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Yeah, they seem to be on a different calendar with shoe sales, so a lot of times they won't be on sale when they do those insane sales. A lot of times they don't advertise the shoe sales. You just have to monitor their website.
Jos A Bank gets made fun of for how many sales they run, but when they put their better stuff on sale, it's worth watching.I got a pair of Boardrooms (1st quality of course) for $207.00 last December. That was the best I had ever seen, but they regularly dip below $300. The sales vary, but let's just say that you can get them for the price of a pair of 2nd's if you watch the sales.
Consider the Nathan as well. It's Joseph A Bank's exclusive, made on the 8 last. Same style as the 5th Avenue. They put them on sale all the time. I have a pair and love them.
I think there has been a sharp decline over the last couple of decades, but we are seeing a renaissance now. The up and coming generation that is joining the workforce has a lot of interest in classic menswear. It's not hard to find, from big box to boutique, classic is where it's at (with some contemporary flair, granted). I know there are always those who will follow fashion, so if classic goes out of style, then many will go with it. But, I think many men have been...
Agree with all that. The other issue I was running into is that when I'm done reading, there isn't a way to go back to the article list from where I left off. Clicking the back button starts the entire search over, and you have to scroll completely through the set of articles to get to where you left off. Maybe not a big deal on a PC, but rather annoying on a mobile device when there are so many posts to scroll past to find the one you want.
It just sounds like a straightforward complement to me.
It may be a moot point.  As Will said, another 1000 or so articles will be posted soon, so maybe most of the articles that everyone wants will be there after all.
 Can you explain how to do this?  I seem to only be able to scroll one by one as well, which means it'll take me several hours of clicking to get to the beginning, and no hope of finding anything in an expedient manner.  Also, it would mean starting over every time the browser accidently closes.  I have Windows 7, for what it's worth.
The welt itself won't impact comfort. The differences which will effect comfort between the Goodyear-welt construction and the Blake/rapid comes from the insole itself (all else being equal).With Goodyear, you have a decent leather insole with cork underneath, which displaces from your weight and forms a "permanent" impression. This doesn't exist with Blake/rapid. With BR, the insole is sitting in direct contact with the midsole and outsole. If the insole is made of the...
It does...Which do you find more comfortable from a foot moulding standpoint? Which ones seem to be best adapted to your feet after substantial wear?
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