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Anyone has any experience with ? they sell designer replica's but I'm not sure if they're worth their prices.
All I could find online is their accessories and leather goods, but can't find any outwear pieces being sold of the current season, does anyone know any place online that lists them?
Another red jacket that I loved:         Works with the t shirt underneath too.
I don't know, I think depends on where I'm wearing it though. lol, I didn't expect it to be solid silver, but I expect it it to look a little better overall, but I guess the whole weight argument makes sense. Fits quite well actually, although it's quite small for a size 50, I usually wear somewhere between 46 and 48, and this one fits just fine. No, I bought it from someone in NY on ebay.
Yeah exactly, I thought about that too, you're right, I guess I was just being a little neurotic.   thanks.
Phew, thanks guys, but what baffles me is why is the eagle brooch made so poorly as apposed to the jackets price tag, you'd expect something of higher end.
Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2012  
Oops sorry, I found it in their campaign so I figured that it must be their boots too.
meh, pretty boring, as it's been said it lacks detail.   The hoodies are nice though, and few of the shoes.
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