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@TtownMD you really went for it! Is that a pair of navy 108s in your first order? Impressive. In all honesty I wanted to do the same but was talked into purchasing more staples first. I'm still plotting my 108 order. Is that midnight or regular navy blue?Your loafer also looks excellent. I've been wearing my suede (BCK) loafers (with metal toe plates) fairly heavily over the last 3 months. Not much stretching but I share your fear of loose loafers.I've been fitted by a...
I'll be commissioning my first pair from a trunk show on this visit. I'm fairly excited about it but after previously commissioning a personal last and owning several pairs, it may just end up being an exchange of banter.Does anyone have any guidance on things to consider when ordering bal boots?
[[SPOILER]] Saint Crispin's 105 in CRU 603 Classic lastThat CRU 603 is on my list for next year. I'll need to find a model to get in in, perhaps a 104 or 571 make up.
I recommend Field Tailors in Georgetown. I've been taking my garments there for alterations for a while now.
They're looking great @Jazzmenco! Not sure when I'll get my pair of 108s, but they're on the list!
I think that you all make good points, if we want to discuss further let's create a new thread.  
These look light brown in indirect natural light but they generally look like a medium brown shoe. I've compared them to my 105s which I believe are color 607. I also asked for the Russian calf to be dark from the factory. Just evidence that it can come out as a medium to darker brown.It's misleading to states that the only other option to undefined waiting periods is to purchase Cole Hahn or Allen Edmonds...I'm with you @CrimsonWave, where is the customer service and...
Will we also be lucky enough to see a reemergence of everyone's favorite balmacaan?!
Those look great! If I ever get around to monks.. That single will be my choice. They both look great though, congratulations!
How have these beauties broken in @gusvs?   Do you have any broken in pictures?  It's time to start lining up fall boot orders!
New Posts  All Forums: