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Yes, sure, but objectively speaking it's still an eye-watering amount to pay to protect your feet!
Yes, and less expensive!
Sounds like they just want to make sure you get the right size. I also size down a half size in St.C from G&G and Alfred Sargent.That sounds like your answer right there. Incredible service.
The Armoury NYC is also a good option for US buyers. I've placed my (modest number) of orders through them. I can't speak for Leffot/Leather Soul/others but I know the Armoury is capable of helping with style and fitting customizations outside of trunk shows which I have taken advantage of.I've also never heard of ordering straight from St.C, would that be ordering through their Vienna store?
Be sure to dilute with water. I use at least at 5:1/water:vinegar mixture. Sometimes even close to 10:1. Vinegar can damage the leather so it's best to heavily dilute and apply multiple times until the stains are gone. It may sound onerous but it will prevent serious damage.
Very nice! I've thought about a similar make up myself. I would love to see more detailed pictures when you get a chance!Sadly I have yet to see such a color from StC. Vintage Rioja is one of my favorite colors as well. The closest I could get was asking for darker 511 it came out okay but it was still more like a dark Cherry, I like it alright but it's no Rioja . I've thought about asking if they can make a "midnight" 511 like they've done with the color navy...
Wow, I'm still on this site 3 years later.  I'm not sure how that makes me feel!  I can now say that metal toe taps do not set off metal detectors at work or the airport--in the pre-check line. @Hardboiled, I believe the Aldens pictured are the 907s.  I have only ever had to take them off on the hill when they set off the detectors entering some Congressional office building.  I haven't made that mistake again.  At my office you do not have to take your shoes off if they...
 I think I'll do the same during my trip to Japan.  I have to admit I thought Edoya was the brand name... Maybe it won't be as easy to find as I thought.   All that being said, I can't say that I've ever had trouble with my normal brush.
It does look great, however it doesn't look as coarse as some of the other shrunken leather's I've seen.  Do they offer it in different...leathers?  I am also a half size down from G&G like Roger and Patrick.   However as far as fit, I have very wide feet so I've had to go the personalized last route and--with time, trial, and some error--it has turn out to be excellent.  I've also not ventured beyond the classic last for now.  
If you were taking votes mine would be for the 633!I have also seen this model online which looks like a cross between the two.In my next order will be the model in that photo or the 633, in the pictured calf.Great looking ghillie @SoGent! I look forward to seeing pic of them out in the wild.
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