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cool, i went for the new onesprobably gonna wear these everywhere for cooler weather travel if they work for me, dungarees plus a Kapital ring coat means no need for a daily bag I want to pull the trigger on some of the army trainers made by Moonstar as welldoes anybody know how they tag the sizing? When I see 25/6.5, is that Moonstar's 25 (US 7) or Moonstar's 6.5 (JP 24.5)?
thanks for all the help to those who posted, moonstar is gonna be what I check out for sure, wisdom says my new balance size should be good in width so i'm gonna take the plunge
the olive grounder would be perfect if they didn't tag a black sole on it
managed to track down some Moonstar high tops. anybody got Shoes Like Pottery sizing tips VS Chucks or New Balance? Last is supposedly an E width which is promising.
 yeah, might just have to wait until vis does some olive/khaki skagways againthanks for the recs!  they fit, but most of their styles are bleh this is what I'm after  moonstar made those cabourn sneaks so maybe they'll do the same or something similar in the future
Could work, not a big fan of excessive toe length but I'll see if I can find a pair close by to try on. Any recs regarding other brands? I know you're pretty knowledgeable about the americana-influenced stuff. There are lots of repro makers in Japan, but ordering without the prospect of returns keeps me from buying unknown footwear via Rakuten
Grabbed some Converse Chuck II, olive drab with the gum sole cause I like wwII trainers like Nigel Cabourn does.   Somehow I'm a first time Chuck owner; do the sidewalls stretch at all? Not the rubber toe cap of course, but behind it? I have Hobbit paddle feet so these may just not be for me.   Alternatively, what are Chuck/Purcell style sneakers for wider feet? Are the 70s any wider? Hill Side? Japanese brands? Especially looking for gum sole options.
anybody been rocking the naval dungarees? reviews, comments? been wanting to try overalls for a while and these look perfect, they feel like the definitive piece of the past few years in lookbooks and on insta
for a two person household
this is how my four year old totally worn and scratched Indy boots sold for 380 dollars to a Korean collector
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