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Ordered Aug 1 and you got it after Nov 1, so 12 weeks? I've never had an order go over 9 weeks. He seems to be going on an incredible run of trunk shows. I hope everything is okay. Luckily I got most of my pairs but I used to appreciate how quickly they could be made.
Beautiful! Very bold but stylish purchase.When did you order them? I heard the factory has been a little behind on getting deliveries out.
I think I'm a half size smaller in StCs but then again I may have been sizing up in G&Gs for more width.As time goes by I'm more and more convinced that prospective first time buyers (who want to MTO something customized) should seriously consider either trial shoes or ordering a personal last and making your first order at a trunk show in order to dial in the best possible fit from the beginning. It's not exactly the most convenient process but part of the beauty of these...
Beautiful chukkas!! Enjoy
Maybe it depends on the quality of the work? I sent back a pair of chukkas last year that had been resoled twice by random places and Alden serviced them.
@PChan247 these are great and very similar to a pair I have coming! Enjoy!Friday in the shade
Some Drakes Panama silk action! A Friday favorite. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/neckties/navy-panama-silk-tie-orange-white-turquoise-rosette-neat-print.html
Does it look like this? I suspect they're just from the shape of your heel. The one size fits all contours of RTW shoe heel-cups will often not be ideal for individuals. We have different heel bone-spurs/configurations and when they are pushed up against the heel cup they make most of their contact at the few protruding points. This combined with the fact that the heel cup is reinforced so that it can't easily mould to your heel means you may get points of heightened...
I finally had an opportunity to wear my rig last weekend to a wedding in NC. While it rained like crazy it survived traveling to and from the event. It needs some work on the shoulders but otherwise for the first wear it worked out well. I also added ribboned laces to my patent leather Aldens. The pic was taken before I had a chance to tuck the collar behind the bow. Also at the wedding I noticed most of the younger people in black tie has some kind of contrasting...
Wish I'd seen these before I ordered my bal boots.  I like the punch detail up the area parallel to the lacing (throat? instep?) and the top edge.  Thanks for sharing!This is the internet, it can be hard to control how people take things.  Absent the knowledge that you don't troll much--if at all, it could be taken either way.(Emoticons help if you're into them.) We can agree the boots are nice!
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