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I fit well into a Strand in 9.5D (5-65 last). Can someone tell me if I would fit into the same size in a Broadstreet in the 3 last?
I fit nicely into a 9.5 strand in standard width (D) and this is the 5 last. How would that compare to a Broadstreet in the 3 last? Could I simply go 9.5D as well and be OK?
My chest is 38 inches , my shoulder to shoulder is 17 inches (measured straight across, not running the tape up around the back of my collar). I was fit into a Brook Brothers Fitzgerald 40 Regular. I have the jacket and the measurements are shoulder to shoulder 17 inches and chest 20 inches. I used the standard method for measuring the jacket as per a search I did on this site.   It seems to fit well, except I get a small buckling of the jacket in the lapel area. The...
just saw the top bid on the last page. my error !!
I can give you my experience with Strand sizing. I just bought a Black and Walnut Calf pair. My feet measured right up to the line of size 10. The sales rep told me that the 5 last is a bit long so he would suggest I go with a Size 9.5. I put them on they felt felt great. Just to be sure I put on the size 9 and the size 10 and 9's were way too tight and 10's were way too big. So, from my experience I would say, that the Strand runs a 1/2 size off. If it matters I wear a...
I am going to a Christmas Party at my golf club next week. Very old school type club, and this is a very nice event where all men wears suits. I have a Navy BB Fitz suit that I plan on wearing. I would like opinions on shirt, tie and shoes. I have both walnut calf and black allen Edmond strands and since it is an evening event, I assumed black shoes would be more appropriate. I expect many are going to tell me I should wear a more formal cap toe shoe, but I am just...
Tricky, I am not worried, I am really certain this will fit. Given that we both are in Canada and shipping and customs is not an issue, how about if we make this deal. I pay you the $50 for the jacket and you ship it to me. If for some odd reason it simply does not fit me at all, I pay to ship back and you refund me the $50 via paypal. I really see no reason why it would not fit me, and it would certainly not be too big, it could only be too small or too tight given the...
Will be in town tomorrow night (Saturday December 1st). Last minute decision, will be tough to get reservations I imagine. Would entertain all recommendations from you local Chicago folks. Wife and I, daughter and husband so we need 4 seats and we eat anything at all. Open to all options from fine dining to someplace we might never know about of it were not from your suggestion !!   Thanks in advance   Cabana Boy
I have only tried on the Strand and it fit me perfectly in a 9.5 D. So ,rather than risk another style, I purcahsed the black and Walnut Strand in 9.5D. Deal even with the duty into Canada.
Thanks for your help guys. The thread with all the matching outfits is a great reference . Much appreciated
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