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for a two person household
this is how my four year old totally worn and scratched Indy boots sold for 380 dollars to a Korean collector
I have two, one in katsuragi cotton and one in melton wool. The melton wool is fine with layers in freezing temps. Cotton is for when it's not as cold out, but you want to feel cozy as heck. I wear it to the movies and wrap myself up in the dark :3 Size your ring coat based on height; it will always fit your other measurements and you can cinch various parts of it to your liking.
they shut down every so often and for the holidays, it's not likely to be permanent
FIL locations do smell fucking great though
could definitely see a 200 dollar pine tree freshener that smells like FIL no 1
bloodborne and dark souls are the best games of all time and extremely fashionable so i'm still on topic
Thank you to you both, saw that code on an old forum post and thought it was last year only!
Anybody know of anything at Blue Button Shop?
fbt sashiko do not use the lhamo sole, not sure if that dude made a mistake trying to save space or is just using someone else's pics edit: looks like there's some lhamo folks up for sale from him as well, probably just messed up the pics
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