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I picked up a 257 the other day. What care products, if any, would you all recommend to protect the leather?
Would be interested in us38
257 Otter purchased. Thanks for the heads-up!
Can you get the 30% discount on out of stock items (Filson 257) by calling to place the order or does the item need to be in stock?
How much for Fifth Ave in Dark brown? Size 10E.
Curious as well. I am tempted to pull the trigger now on some stuff, but I would prefer to wait until closer to Christmas if a similar sale usually comes up again for the holidays.
Are you getting the 20% Amazon coupon to apply to get these prices? If so, how? Mine won't apply.
Brown burnished Delray.
Ask yourself this: do you want something your children will fight over when you're dead or a generic looking canvas bag?
Yeah, 20% coupon is not working for me either. 
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