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@AzumiI saw that too, good share. Has anyone actually done the prescribed routine? I just can't imagine needing to do that much to the shoe. **Stop reading now if you don't want to hear an opinion** My pairs get a lot of use, most that are over a year old have been resoled and all I have ever needed to do is bush after every wear, condition if they seem dry (although I was told not to by Phillip!), and then just add a little wax and buff along won't bring the shine back.
I have this exact pair with a toe medallion, great pair, enjoy! [[SPOILER]]
Do you (or anyone else here) have more details about the GI fragrance? I thought it was sandalwood this whole time but now it could be lavender or rosewater. Whatever it is I want it in my house and I don't want to have to take the box to the Santa Maria Novella store to try and figure it out...
Polar weekend has set the stage for the final sendoff of the NR Moscow and TYT, for the season! Aloha
 There will be an option to build a cream woven silk suit?!  
He said it to me in passing maybe 18months ago. I didn't follow up because I hardly have any non-StCs at this point.
Picture and thoughts on the bush hat please!
 I'm thinking of doing the same thing for my next pair.   I have yet to have a StC made with double soles yet.  I have really enjoyed the Dainite as an alternative to the regular leather sole.  If you have feet that are sometimes hard to find the correct sizing for, I might recommend getting trial shoes before your puchrase.  Seems a little strange for chukkas but it will be very beneficial should you decide to purchase other pairs down the road.  
 This is the first time I've worn through the sole.  I was also surprised it was nearly the same place, the same amount and the same day.   I really like their service overall so I'm looking forward to the attention my pair will get.   I seem to remember Phillip having so much pride in their repair shop he recommended that I send my other pairs there for service instead of back to their manufacturer!   I was impressed.  unfortunately the only other pairs I have are GY...
Friday in the wild. My mid week discovery..
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