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Thank you both @Asian Afro and @Duke Silver, I've already put in a follow up order for two more!
Thanks! Have you ever experienced any shrinking using these methods? I usually wash cold, I ask because I do not have much room for it in a 38.
First G. Inglese; I decided to go with the 38 (excuse the vee). Feels like the beginning of a new shirting era for me. Does anyone launder these at home? Delicate cycle, hang dry, iron? All the hand sewn details are making me nervous. Also how do I get my closet to smell like new Inglese?! Sandalwood?
Is this a possible indication they've changed their Russian calf supplier/source? Because that looks very different from the standard Russian calf they've had on offer over the years...
I agree with this sentiment. I find the Russian finish to be delicate and easy to scuff but it can be worked with. Here's a recent photo of mine in lowlight. It's still possible to see the previous scuffs and other marks but they're not a lost cause.Also I did mention this to the owner at a trunk show last fall and he acknowledged that the results using the leather weren't optimal.
Agreed, no hood or scarf necessary!
Very nice! I know the feeling:slayer: Do you what the turn around time for these was?Has anyone received their orders from the September trunk shows? After never waiting more than 8-9 weeks for each of my previous 6 pairs, I've now been waiting 15 weeks for my most recent order. It's safe to say I'm not impressed... The timely and predictable turn around for MTOs was one of the things I respected most about this company compared to the other options in this price...
Whoops, I thought they were the same.
   I have to agree with @MoosicPa; the corrected grain Russian leather does scratch/scuff easily and the marks don't easily polish out like traditional (darker) CRU.  Everyone is welcome to their own opinions but I mentioned this at a trunk show and the guy (who's name escapes me) agreed but said that was just the nature of the leather.   I tend to put dark brown wax on mine so it's not as noticeable but I find it a little disappointing.  It's not the end of the world by...
From my perspective you were lucky.This was much more like my experience, but I know I've always had unusually wide feet. I also had a lot of trouble with the stiff top line digging into my lower ankles. Every pair I've purchased has had to go back to reduce the stiffener. Very frustrating. Good thing my next pair are boots...Edit: After going with a personal last after my 3rd pair, the fit is now great and I swear by St.C's; they're just not perfect.
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