament the fact that they don't have any new and interesting contributors. Of course it makes sense that an outfit comprised of the...
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