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I'll pm you about the jacket.For the polo, I'm just curious about how well the collar area will maintain shape as some polo collars have a mind of their own when worn open. I trust it will be great.
That was a quick lead time between forum notice and email notice! Looks like my size (S) is already out. I'll put my name in for the chance of a return, fingers crossed.I know it's a little late to ask this but is there any reinforcing behind the collar or within the opening to keep the collar "up" or at least uniform in appearance and prevent the collars themself from any other irregularities?
 I'm working hard to find an excuse to add that to my closet!
I was fortunate enough to be graciously welcomed to the shop last week. I will say at least some of the NR items are in and they are incredible both in their design and technical attention to detail.I'm preparing to purchase the single breasted men's coat as soon as it's available!
Agreed, just pass on instructions to your retailer or send Philip photos directly. They will do they best they can.
Wowza! Very nice @Sogent!Great pairs, enjoy @MoosicPa!
I went this route and my only regret is not going with it from the beginning.I have wide feet that could not be accommodated by their G width so I used that last as the base for my personal. After I had the personal last made I noticed areas in other shoes that were particularly worn (like bone spurs on the heel) that they were able to accommodate.After three pairs made from the last I don't think I'll have much more to change. However the one probablem I've never been...
I'm also planning to go! I met Phillip at a trunk show at Drakes in probably 2013. I usually order over the phone from DC so this will be a nice opportunity to order (my first pair of boots!) from him in person.
Okay fair enough, out of those two options (of which I have both) I would recommend the 564(queens/U cap). I don't regret getting the 581(diamond cap) but I have decided it would be better in suede.
Personally, I think green is a bright color so anything that doesn't add to the attention they attract would be good—to me. I'd go with the 104 (pictured above), it's classic and clean. The style and color will already be loud, so no need to worry if that's your thing. I think it's a great design and I've always wanted it but shied away because they are "too similar" to my 105s. One day I'll wise up and pull the trigger.
New Posts  All Forums: