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Any of you Grizzly Boot owners know how resistant to water the boots are?     I know they have a bellowed tongue but I'm looking for something I can wear in the winter particularly when it snows.  My Bluchers take on water and transfer it inside the shoe whenever they get wet so I'm a little skeptical.  This would be a disaster for an outdoor boot.     I've been told using one of Quoddy's more oily leathers AND using their Organic Waterproofer can create a moisture...
 Thanks, I'll give this a try! I really like these, I may have to look into getting my own pair someday! Sadly, I am preparing some shoes for sale so I decided to make sure I gave them a good one over, before posting.   A before picture looked like this.  Not in particularly bad shape but ready for some attention.    I used a number of different products to include the following:  Large Horsehair Shoe Polishing Brush throughout,Saphir Nappa Leather  Balm before any polish...
Thanks for the heads up
Greetings all, I've just cleaned up a pair of wide G&Gs.     Let me know if you have any questions about G&G wide fittings!           
 Congratulations @Dandy Wonka, wear in good health!  
This is my beloved pair of Gaziano & Girlings in the punched cap toe Cambridge model.  The color is a gorgeous Vintage Cherry.  The color is relatively subdued in artificial light but has a tendency to really jump out at you in direct sunlight.     I have had them for about a year.  I bought them last winter and I had the forefoot Topy'ed to prevent the salt and moisture on the roads from getting into them.  The original sole has less than 5 wears on it so it is still in...
Thank you to everyone participating in this active discussion.  It has been extremely interesting to learn about.     We've had some insight into what may/may-not help maintain the longevity of leather; however, do we know what facilitates or ultimately leads to cracking?  Is it just micro-particles stuck in the creases that slowly tear the fibrous/connective tissues in the leather?   I have never had this happen myself, and may well never have it happen (at the rate I...
A must own! Even for this federali
I haven't a problem with either of mine; well with the exception of these
   Thanks! I'll have to stick with my cotton socks when wearing flannel and reserve the wool socks for my normal regular suits. 
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