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Very nice. I've been wanting to get some of those BB linen trousers. They really are nice.
Funny you asked, because I did wear navy cotton trousers. I didn't mention them, expecting the opposite feedback so often received with navy odd trousers. That said, there is clearly a difference in the versatility of navy cotton vs. Navy wool odd trousers.
Starting to transition to some fall pieces... Blue OCBD, gray herringbone sportcoat in a wool/cashmere blend, tie is silk/wool blend.
It isn't nearly that old, but it is a pretty standard cut. Probably is quite standard for a good quality off-the-rack blazer.
Navy blazer, blue stripe OCBD,silk tie.
I agree that they should harmonize with the shoes in traditional men's dress rules, and I do the same. However, in Ivy/Trad, this isn't as closely adhered to. Ribbon belts, Surcingle belts, etc., frequently don't and even can't match the shoes. Therefore, one can't be dogmatic in this arena of style due to the high variance of colors.Interestingly, there was an article on Real Men Real Style recently that challenged the tradition of matching the shoes, and instead says...
Interesting. Based on what line of thinking?
On the other hand, one could argue that the belt harmonizes perfectly by combining colors from the pants and the welt on the shoes, so it actually does match while not drawing too much attention to itself in an otherwise bright outfit. I think a white belt here may become a focal point towards your midsection, and "cut you in half." Instead, it comfortably sinks into the background.
I wouldn't wear it.
^^^ I probably should have added that there isn't anything wrong with that, if it is one's style, but it just doesn't fit into any of my preconceived "Trad" categories.
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