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Yeah - now imagine surfing this forum - seeing hundreds of shoes you love, and then realizing there is about a .003% chance they are even made in your size.  It sucks.   I'm 6'8", so I accept that most of the fashion on this site (and everywhere) isn't designed for me, but it really pisses me off that I have such a crap selection of shoes to choose from.  I can always lose weight to fit into a smaller size shirt/jacket/pant, but my damn feet won't shrink.   I am thankful...
Thank you to whoever bumped this thread.     I am always on the lookout for manufacturers who make 'extended sizes', and I am very pleased to find our that Russell Moccasin advertise the ability to make up to a size 18 (I wear a 15/16).  Up until seeing this thread I had never heard of RM.     Anyone know of any other shoe/boot manufacturers, with a good reputation, who make extended size shoe/boots?
Is it possible to order a 15UK?
It sucks that you did not get what you expected - but if its any solace - those shoes look fantastic.
  Spend enough time on this site and you begin to believe that everyone wears an XS and a size 7 shoe.
That seems more like what I'd expect.  Normally the extreme sizes on both ends of the spectrum sell out first. 
  As someone who wears an XXL - this is good news.
  I don't know.  That guy doesn't look too happy about what they did to his suit.
It might help identifying the logo if you can show a picture of what item, and where, that logo is located.  
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