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+100 = 81,872
+140 = 81,320
200 = 81,120
and tonight +100 = 80,370
+100 = 80,170
They are a certainly a real moccasin toe, but not a "true moccasin", meaning that the leather does not wrap underneath the foot, but rather that it is lasted like a traditional western boot and given a moccasin style toe.
As a style they are fine, but I will say that Oak Street uses super thin Chromexcel on those boots and the tongue is not gusseted. I would look elsewhere. I used to live in Boston and I'd recommend Red Wing; even though they aren't a true moc, you'd be a lot less upset about them getting ravaged by dirty slush or salt.
They had a notice at the top of the page last week saying the US fulfillment center was going to be shut down from the 11th to the 15th in order to make some repairs and upgrades.
+100 = 78,800
+140 = 78,478
New Posts  All Forums: