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This is my beloved pair of Gaziano & Girlings in the punched cap toe Cambridge model.  The color is a gorgeous Vintage Cherry.  The color is relatively subdued in artificial light but has a tendency to really jump out at you in direct sunlight.     I have had them for about a year.  I bought them last winter and I had the forefoot Topy'ed to prevent the salt and moisture on the roads from getting into them.  The original sole has less than 5 wears on it so it is still in...
Thank you to everyone participating in this active discussion.  It has been extremely interesting to learn about.     We've had some insight into what may/may-not help maintain the longevity of leather; however, do we know what facilitates or ultimately leads to cracking?  Is it just micro-particles stuck in the creases that slowly tear the fibrous/connective tissues in the leather?   I have never had this happen myself, and may well never have it happen (at the rate I...
A must own! Even for this federali
I haven't a problem with either of mine; well with the exception of these
   Thanks! I'll have to stick with my cotton socks when wearing flannel and reserve the wool socks for my normal regular suits. 
+50= 105,140
Hey everyone, I have a question for those of you who wear HP Palatino OTC socks. I've noticed throughout the year that after getting up from sitting my pants often "hang up" on my calves. Usually if I shake them out or start walking they "drop" back to normal. I've largely considered that normal, due to the friction of OTC socks and the natural fibers of the suit. However, now that I've started wearing the wool Palatinos with flannel suits I've noticed much more...
Great report Matt! I'm looking forward to a Scotland trip in the medium future. I'm also going to be playing a few rounds in Hawaii over the holidays so I'll be sure to post about that as well. I have a quick question for you all. My mother found some woods at her father's house in Japan, they look old, unused, and American made. She told me to bring them back and get what I can for them otherwise they'd be trashed. So I did. Do you know if these kinds of clubs have...
Sounds good! Weeks between 6/14 and 11/8 = 21Pull-ups every weekday morning = 105 (days a week) * 10 (pull-ups a day) = 50 pull-ups/week50 (pull-ups/week) * 21 (weeks) = 1,050 pull-ups (between 6/14-11/8) 100,325 + 1,050 = 101,375
I've fallen behind--on posting, not pulling--but you've all gone ahead and succeeded without my help! Congratulations!   Am I allowed to add all the pull-ups I've done since 6/14?  Or should I only count those from the last days/weeks?
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