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is it still available..? If so, please PM the price and photos of the bag's inside. Thanks.
Hi,   I would like to get some advises/suggestions from you guys.  I m looking for a pair black boots which i can wear to office everyday. Currently, i owned 875, 3140 and 8111. My mind is pulling between 9014, 2918 & 8200. I can wear dark jeans and smart casual to office everyday and semi-active work nature.   Thanks in advance.
Grabbed  a pair of Bourton, Lollipop Red with Dainite Sole. very good price from TANGS, S'pore. 50% off.
how can i get these denim card holders? they gave as a gift?
Are you talking about Slim Fit? it seems quite small already for Slim Fit, those aren't skinny fit.
Thanks for ur advice.I just change the order with 1 size up Slim fit.
Hey Gustin Team, Can I request to customise for my ordered pair? i just wanna smaller 2 inches in Leg Opening. 18 inches for Leg Opening seems quite wide. I just ordered 33 Straight fit and may i know any shrinkage of #82 AMERICAN SIXTEENER ?
Yes, it is. Foldable umbrella.
OOTD Filson 256
Hi.. is it still available ?
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