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@Mr. Six That was SO helpful, completely answered my question. Thank you!
Question on the G. Inglese shirts. It says the size 15/38 has an 89cm sleeve. I'm somewhat new to this, what is that a measure of? I just measured the sleeve of my Drake's 15/38 shirt and the sleeve is a nearly perfect 66cm from the top of the shoulder down to the end of the cuff. What does the 89cm measure exactly? Also at that size are the shirts narrow in the body? For example around the second to last button on the bottom my Drake's shirt is approximately 49cm...
Excellent make up @stevent!!I just found these on on Ethan's tumblr, from The Armoury.Saint Crispin’s Model 506 in Kud 076The appear to be the exact make up I'm expecting in the next 2-3 weeks! Hopefully they're mine?!
 @comrade you might be right, on the one hand while I would like to have a good relationship with the store, there should be no reason why I'm not holding their visiting tailor to the highest standards.  Thank you for your comment.  I apologize for the confusion.  The most recent jacket that had the shoulders changed was $100 to shorten both sleeves from the shoulder ($85 total after subtracting for the miscommunication I explain next).  I think as there was minimal...
Update I decided on using Wm. Fox & Company's visiting tailor. They're a mens clothing store downtown by the White House and the tailor comes in once a week to take work and perform in house alterations. The service has been mediocre to be honest. The finish of the tailor's work has not been the same as the original suit maker's which is not a huge problem since most of the evidence is not visible from the outside of the jacket. There have pricing discrepancies to the...
Have you tried using some rubbing alcohol in your water? I've not gone that far but I have read it helps to get a consistent shine. Clearly you already know how to do it but it might bring the consistency you're looking for. Just a thought.
@PCK1 those 108 look excellent! I also really think the midnight blue came out beautifully. The 108 in Navy was the first pair of St.C's I wanted but I've opted to go with more traditional styles until I've built out a collection. These are absolutely inspiring. I would love to get a pair of oxfords made to this color specification to wear everyday with suits as an alternative to black. Thanks to how your make up came out, I'm thinking it is possible to get away...
Any chance we can have metal taps put on an older pair?
I'm sorry I thought that was just burnishing with many people on this forum like to see on their shoes. I've not used Renomat but if it went on with wax it should come off with a standard cleaner/stripper. Maybe wait for others in the forum to comment.If you're following the instructions on the GlenKaren website for using the wax, you should be seeing results once the layers build up. How many layers have you applied? And you are using small amounts if water correct?
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