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Thank you, I was impressed they were still available!Understood
Drakes double kop!! I know this was mentioned before but if we want to send empty NMWA tie boxes back (x3) did I read NMWA would pay the postage?
These are two pairs I had resoled that recently returned from the factory.They looked pretty good before but came back with a great shine! [[SPOILER]]
I know we don't talk a lot about suede on here but I recently heard that steaming suede shoes often is important. Does anyone know more about this or do it yourselves?
I've always wanted a pair, maybe one of these years. These are excellent, great acquisition!!
Cool tutorial @nutcrackerthank you! We had a major downpour here last Thursday and I didn't have galoshes so I was doing my best but my shoes were getting fairly wet. Imagine my surprise/frustration when I noticed salt (stains) in them the next day! Who is putting out salt in June?! I will admit while trying to avoid puddles etc. I did see what looked like rock salt somewhere but I immediately disregarded it for what I thought were obvious reasons. Thankfully I know...
My gaps are almost identical on all of my St.Cs. When I first get them it's very slight and after a few wears it's gone.I like it.Beautiful pair@LukeK!
Cloudy in the wild Wednesday picture. They nip a little at the ankle but are otherwise breaking in well.
Enjoy! There's nothing quite like them. We look forward to seeing you fill out your collection
Hmm, I'm not sure which PRET I have now, but it's nbd.At least I'm in good company!My G&G F width (wide) shoes were narrower than my St.C G width (wide) shoes. I actually cringe thinking of how I ever got the G&Gs on!
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