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Thank you for your insight. I actually have a pair of Alden boots in Kudu leather.  It wouldn't surprise me if it was just regular bovine leather with a more oily treatment.  I think they're great for foul weather and need almost no care to look great.  But that's besides the point.   I will send a note to St. C and report back.  Also, Kudu suede from St.C actually costed me a mark up, though nothing egregious.  
I appreciate the explanation, this site continues to teach me more and more everyday. For some reason that appears to be linked to the more and more I spend on shoes as time goes on.I'm assuming the St.C's are reversed vs split, but I guess it couldn't hurt to ask. I agree that the coloring could have had to do more with the treatment of the leather than it's actual physical make up.
It looks good to me as well. In fact, I believe part of the utility of these hangers is that they can more closely replicate your actual shoulders. If you see where the seam on your shirts or jackets is located, your arm does not drop off below that, but rather extend past that as it curves downward. (The seam is usually at the edge of the scapula, while your deltoid muscle protrudes as it follows the arm down.) So, when you have a hanger that extends past the shoulder...
Thank you DFW, would you mind clarifying what you mean by "kudu would tend to be more like deer"? I know you mentioned earlier that deer is softer, more stretchy, and more porous--leading to more dirt retention; but, does all of that hold for it's suede?I ordered one of my St.Cs in kudu suede mostly for aesthetic purposes. I'm not sure why but the color tended to be brighter and more metallic than a lot of the calf suede colors which just appeared flat and dull in...
That's a great looking reverse NST, I'm definitely planning to get a model made up like that in the future.     Excellent shoes!
Thank you pB, do you mean Renomat? I don't currently own it but I have the GlenKaren cleaner/conditioner which I've noticed removes wax and polish quite effectively. Perhaps I can try using that on one of the smaller spots off to the side?I just don't want to put anything on it to make it worse. If it's moisture between leather and wax, I can handle that.Thank you!
Thank you everyone for your input on this topic. It's these kinds of conversations that teach me the most about shoe care. I've been trying to put a decent shine on the toe and heel of a pair of shoes and I think I had a little too much water on the unfinished surface of the toe for too long and had spots appear. (Pictured below.) I was using GlenKaren paste wax for reference though I think that had nothing to do with it. I get raised water spots with other shoes on the...
Perfect thank you!
Anyone on this forum or from the store have an idea where this apron is from? I don't need the exact same one but it seems nice and I would like to know who makes it. Mahalo!
I'm honestly surprised to hear that. I know one of the only reasons I considered purchases through their NY store was because their service was so good. Granted they were not busy the day I came in and I was looking at Saint Crispins (but not buying that day).I can empathize with expecting a certain level of service when preparing to spend/invest in quality items. I've had and continue to get luke warm attention from certain retailers and while I never attempt to sling...
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