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Absolutely agree.I think I average ~6mi/wear. If they're not comfortable, they tear my feet up. I know there are limits to what's possible with any pair of shoes but, I try to find great looking shoes that are also comfortable. So far my St.C's have been it (with some relasting),and seeing how adjustments can be made to my future pairs, they can only get more comfortable.Now I just have to learn how to make them look as good as PB's
Exciting!  I was just planning to look back through your pairs and the others from this thread for inspiration.  I've been mulling over which new model to get.  It's a good problem to have, but the over-abundance of choices proves to be an obstacle for me.  My decision has changed a half dozen times over the last 2-3 months and I'm unable to just buy them all.  I will say I saw this pair in an email from Drake's and it might be my new first choice.   Particularly with the...
What products/colors do you use to care for them? They look great, also, what size are you? I should have a pair of G&G Cambridge in 6.5F for sale by the holidays in Cherry.
I agree, I have them in CRU but I don't have the best grasp of the difference. I've heard many explanations but in the end, I fall back on the fact that I like the pairs I have in CRU.
  I've had some good bargains there.  I agree it's best to check all the details of that which you buy.  I actually picked up some of their shirts (when they were sourced from Italy) from there at a good price.  I was able to fill out one of the VAT forms, I forget where I got it, and itemized my Drake's bounty from the Haberdasher Shop and received my refund.  Just an fyi, you can get the refund just not the forms like in central London.  
This was a made to measure tweed jacket from Sartoria Promessa of Japan.  It is fully canvassed and done in Harris Tweed with: contrasting elbow patches, genuine leather buttons, and functional sleeve buttons.The jacket also has no vents to keep in the warmth, and a functional lapel button hole with accompanying boutonnière loop. As with all of the other things I'm listing, I lost about 30 lbs over the last year and this just does not fit anymore.  It's heart breaking but...
I'm no expert with GK products but I use them as advertised on the site. It would be perfectly reasonable to use the Cream Shoe Polish followed by the HIgh Shine Paste. I personally use the neutral Cream Shoe Polish for most of the shoe and then apply the High Shine Paste to the toe and rear quarters. Occasionally I'll put a layer or two of the HSP all over.Great overall products IMHO.
Sorry to hear you didn't get much from the process. I was aware there is a fee, but I didn't know how much. What I really need is just a little more space at the width of the foot. I'm hoping the re-last over the new added pieces does the trick.I really like now deep/dark of a burgundy these are! Have they always been like that or do you do anything specific to get that color?I wish I fit a standard last, but three pairs in and many many miles later, they're just not as...
Are you waiting for a trunk show or your next purchase? I'm having my pairs re lasted on said personalized last currently.Interesting. I'm hoping that, by using my current shoes as "testing pairs" and having modifications made to my new personalized last, having them re-lasted will bring the shoes very close to an excellent fit.I understand additional pieces for the width of the foot and heel bone spurs will be added along with lowering the top line slightly under the...
Thank you all! I'll try to find some regular comfortable apparel to wear. Good point that they're regular clothes. Marketing and professional endorsements can make one forget that. I will lean toward natural fibers and maximum protection from the sun but I won't rule out "innovative" options. I'm convinced that I often learn too much in lessons to retain, but perhaps I'll take a lesson and wait a few weeks so that I have time to apply what I learn. Thanks again!
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