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@pingson: I think your outfit awesome, including the yellow tie. @dereks: I can't imagine why you don't like monday's, you always seem to outdo your very own self dress wise on mondays (and you look really good nearly always - well whenever I get to notice anyhow) so if you could match your mood to your beautiful outfit I would imagine all would be well with you in the world..   (on mondays and probably everyday for that matter)
Re: Clags and Stitch   I would much rather see the jacket/tie/collar/PS up closer and in more detail than a dirty muddy old pair of shoes besides, quite a few american guys on here seem to just roll their trousers up and not hem, or make them too short with no break, and then go on to commit the ulitmate sin of not wearing socks, so what would one actually be looking at anyway? In my opinion put the shoe part in it's own little pic that one doesn't have to look at..
Re Claghorns outfit: Please clarify for me?   Is it that you  do not like the tie and recommend he choose another one to wear with this outfit? or Is it that you like the tie but think he should not be wearing a tie with his outfit.?
I suppose one can 'do' anything to prove a point, but I voted never because why would one want to dress a formal DB down to sleazy gangsta or less, that is not stylish in my book. Hell no, dress it up as you should and give it all the class you can. Be Stylish, be your best..   Note: one of the best renditions of a DB i ever saw on here was by a guy called xxyyxx (or maybe he was xxzzxx) a long time ago. He was also edgy, but go look for yourself.
  Don't let the 'preacher' bit get to you Irate, they are the ultimate losers. Some people just don't get it, ever!!
  I really like this outfit of yours Rudals, very dapper. 
I disagree, this is not how trousers should fit. The front break is too high at mid shin level and should happen just above cuff level although rear crease and ass fit is good. The reason it is breaking so high is because the front of the waist needs to be raised a little (onto the stomach instead of around it), removing the current break and then you will determine that the trousers are too short, the shortness can already be seen at the back where the cuff is sitting...
Great outfit Cousin, but then I think your outfits are always good so maybe I am biased.
with respect to the IBM dress code, you guys are forgetting the most important element of their attire was the blue tie that matched the IBM blue logo.   Some one asked if there were any suicides, no, everyone knew what was expected of them, and they followed orders as required. No stress at all.
Hi Mister, I also think you're looking very handsome today. One thing though, maybe you could hem those pants a bit higher they seem to be bunching up around your ankles. But your shirt, tie, jacket and PS hanky are looking real good.  
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