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+ 200 = 106,614
+ 100 = 106,179
+ 100 = 106, 079
whoa that's peak ojisan
+ 100 = 105,030
+ 100 = 103,430
+ 100 = 104,230
If y'all don't have hard copies of the lookbooks, you're missing about 95%; they're absolutely huge compared to most brands. Bandana Almanac will proxy, you can find some on Yahoo Auctions, and if you make it to a store they're crazy cheap for what they are and sometimes I've had them thrown in with what I bought.
+ 100 = 104,130
It will fade, but very slowly and far more evenly than garments made with rope-dyed threads. It's kinda hard to appreciate the difference via photos, but having seen them in person I can tell you that they are gorgeous. Whether or not they're worth American pricing is up to you.   I've been to six Kapital locations now and they are absolutely my favorite brand; seeing the work in person is overwhelming.
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