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fixed your count +100 = 73,198
+100 = 72,363
+110 = 72,263
+110 = 71,860
I think MoK would benefit from a full beard or just a moustache. I think the goatee pulls the fits back into contemporary times, but otherwise they're often fantastic.
Everything I've bought from Kind-U, Kanful, and Greed has been nearly new. Consignment shops in Japan have super rigorous standards and will almost always photograph the details of damage or wear if they are present. I bought an EG floral from one of their Yahoo Auctions shops in B condition and it was brand new with tags. Have a Visvim 18L e-cat coming to me right now :)
ahaha that's awesome
+180 = 70,766
+100 = 70,366
Visvim FBT Reno Japan - 400 USD   Worn a bit, but still in great condition. Leather/sole are bulletproof; this is the same grade of buffalo leather on Vis bags. Price includes shipping in the US, international will be extra.
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