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I agree, but I'm biased.. [[SPOILER]]
@TtownMD,@RogerP@chifromdachi@tifosi@Cleav Thank you all for your kind words!  I set the creases last night and wore them around the house.  I'm looking forward to adding them to the rotation.  Thank you @tchoy, no they are the SC INCA leather I believe.  I've not had anything made up in it yet.   Thank you @PCee47, those also look excellent!  The burnishing adds a lot of depth to the color. 
Rota (brown cords) and Inglese(donegal) pre-orders in! Albeit late
My first pair of SC boots! They fit great and I'm looking forward to putting them through their paces. The Dainite sole was a recommendation from Phillip because of its comfort and how many miles I put on them. If it works out I might put them on my next order of suede chukkas.
  @chifromdachi those both look great!  You're always coming up with very original designs and patterns.  They're great inspiration.  @PCee47 did you decide to go with a normal leather sole for those boots?
Hi Greg,I know you told me the collar, shoulder, and sleeve can be adjusted but what about the chest? I really only need more space in the shoulders and a little more room in the chest on the 38. Would it be possible to +cm for both? [[SPOILER]]
    Thank you both!  I've heard that my pair has been shipped from the factory and is on its way.  I'm assuming there was some kind of mix-up or other delay like you both mention.  I'll just be happy to receive them and I will certainly post photos for you all.       Also I don't mean to be negative but, someone reading this forum took the pleasure of sending their interpretation of my previous post(s) to Phillip directly. To eliminate any confusion, I have his email and...
   All look great!  Do you mind me asking approximately when you placed these orders?  I'm still waiting on a pair from early September...and I'm not sure if things are very backed up at the factory or there is an issue with just my pair. 
The visual...Pick one up if there are any left!
 My thought process exactly, except for the NR Moscow....  I really like that you don't need a scarf and with the collar up it covers much more area than a scarf normally would.  
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