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Here are a few more where I've used the same strategy, all with the same jacket: Olive trousers: Brown trousers: Navy trousers: Navy trousers It may not be for everybody, but I have always felt that these examples work well. I'm certainly familiar with the SF aversion to navy odd trousers, but I personally don't subscribe to the issue with cotton. I see it with wool for sure. On the contrast discussion, relating to the face, and drawing attention upward... ...
I actually find that this coat looks really nice with darker trousers, and pair it regularly with brown, olive, and navy cotton trousers. Hopefully I'm not kidding myself, but I think it looks great, provided that there is balance created by the tie and shirt to keep it from looking bottom heavy.
What do you mean by northern lights? That the coat is lighter than the trousers?
Looking at the photo again, I see that some of those details aren't visible. It has patch flap pockets, and brown horn buttons. It actually came with traditional brass buttons, but I replaced them. It is a quite open weave as well. Teminds me of what some call "basket weave."
In person it looks impeccable. Suit, eh? That's not the first time I've gotten that feedback on this coat, and it confuses me every time. It is a blazer through and through. I haven't ever seen a suit made from a traditional blazer fabric like this. Sounds strange.
Not quite a traditional full length, but this shows more...The pants look off in color in the photo. As I said, they are a medium rich brown, in the milk chocolate range. The saturation of color may be discerned though.
Thanks!Yeah, I have lightish brown hair. Also, the pants were sort of a milk chocolate color, which helped balance the color depth of the tie.
Hopsack, Oxford cloth, and silk. Unseen: brown cotton trousers and walnut/tan half-brogues.
I'm not sure I have a clear vision for what shoes would be "southern trad" beyond the obvious bright flashy boat shoes, which I've already said I stay away from.I personally rotate through a collection of pretty standard dress shoes, most of which are also "rule following" models for level of formality and occasion. All are certainly "Style Forum approved."I would say that suede should be fine, in other words.
For what it's worth, I think you will find the tone on tone soles to be more versatile, if that matters.
New Posts  All Forums: