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Can anyone with the winter combat boot tell me whether they fit narrow in the toe box like the derby's? Thinking about pulling the trigger if they're a little spacier 
Lightly used Inneva Woven's Sz. 13, no box.    Would prefer meet ups in Manhattan or Brooklyn. 
Lightly used pair of Inneva woven's Sz. 13 (Stadium Grey)   Prefer local meet ups in Brooklyn or Manhattan.
Very lightly used Canon 5D. Less than 5,000 actuations. Comes with body only no battery grip. Will consider BIN offers inboxed to me. 
Black new standard size 30 basically new never washed worn 3 or 4 times - $80 SOLD Black petit standard size 31 ripped at both knees and need to be cleaned they've been sitting for a year - $50   Can meet in Manhattan or Brooklyn to try on.  Darius
I didn't mind the old hood, mine loosened up as I used it.Will there be a promo code for this run?
  Anybody know when these are gonna start hitting shops in the states? Having a hard time justifying paying $271 plus shipping from europe
Deadstock 'Black Toe' Jordan 1 Hi size 10.5   meet up in Boston available   
 Went with an XL -- thanks for the advice
I'm 6'4 160 - Should I do a XL or 2XL for a slightly loose fit in the Villain side zip?   Thanks!
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