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Mine had that too, and I returned them to Wolverine for a new pair.  I've had my new pair for over a year, have worn them on the job every day through some brutal conditions, and the new heels have NOT split.
so i just spoke to wolverine customer service, and for the 2nd time, they were totally awesome.  they told me that the hole is presumably premature, and that if i take the boots to a cobbler, they'll reimburse me for the cost.  right on wolverine.  anyone know a good cobbler in the Raleigh/Durham area?
while I love the way the 1ks look and feel, I can't say that I think they're as tough as they should be.  I've had mine for only 4 months.  in those 4 months, I've given them at least 4 HDLP treatments, and I already have a hole in the sole.  this seems very premature.  do i call wolverine customer service or just take them to a cobbler?  I don't even walk on pavement that much.  seems crazy, right?    
I appreciate it  thanks
So my 1Ks are only a few months old, and the leather insole on one of the boots has become unglued.  is this the kind of thing i can fix myself with super glue, or is it better to take to a cobbler?
right, oops, i meant send me a photo.  however, if you have a change of mind and want to send me a new pair of tans in 11.5 i'll gladly break them in, take photos of them, and give you credit?  thanks.  they're gorgeous.  
  why do you dislike chromexel
Can someone please send me a pair of broken in tan boots?  i think they look amazing, and i want to pull the trigger on a pair, but i'd love to see a photo of them after a few Obenauf's treatments.     thanks
Using a shoe tree at night will help minimize the uneven creasing.     And I repeat what everyone else has said, they'll be just fine.  I suggest taking them out into the woods and stomping over and through everything you say.  give your boots some scars, they'll look awesome and you won't notice a wrinkly toe box.  
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