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Interesting, I'll keep that in mind.  Thank you. 
Speaking of talc... I just switched from my winter wool dress socks to my cotton ones and I noticed considerable audible friction between the sock and shoe. (Seriously?) I've tried to tighten the shoes down to reduce movement/friction but that was uncomfortable. I meant to ask if some kind of foot powder might alleviate this? I noticed it in my Alfred Sargents and GGs. Or maybe fabric softener with the socks?
 If you find that the leather looks like an oily leather, then it probably only really needs to be brushed to keep surface dirt off.  If you get any scuffs, you can probably just rub them out by pushing down on the leather in the opposite direction of the scuff.  If you wanted to be extremely diligent you could pick up one of the items intended for greasy leathers. 
I just posted a pair of Alden leisure hand sewn loafers.  They are size 7.5EE   http://www.styleforum.net/t/392393/alden-chromexcel-leisure-handsewn-loafers-7-5ee/0_50
It's been 9 weeks since my last post on 3/9 and I average at least 70 pull ups a week. 9*70=630   36990+630=37,620   I'll try not to let it go this long before updating... 
wrong thread
 Yes of course you are correct.  It was meant to be a kind of joke.  For me the St.C's will be much nicer than my existing collection (to include some MTOs I'm still waiting for) so it's easy to think I should just offload everything else and make them the new standard.   I'll try to hold out until I receive my first order before ordering anymore, maybe.  Thank you.  So did you order a pair in 611 and ask for the antiquing or did you just mention wanting a final color and...
This is a used pair of Alden's classic Horween chromexcel leisure hand-sewn loafer.  Chromexcel being a beautiful causal leather that develops an excellent patina/finish with time.  Chromexcel is a fairly "oily" leather meaning it doesn't dry out and need to be constantly cared for.  I conditioned and added a little wax on occasion but it's not necessary depending on the look  you want.  The shoe has a 360 degree welt and an oiled single flex leather sole.  I added Toppy...
I have two questions.   I am only a few weeks into my first St.C order and I'm having thoughts of selling most of my collection and replacing them with new St.C orders.  Is this normal? Does anyone know what color St.C has that is close to a dark burgundy. Something like GG Rioja?   I have seen the color 611 like in the example below but that appears to be more of a cherry color than a dark burgandy. 
I agree with all the other advice, I would also say if you're applying any cream polish with a small dauber brush, it is easier to make sure that it gets into and out of the holes.    
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