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Resoled 564s ITW.
Is that navy inca? Those look superb, enjoy!
I'm also have a pair of Alden #8 SWB in Size 7.5EE on the Barrie last—for sale. I love these but I just don't wear them anymore and hate to keep them closeted. [[SPOILER]] Let me know if you have any questions!
I agree with @rydenfan, it depends on a number of factors. I have a pair of hand sewn split toes in a corrected grain and while they are more casual than an oxford, because they are on a sleek last they dress up well with a suit—admittedly better than I anticipated.
I think—dark—suede is one of the easiest to clean after a patch of rough weather. They just need to be thoroughly dried and brushed after getting wet and shampooed if any stains appear. You can buy the Saphir shampoo or just use some of your own. I've found the results to be identical. More information about that here:http://oldleathershoe.com/wordpress/?p=1406
I was thinking of ordering one for my black tie rig which is both high waisted and utilizes braces.I was also inspired by Giovanni Barberis Organista's vests in his Tailor's Tips videos. http://www.vitalebarberiscanonico.com/the-style/tailor-tips/page-1 However I do understand he is not Neopolitan so it would look different.
I did not personally appreciate his contributions and I know you (@Munky) wisely and repeatedly suggested that he spend more time listening/reading and less time commenting. (My paraphrasing.) To this point I believe he could have benefitted from that advice.However, I did end up muting his comments or whatever it's called and that was acceptable for me.
I'm very interested in participating/supporting but not sure I'll be in the market for a major purchase then.What's the most modest MTO commission—waistcoat?
Thank you, it has been nice to wear broken in shoes.They are the model 105 in 607 CRU with a croc inlay. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: