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+500 = 108,000 back from boston
+200 = 104,670
this forever holy shit
Anybody have sizing experience with Blackmeans or Undercover?   I have the Undercover bring the rain jacket and it fits really well since it's cropped and boxy, but that might only be because it has mixed jersey and leather components. Dunno if their full leathers are slimmer.
I have a Samurai x The Few flight jacket with a gusseted back that fits really well. Guess I should look into the Styleforum rider jacket.
That doesn't make any sense if they're talking about welted shoes. Could be they are referring to companies that used bonded soles.
Rick's not tall? I'd think his smaller sizes would fit better then. I'm athletic, but not a powerlifter or anything, 5'6" with a 13" drop, and I can't fit into any 46 or 48 jackets and a 50 is stupidly long. I wish I could find contemporary leathers for my body type. I like my shearling flight jacket, but it would be nice to have more options. Guess I should've jumped on ToJ when they were just a few hundred bucks and showed up in a month.
+150 = 103,892
+120 = 101,540
+120 = 99,795   That puts me at 17k so far. Thanks to everyone in this thread for keeping me motivated to make myself better this year :) Someone else will grab the honor of the 100,000th pull-up; gotta run for now.
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