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These look light brown in indirect natural light but they generally look like a medium brown shoe. I've compared them to my 105s which I believe are color 607. I also asked for the Russian calf to be dark from the factory. Just evidence that it can come out as a medium to darker brown.It's misleading to states that the only other option to undefined waiting periods is to purchase Cole Hahn or Allen Edmonds...I'm with you @CrimsonWave, where is the customer service and...
Will we also be lucky enough to see a reemergence of everyone's favorite balmacaan?!
Those look great! If I ever get around to monks.. That single will be my choice. They both look great though, congratulations!
How have these beauties broken in @gusvs?   Do you have any broken in pictures?  It's time to start lining up fall boot orders!
 I had a pair of GGs that were too narrow (in their F width) and also had a pronounced gap at the instep.  If the width area is fine or a little sung then I say it will all stretch and you should keep them.  If you feel like it is considerably tight in the width and also in the instep I would do what I could to get rid of them.  It will save you a lot of agony--financial, physical, and emotional.   I decided to wear mine anyway and while they did (painfully) stretch over...
TYT's are the best! I'm hoping the NMWA F/W collection will have dark/silk options for work.
The first model is the 105 and the third is the 564 sometimes referred to as the Queens Oxford. I really like all of the models and concur with comments speaking to their "heft."Ouch, are my feet that wide? They're all all made on the classic last but the latter models were made on my personalized last which has adjustments for generos width.
  Sure! Unfortunately, I don't have any good photos of them all together but I was conveniently able to pull together some of the excellent teaser photos provided to me by my retailer--The Armoury. [[SPOILER]]
I switched from G&G a little over a year (and 6 pairs of StC) ago. I feel like the flexibility of the MTO, the quality of the craftmanship, and the sizing options with the PRET fitting and personalized last option, make them second to none.With G&G, if you made an order you never really knew when it would arrive. Same for if you sent something back for QC issues—which I had to do on my second pair. With StC orders, repairs, and resoles they always handle things in a...
Resoled 564s ITW.
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