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The visual...Pick one up if there are any left!
 My thought process exactly, except for the NR Moscow....  I really like that you don't need a scarf and with the collar up it covers much more area than a scarf normally would.  
Thank you both @Asian Afro and @Duke Silver, I've already put in a follow up order for two more!
Thanks! Have you ever experienced any shrinking using these methods? I usually wash cold, I ask because I do not have much room for it in a 38.
First G. Inglese; I decided to go with the 38 (excuse the vee). Feels like the beginning of a new shirting era for me. Does anyone launder these at home? Delicate cycle, hang dry, iron? All the hand sewn details are making me nervous. Also how do I get my closet to smell like new Inglese?! Sandalwood?
Is this a possible indication they've changed their Russian calf supplier/source? Because that looks very different from the standard Russian calf they've had on offer over the years...
I agree with this sentiment. I find the Russian finish to be delicate and easy to scuff but it can be worked with. Here's a recent photo of mine in lowlight. It's still possible to see the previous scuffs and other marks but they're not a lost cause.Also I did mention this to the owner at a trunk show last fall and he acknowledged that the results using the leather weren't optimal.
Agreed, no hood or scarf necessary!
Very nice! I know the feeling:slayer: Do you what the turn around time for these was?Has anyone received their orders from the September trunk shows? After never waiting more than 8-9 weeks for each of my previous 6 pairs, I've now been waiting 15 weeks for my most recent order. It's safe to say I'm not impressed... The timely and predictable turn around for MTOs was one of the things I respected most about this company compared to the other options in this price...
Whoops, I thought they were the same.
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