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Here are a few diagrams I've kept on hand that show the differences (the first one is a commonly understood norwegian):Anthony Delos has a couple of videos on youtube where he is making a pair of Norwegian sewn boots, and that puts the diagram in better perspective.
It seems to work to me. But, I like yellow.
I found a blank prescription pad from some old doctor in a thrifted sport coat.
Looks good.I agree with the complexion dynamic with pink and yellow. Yellow is regarded as a poor choice for many skin/hair types, and I've had sales people actually steer me away from it in clothing stores. However, I actually like the way I look in yellow. It seems to give my skin a slightly tanned tone (in a healthy way), instead of the more common sallow result. My hair is very light brown (a few shades darker than sandy blonde).
Sage tweed, blue OCBD, wool/silk blend tie. Unseen... gray flannels and apron stitched derby shoes in a ruddy brown.
@Caustic ManLooks great!
Burgundy cords would look great as well.
Dark gray Harris Tweed, navy sweater, and blue check shirt over olive chinos.
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