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Better not be... I'll certainly be looking elsewhere if that happens.
Dress welt?http://carreducker.blogspot.com/2009/07/breaking-news-we-are-now-in-savile-row.html?m=1
My understanding is that they use the same leathers for their belts and shoes to ensure a best match.Belts don't generally require much care other than a very occasional conditioning with a neutral conditioner. They simply aren't subjected to the same type of wear.Yes, if you want to preserve the color on your strands as much as possible, I'd use the bourbon polish. However, it's not a perfect match.
Bourbon is made by burnishing walnut on a black burnishing wheel. To lighten it, you'd need to remove some of the black burnishing with some conditioner/cleaner or some renomat, etc.Adding walnut polish on top of it will just create an odd effect, and you'll end up with walnut polish on your shirt.
Thanks for the feedback!
So what is considered an "acceptable" filler for leather? I can't find it now, but I think Nick mentioned filling in a screw hole if it became necessary. Is there a special product for this?
Good question. Kinda hard to tell.You can see better in this one, and it does look rather plastic like...[URL]http://Paul Smith X John Lobb Special Edition Shoes - YouTube[/URL]
Yes, this makes sense, and honestly wasn't lost on me. I should have worded my reply differently. The real issue is that the "cork" paste that is spread under the insole in GY-welted shoes is only partially cork. The material spreads to the areas of least compression during wear in order to arrive at the "footbed" in a GY shoe.My response to Chogall wasn't to go into the compression characteristics of cork, so much as to drive the point that the amount of material put...
Neither of these assumptions was made. I know the last isn't flat, but that isn't resulting in what is portrayed in the video.Obviously cork can be compressed, that's the point, and that is how the GY-welted footbed forms. But, it can't compress to the extent you see in the video.
New Posts  All Forums: