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@NeedStyleHelp, what exactly is the problem? They don't have a high shine but I don't see any reason they might be ruined?@MGoCrimson, do you mean the GK cleaner/conditioner? My GK high shine wax does not appear to take any other wax off, it also doesn't have the citrus smell you speak of. The GK cleaner conditioner does have that orangey citrus smell AND certainly removes old layers of wax.
Thank you for your input @dopey!  I will be sure to check out the EG and others when the time comes to purchase.  
Thank you!@suited, I don't know what point you're trying to make here but if you're interested there is quite a bit of information on wikipedia, if you're curious.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memorial_Day  It is a day to honor those men and women who died serving in our armed forces.  It's a little different than your description.  While it may be true that those under 30 don't know much about it, to me that doesn't diminish the fact that we should give our respect and...
As far as footwear I own a pair of patent leather Alden's on the plaza last which get the job done. But I would be lying if I said I didn't plan to get these in the near future.. Saint Crispin's 534 opera pump. They would clearly be my recommendation.
I don't mean to spam these everywhere but I thought I would include them here as I used what I learned from this thread, from all of you, to shine these beautiful shoes.  I obviously shine all my regular shoes but the outcome never looks as good, and there is more pressure shining a pair that you know will have to go for sale.  But I did so with confidence because of this forum thread.   If anyone is curious I used to GlenKaren paste wax for the toes and quarters/heels and...
A cross post from my Marketplace posting.  These are my pair of G&G St. James II, rather painfully for me the UK6.5F width is just not wide enough for me so I'm forced to let these go.  If you are interested, please see the link in my Sig for more information otherwise enjoy the pictures!    [[SPOILER]]
From the retailer: Gaziano & Girling’s elegant "St. James II." Beautiful Toe-Cap Classic English shoes. Hand Crafted in their stunning colour, Vintage Rioja calf on Gaziano & Girling's Soft Square Last MH71. They are an “F” width which is Gaziano & Girling’s Wide Fitting. Sometimes these are known as G&G bespoke shoe "Adelaide" This latest Ready To Wear and Made to Order design having a Peak Heel Counter is absolutely elegant & stunning. These stunning shoes come delivered...
Thank you for your insight. I actually have a pair of Alden boots in Kudu leather.  It wouldn't surprise me if it was just regular bovine leather with a more oily treatment.  I think they're great for foul weather and need almost no care to look great.  But that's besides the point.   I will send a note to St. C and report back.  Also, Kudu suede from St.C actually costed me a mark up, though nothing egregious.  
I appreciate the explanation, this site continues to teach me more and more everyday. For some reason that appears to be linked to the more and more I spend on shoes as time goes on.I'm assuming the St.C's are reversed vs split, but I guess it couldn't hurt to ask. I agree that the coloring could have had to do more with the treatment of the leather than it's actual physical make up.
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