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It would help to know exactly what you're taking about. Do you mean metal taps or plastic nail ons? If metal, what's a heel tap? A new heel? It's also to tell how much wear has occurred from your photo. A front/rear view would be useful.It looks like you have the brass nails in to protect the toe. It's hard to see from the bottom how much wear you have to both toe and heel.For the heel I certainly recommend platic inserts/taps etc. For the toe however, I would only...
This was a made to measure traditional tuxedo from Sartoria Promessa of Japan.  It is fully canvassed and done in a very fine KODAMA wool spun in Japan with satin: lapel facings, link-button closure, sleeve buttons, and jacket pocket detailing.   The jacket is a peaked lapel with link button closure allowing for a symmetrical and even luxurious jacket closure.  The jacket also has no vents and a functional lapel button hole with accompanying boutonnière loop....
I think I remember you asking this about the toe of a shoe as well. I don't know how popular this is but I often have a local cobbler apply a plastic shim/spacer on the heel over the worn rubber, it costs $2 and extends the life significantly. And they can easily be replaced. It's kidney shaped and thicker on the top/longer curve so if your rubber heel is quite worn it will fit right in and create an even heel again.They may however interrupt the look of the bottom of...
I'll chime in and say I've only ever seen two of the three RTW GGs I ordered. One has held up great and is a solid shoe. The other had issues that required a return to the factory for more than one issue. You can imagine my trepidation at figuring out which way the third will go. The line"...fool me twice, shame on me" comes to mind.I'm not questioning the entire company, but it's certainly not a foregone conclusion you'll get structurally defect free shoes.
Since we're having a moment of self-reflection... I have no desire to try and make excuses for it, equally I have no intention of telling anyone what these shoes cost.  Stated plainly, I've got a ridiculous and frankly, irrational interest in particularly high priced shoes.  It could have come about due to marketing or it could be boredom; however, I earn money to spend it and I think they look great and enjoy wearing them--high quality priced shoes.   The only problem is...
Interesting, I'll keep that in mind.  Thank you. 
Speaking of talc... I just switched from my winter wool dress socks to my cotton ones and I noticed considerable audible friction between the sock and shoe. (Seriously?) I've tried to tighten the shoes down to reduce movement/friction but that was uncomfortable. I meant to ask if some kind of foot powder might alleviate this? I noticed it in my Alfred Sargents and GGs. Or maybe fabric softener with the socks?
 If you find that the leather looks like an oily leather, then it probably only really needs to be brushed to keep surface dirt off.  If you get any scuffs, you can probably just rub them out by pushing down on the leather in the opposite direction of the scuff.  If you wanted to be extremely diligent you could pick up one of the items intended for greasy leathers. 
I just posted a pair of Alden leisure hand sewn loafers.  They are size 7.5EE   http://www.styleforum.net/t/392393/alden-chromexcel-leisure-handsewn-loafers-7-5ee/0_50
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