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+ 200 = 18,719
ahh, too slow on those IS on sale   looked through the thread for some sizing advice, but it's getting really long   is IS true to euro size or does it run large like most of these brands?
+ 100 = 18,364
yeah, still love my fuller cut sugar canes the above don't look like they'd totally engulf the shoes so it's not quite raver statusi actually like that look save for the shoes
+ 80 = 17,159
who's ready to get in   http://www.complex.com/style/2015/02/jnco-jeans-is-trying-to-make-a-comeback
+ 220 = 16,979
^^^ this is why I need to try one on, nothing else other than Japanese repro brands or custom has a chance of fitting me at my height
To expand, the big thing about Self Edge and Blue in Green (and places like Visvim/Kapital/Wonder Mountain/etc in Japan) is that they are extremely knowledgeable as well as kind. The whole Japanese workwear phenomenon, whether it be super Americana like Sugar Cane, remixed stuff like Nepenthes, or the "fashion forward"/French influence of stuff you see on Wonder Mountain, encourages this obsession with tiny details about construction and textile creation. As a result, this...
Blue in Green and Self Edge are incredibly kind. I don't wear the retro stuff that Self Edge does these days, but they will always have a special place in my heart and I miss hanging with the old SELA dudes. Blue in Green has more of a contemporary edge so I still keep up with their stuff and want to see the Real McCoy store in person next time I'm in NYC.
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