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Dark gray Harris Tweed, navy sweater, and blue check shirt over olive chinos.
The cycle does seem hilariously predictable.I can't say I've read what you are referring to... book? article? link?
I'm sure that is where the "no northern lights" rule came from. It can be harder to pull off. But, I love a good tan/khaki/sand/camel jacket and have one in each of those colors. For anyone wishing to be liberated from thinking they are breaking a rule when they wear a lighter jacket, browse through some resources below, make sure you are focusing on coherency/contrast, and...
My thoughts as well. Eventually people graduate from that thread and want to move on to real advice once they know the rules and basics for coherency in dress.The one item on your list above that I take issue with is the "northern lights" supposedly being incorrect. I think that somehow made it into basic advice listings as being wrong, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Wonderful examples of lighter jackets over darker trousers abound. The real key is...
I should've quoted the part that I was saying reflects many of my days getting dressed. In other words, obsessive doesn't describe me in this context.
If I recall correctly, this thread wasn't ever required to be CBD though. Odd jackets were welcome. It was always meant to be about a very narrow version of taste. However, it was ironic from the very beginning that even the "pillars" struggled to agree most of the time on what that actually meant. In other words, it was a rare fit that didn't get points deducted. I still like this thread, have learned enormously from it, and regret that it has only been sputtering...
I think this is well said, and accurately summarizes many of my days getting dressed.
Ancient Madder and tweed for a rainy and cold New Year's Sunday.
I just wear mine well polished with cream. So they are neither mirrored nor shabby. Just a nice luster.
Yeah, no offense to anyone who does it, but the "non-chalant" leaving unbuttoned of jacket cuffs has never sat well with me. From day 1 it struck me as trying too hard, and frankly, it never seemed to me like it would have the desired effect that it's advocates hoped.I think any average joe in the masses, if they even noticed to begin with, would assume you were actually missing a button. Not something most SF members want other people thinking. I think it would be a...
New Posts  All Forums: