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 Yume Wo Katare owns as winter fuel, but it's probably nearly as good now. It's a small, two-bench restaurant that serves ramen jiro; 2 or 5 chashu slices is the only choice. Finish your bowl and you get to stand up and talk about your dreams to all present. It's close to Drinkwaters which is a fantastic place; Gary was kind enough to engage me in conversation about clothes and otherwise for nearly two hours on a rain-drenched night where I was the only one in the store....
+ 100 = 40,305
+ 200 = 40,205
i went to a beetle cafe but the beetles didn't serve me :(   i also hit up Rabbit and Grow Fat and the little cat cafe just across from it, but I wasn't able to make it to the penguin bar.
there's a maid cafe for everything, any kind of cosplay you want, surprisingly good portraits of you in ketchup on rice omelettes, servers in rabbit costumes who sing songs about the food from the perspective of rabbits, etc.
kapital shop in kyoto owns, but of course they all do roppongi has kapital legs which is also cool classic piece of denim/indigo nerd culture: the Evisu employees who will hand paint your jeans. each city has a special color of paint.   don't go to a maid cafe if you don't speak japanese   if you do speak japanese, either go to the one where they pretend to be your little sister welcoming you home from school or go to a tsundere bar so you can be yelled at and served...
is that an original giacometti
+ 100 = 39,223
+ 150 = 38,308
+ 100 = 37,907
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