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Jack Straw always has great styling; glad they finally have an online store. That green plaid is beautiful, but $575 is beyond Vis crazy for a shirt.
+ 50 = 20,465
+ 100 = 20,415
thighs look way too small for the right waist size, but I'll have a look in store, thanks
Any recs for jeans that fit like the slim tapered stretch color ones with better fabric? The cut is great, but they're so thin and stain easily. Levis 511 doesn't taper enough. Price range ideally below 200.
I have three pairs of Stows in small sizes; they look wide, but they aren't deep and bulbous like work boots.
+ 50 = 20,215
+ 100 = 20,165
+ 100 = 19,632
whoops!   + 200 = 19,382
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