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I also think your outfit is boringly excellent Sander 
Jeans and a cheap t-shirt don't ever look great, they look very ordinary to me.   and I think that's primarily advertising one's name/blog to post it in both. The guy is looking for blog followers.
Yeah I also like your outfit Monkey boi!!
It looks excellent as far as i am concerned, well done. For a little extra pop add a plain brushed stainless steel or chrome tie bar. This outfit is not sombre. It might be monochrome, but hell it isn't even conservative. It is very striking with all that contrast TBH.
I think you only get to make a first impression once so you had better make it a good one. The impression is visual so make an effort to groom, dress, and carry yourself well. Guys always look and feel better about themselves when wearing a suit and tie, they just do, ask them if you don't believe me. Good presentation skills go a long way towards building success, but is not the only element.
@bernoulli: Really lovely outfit Mister it's just missing a simple PS though.
Awesome Outfit SS . . Well Done :D
Cousin a plain white TV PS is required here IMO - too much power going on elsewhere.
  Don't even say that Mister. For Reference you are looking pretty damn dapper today again as you look every time I see a post/pic of yours.  
I really like your outfit Cousin and I really don't care what needs to be let out or in  . .  Nice one!!
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