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+ 200 = 34,233
+ 100 = 33,321
+ 100 = 33,171
+ 100 = 32,673
+ 100 = 32,203  and canstyleace
I guess I'll try, but the thighs are probably gonna be painted on. The vanity sizing in the waist is also unfortunate being that I'm an actual 28.
Anybody else had problems with the slim tapered "jeans" fabric? These things stain at the slightest touch. Had a bit of labneh get on one, dabbed with warm water and washed with Oxyclean at home, still fucked. Other pair has a mystery circle at the knee, didn't come out with the same treatment. Never had these staining problems back when I wore raw denim all the time without washing much.   I don't think the skinny tapered jeans will fit me, but I hear they have a better...
+ 100 = 31,883 welcome back, good to have the numbers boost :)
+ 100 = 30,120
+ 100 = 29,800
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