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+ 100 = 9,414
i deffo scoffed, but at this point i'm pretty numb to the preposterous spending habits of the wealthy and the brand manifestos they hide behind to justify it
This collection has almost no visible branding, which I appreciate. Resembles classic White Mountaineering in some respects, though without the obvious nods to Nordic/Scottish patterning. Definitely the best Y-3 collection yet, though largely not something I would wear.   Hopefully this season will see more stores in the US will start buying stuff other than the hyperbranded basics.
+ 200 = 8,443 no kipping, I'm a man of honor
paraboot's been looking really good lately, gotta see if they work for my wide feet i nerd out about hender scheme from afar and want to visit their shop next time i'm in japan, but i can't see wearing it with my style
wallabees are cool but manhunts are my fav
+ 100 = 7,908
+ 100 = 7,616
+ 200 = 7,151
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