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+200 = 84,800 been missing more days than I ought to be, sorry guys
+130 = 83,195
They use Cavalier which is a chromexcel leather; as far as I remember it is used to denote a certain line of colors. Trickers uses nice thick cuts of Cavalier, but I still find it too stretchy and scratch-prone for my liking.
+100 = 82,640
+100 = 81,872
+140 = 81,320
200 = 81,120
and tonight +100 = 80,370
+100 = 80,170
They are a certainly a real moccasin toe, but not a "true moccasin", meaning that the leather does not wrap underneath the foot, but rather that it is lasted like a traditional western boot and given a moccasin style toe.
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