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+ 200 = 81,700
+ 100 = 80,970
not much besides the sole, last, laces, and leather
+ 100 = 80,870
Having handled and/or worn virgil, brigadier, serra, grizzly and cochise boots, I'll say that the durability on all except the serras is red wing status ie more than you will probably actually need.
+ 100 = 80,600
heading back to Japan in October, got stuff I wanna drop by in Tokyo and Sendai, but from there I'm catching a boat to Hokkaido and will be tramping and hiking all over the place   love to hear Hokkaido recs if anybody has them, gonna be based out of Sapporo for a few days and then traveling around to smaller towns
Probably not in store as the general Uniqlo clientele is still looking for basics for cheap, especially for their kids/teens. Online it could reach sneakerhead levels of hype because it one of the first affordable representations of the European new minimalism that has started to appeal to many millennials on fashion forums, instagram, and tumblr, people who at this point only approximate the look with what little has trickled down because they cannot afford the original...
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