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I agree with that your outfit looks pretty good and fits you well OTR unaltered. The SC is as you say, a little short, but one doesn't get to have much say in the matter these days WRT current fashion dictates. Well fitting spread shirt collar, nice tie and knot, slightly curved SC lapels - reminds me of Tom Ford's quirks. The only thing missing is a sliver of white PS showing which I think finishes it off nicely. Let me know what you think?  
IMO There is nothing to improve on this outfit YRR..   I mean someone could say that they prefer a different PS or tie, but that would just be personal preference.   So you can take this as a compliment from me. I like your stabbed collar a lot..   Oh  and my personal preference would be for a white TV fold PS (it is a white shirt)
Great outfit pliny, however IMHO those shoes hmmm...     need to go... maybe black brogues with the casual monochrome outfit, yes!!
@conradwu: About your tie: I like it, It is elegant, not perfect. I also happen to think a DFIH can look pretty good too as in detail.. About your braces: I think much wider and not spotted would look a lot better.
Excellently chosen and fitted outfit. Well Done IMO Cousin D
Yes, no square looks wrong to me and 98.7823681736% of the time I do think this guy needs to have a PS to complete the suit.   Although TBH, I actually think that you don't have the self confidence to wear one and are so trying to rationalize why you shouldn't wear one. Be real brave and wear one, a plain white TV one, you will be shocked at how many people notice. Some may even compliment you.
This is an excellent outfit today clags. I like it a lot. Beautiful colour co-ordindation
My choice is the orange, the green is too extreme, and the blue accentuates your tallness.
Clags: I am not enjoying your tie or shirt today TBH. Colours are too un-matched.   JCMeyer: I think your collar and tie are awesome my friend. Not everything has to be ultra spread, looks great as far as i am concerned.
This is a really dapper outfit mister, excellent fit..
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