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@Clags: You are looking very elegant in your suit today.
 I also think the pink tie is much better than the blue, otherwise you will just have to go tie hunting... good excuse if you ask me 
 I also dunno why you want smaller pics. It looks really good on my screen and fits just perfect as well.
 Your age has everything to do with your, maturity, wisdom, social standing, perception, social norms et al, generally speaking, and thereby give me a better idea of who I am dealing with. Your jacket more than covers your posterior and is too long, in fact, as I said originally: Jacket: is too big for you. Shoulders are too wide and jacket too long. Gorge is very high on the jacket too A tie bar is primarily jewellery and not worn to keep one's tie from flapping. If it...
Well don't just sit there eating popcorn CM cos PC ain't gonna help much..   @acubed: I take it you were born in 82 making your a 31 year old.   Overall: clothes don't fit or suit you very much. Specific:   Jacket: is too big for you. Shoulders are too wide and jacket too long. Gorge is very high on the jacket too. Fasten the top button for jacket when standing and because you have not fastened the button, I cannot see if the jacket is too long for you. Tie: Length...
Excellent outfit Sir Well done. Nitpicks: Pocket Square missing.Thoughts: Tie could be 10mm shorter. Jacket lapel gorge is low but that is a style option. Collar and tie knot fit is awesome. Jacket and Trouser fit is also really good.
 Solar your outfit is almost awesome, the only part i don't see is any shirt cuff showing, but that's minor. A beautiful outfit like that would work great anywhere in the world in my opinion.  You set a really high standard for yourself with your first post, but Keep doing it!!  @Terror : You are looking very good too.
 Hmm.. Let me guess, it's summer in the subway right??
@Redevil: very bright and clanging outfit today.. geez how about (thinks...) a plain white shirt.. or... a plain light blue shirt..                 however, each piece is good on it's own. Lovely SC, lovely tie, lovely shirt, lovely PS.   @clags: I agree with caustic man wrt your outfit today.  SC is very iffy and you have so many other beautiful one's anyway so ....   @citan: Looking smart there Mister. I note the unusual 1 button SC
@Mickael: Pretty good look for a first timer however your shirt collar seems quite large for you, gaping at the front and sides, and the blades crossing behind the tie knot. I would probably have worn a different tie. A simple TV fold pocket square would also look good.
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