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Picture and thoughts on the bush hat please!
 I'm thinking of doing the same thing for my next pair.   I have yet to have a StC made with double soles yet.  I have really enjoyed the Dainite as an alternative to the regular leather sole.  If you have feet that are sometimes hard to find the correct sizing for, I might recommend getting trial shoes before your puchrase.  Seems a little strange for chukkas but it will be very beneficial should you decide to purchase other pairs down the road.  
 This is the first time I've worn through the sole.  I was also surprised it was nearly the same place, the same amount and the same day.   I really like their service overall so I'm looking forward to the attention my pair will get.   I seem to remember Phillip having so much pride in their repair shop he recommended that I send my other pairs there for service instead of back to their manufacturer!   I was impressed.  unfortunately the only other pairs I have are GY...
Friday in the wild. My mid week discovery..
Agreed, I'm considering them in suede for the fall..
These are Great~!  I tell myself I'm going to get a pair of these (@PCK1 has a pair too I believe), I just don't know how often I would wear them.   They look excellent though, great buy!
I agree, but I'm biased.. [[SPOILER]]
@TtownMD,@RogerP@chifromdachi@tifosi@Cleav Thank you all for your kind words!  I set the creases last night and wore them around the house.  I'm looking forward to adding them to the rotation.  Thank you @tchoy, no they are the SC INCA leather I believe.  I've not had anything made up in it yet.   Thank you @PCee47, those also look excellent!  The burnishing adds a lot of depth to the color. 
Rota (brown cords) and Inglese(donegal) pre-orders in! Albeit late
My first pair of SC boots! They fit great and I'm looking forward to putting them through their paces. The Dainite sole was a recommendation from Phillip because of its comfort and how many miles I put on them. If it works out I might put them on my next order of suede chukkas.
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