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+101 = 28301   Life whipped my ass the past week as well, but I'm back. Finna get back at exercise and focus on the progressive, positive aspects of my current situation.   In the event someone else might like to read or reread it: http://www.oldtimestrongman.com/strength-articles/iron-henry-rollins
Fixed your count, Ecco; you missed a whole page.   + your 235 and my 100 = 25635
+100 = 25087
lol.   +200 = 24,800
+130 = 24020
+200 = 23,533
+100 = 22,600   That is a variation on the rings maneuver called Skin the Cat and doesn't work the back all that much so I don't think it will count for the purposes of this challenge. Still a good thing to work on though.
+120 = 22,331
I won this hat from Nintendo Power and I'm pretty sure my mother unceremoniously gave it away.     Gonna frantically search their house next time I'm there. Fit pic if I find it.
New Posts  All Forums: