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+ 130 = 116,566
+ 300 = 115,724 This weekend I met my stretch goal of 20k :DI've made more progress on my fitness this year than any other. This thread is a simple reminder, but it's effective; thanks again to all the participants.
+ 100 = 114,743
depends on how good they areI did my due diligence in proving that the person was lying, but unfortunately most services lean heavily towards the side of the buyer. It took a lot more effort from me than it should have considering the USPS tracking number confirmed that the person signed for the package.I had to call multiple USPS locations, his building management, and eBay. Also, don't ship to Italy unless you're certain you can trust the buyer. Tracking is really dodgy...
+ 200 = 114,513
a pull-up with enough momentum to get over the bar so you can push yourself up until your arms are fully extended, then back down no kipping
+ 100 = 113,700
+ 100 = 113,150
i'm in but i look like van gogh and only wear blue now so idk if i'll help stunt
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