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+1  I vote the new dress monk, w/o punch -- in black?  
 I would say just don't ever get them wet in the winter.  I've been using these with all of the snow (and salt) recently.  So far so good, I tend to walk 4-6mi a day outdoors and refuse to buy "commuting shoes" so it's important for me have something to protect my babies. I used to have SWIMS but they were black and left dark marks on my non-black shoes so I found these. They also protect the vamp well.    My apologies,...
Agreed, if you want a low contrast Topy job you have to make sure they have different colors. I once had a cobbler apply a dark brown Topy to a pair of natural edge Alden SWB and he just coated the entire sole/heel edge with a dark brown...substance in an effort to prevent any contrast. I didn't like it but I went for the cheapest job, and his head was in the right place so I took it on the chin as a lesson learned.Because you're heel is also black I think the contrast...
That's a good option.I've been trying to off load my extra BT set up on close friends who would be closer to fitting it than I would—to their benefit. However, even though it's a screaming deal based on what I paid and what they could get at that price point, it's (somewhat understandably) not on their radar. They just don't live with the same fear/excitement about being invited to a BT event and not having the right set up/having the opportunity to look their best, that...
I attended a wedding in Hawaii last year and the grooms had off white rigs made up. They looked amazing and I begged them to make the event BT but there was too much resistance by the families so, I didn't have an excuse to order my own OWDJ OR get to wear my tux. However, an OWDJ is on my list for 2015, I imagine I'll sport it at a future event (wedding) back home (Hawaii), even though black tie is highly unlikely there and I would probably outshine any groom in...
Congratulations, those look great! I very nearly chose the pedder cap toe for my most recent order, absolutely lovely design!Are they all the same size? Do you have any fit notes for us on the different lasts? I've so far stuck with the classic last for my pairs so I would be interested to hear your feedback. I'm also planning a loafer for my next pair so I would appreciate hearing amy tips you have about ordering and sizing.Beautiful shoes!
@patrickBOOTH would you mind expanding on what the cracked lining is/was? Also where it occurred?I'm curious about what happened but admittedly I am not (yet) as knowledge about the anatomy of these shoes.Have you experienced the same kind of breakdown in other pairs, and do you attribute it just to your wear? For example, are you concerned it will happen to your other pairs with time?If this is OT I'm happy to take this to a PM.Thank you
TBH I would avoid the dark colors navy, black, d. brown, but other than that I think most of the light colors of brown, khaki, grey would be fine. I also happen to think no one would really question charcoal.Additionally it's my feeling that most people don't think about these things as much as we do, so the excellent cut, quality, and appearance of your outfit would supersede any marginal questions of perfect color matching.
I would love to know this as well. Mr.Porter has few models at 30% off.
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