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 PTB = plain toe boots? give a call to my bud Adam at AoC
I already offered him to waive my option to return the shoes, based on the fact that I am wearing basically the same shoes in a different colour...   "We prefer not to send shoes out when we believe they will not fit, or when we believe it will lead to future problems."  
I know what you are saying with Trubalance > Barrie and with Cordovan > Calf ceteris paribus. I was WORRIED when I ordered the Barrie/calfskin in the same size, knowing the tight fit of the AF43/Trubalance/cordovan, but that was after trying them, so I listened to my feet, not my head, and that was the right thing to do. Anyway.
@Alcibiades   The question is why would the Leffot PT Boots/Barrie/calfskin/commando fit differently than the AF89/Barrie/calfskin/commando in the same size?   If there's some factor I am not aware of, I would like to know, because these Barrie/calfskin/commando/8E I'm wearing are damn perfect.   I'll try to answer your question, but 'tighter' is going to be tighter on each person's foot differently...   Both the Barrie and Trubalance fit me but:   1) the Barrie...
Hi gang. First post here and a weird question...   I have a pair plain toe boots in Barrie/calfskin/commando from Leffot/Alden that fit me perfectly in 8E even though they have just started to break in. Best shoes ever owned. Especially that...:   I also have a pair of the AF43 (plain toe boots on Trubalance/cordovan/commando) in the same size that, after a year and especially after wearing the above shoes, don't fit me well. In short the heel is shaped differently and...
hi. sorry i only skimmed through the 39 pages of this thread. what styleforum affiliate carries a good selection of wings+horns in n. america? especially the clasp hood in charcoal... cheers. 
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