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This is a great idea, I sent B.Nelson a note through their website about the service.  Thank you very much.  I would only consider AS for a complete resole.  However I use sole guards on these so the soles are in very good shape (protected under the guards) they don't protect the toe very well and the toes can take a bit of a beating over time so I would like to try to do more to protect them.    Thank you for the information about pricing directly from AS!
I'm a little lost without photos but I'll just wait to hear what the group decides and see if I'm interested.     I'm also pleased to hear there will be accommodation of wide widths! 
Does anyone know if you can send a pair of AS's in for toe taps? I have sole guards on mine but the toe portion of the soles were damaged previously and while I've had them filled and refinished, it's becoming clear to me that it is a temporary fix.  Short of getting them resoled I think metal taps would be a good fix.  It doesn't appear to have damaged the welt.  
 Thanks, I believe you were the one that let us know it was coming down the line!  This will be my third! Though I'm only ever able to afford to keep one at a time...   Thank you for asking, I currently own a Dunkeld in size 40 and it's clearly still a little too big.  (The sleeves are also a little too long.)  I'm hoping sizing down to a 38 is what I need but if it's still too big on delivery maybe I can return for a 36?  Thanks Stich, it's amazing how quickly a Hove MTO...
Code worked for me, just snagged the: MACKINTOSH Beige Monkton handmade raincoat, Loro Piana Storm System fabric   I'll be selling my current Mackintosh and satisfying my interest in a light all around "trench" and a summer raincoat!    I am a little worried about the size though, but I know Kyle and everyone at NMWA will help me swap it out!!! 
Yes that's a good point, I don't mean to be snarky at all. I am suprised though that the guidelines allow for different length sizes but not widths. Yes and hats off to JS for all the leg work!
Bummer, I guess it's not really an MTO at all if you can't get your correct size.I'm an F or a G as well, any other wide footed G&Gers out there?
I've traditionally stocked up on Incotex pents in the past. Seeing how the price point isn't far off can anyone make a comparison between them and Rotas more generally? I know the Rotas have a button fly, but otherwise they both appear to add lots of detail to the closure and the lining, and occupy the same niche of the market.
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