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Any plans of restocking smalls in the black Wyatt? 
What's the final word on how long we have before we can't do a chargeback? 6 months? I ordered April 1, 2014. 
Anyone have any opinions/reviews of this weekend bag? http://shop.cncpts.com/products/a-p-c-weekend-bag-olive I've found one for sale. Any other info about it would be great. Season/year, etc. I can't seem to find much. 
I missed out on these twice on Gilt and I've really been wanting a pair. They were being sold on Gilt for $150. I'm willing to hear offers too.     Thanks. 
I'm definitely in for a fishtail. Fuck this Canada Goose. 
Up for sale is a Fall/Winter 2013 Canada Goose Parka in Men's Size Large in Mid Gray. Brand new with tags. Received it as a gift, but it isn't my size. 100% authentic, has the hologram, and was purchased from an authorized retailer.   Canada Goose fans can be found in South Pole research facilities where extreme weather protection is a necessity, or on the streets of New York, Milan, Stockholm, Toronto, or Tokyo. Canada Goose is the...
Natural vegetable tanned belt has been sold! I think the brown latigo is even nicer. 11oz leather and finished perfectly.    I ordered a natural vegetable tanned belt and a brown latigo from Hollow's leather a few weeks ago. Very comparable to Tanner, Corter, Unlucky, Zissou, etc. They're both too small for me by 1 inch. They've only been tried on once and are brand new. Both have chrome buckles fastened with Chicago screws. The natural vegetable tanned belt with change...
Looking to BUY a fishtail parka. Size small (~21" pit to pit, ~17" shoulders). Any color besides black. 
Posted this in CM by accident but anyone have any advice on parkas for Boston's snow? Looking to avoid the ubiquitous Canada Goose. TOJ would have been perfect (If anyone has a fishtail in a small, sell it to me. Any color is fine). Woolrich and spiewak aren't doing it for me. Just gonna be used for walking for no longer than 30 mins. 
Looking for a TOJ fishtail in a small (~20" pit to pit. 17" shoulder). Any color except black. 
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