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I had this with an old pair of tight shoes, however I would only get it after lots of walking in one day.To prevent this from ever happening again,, when I have a new pair I traditinally use two chopsticks/pens/whatever to help make the first two creases across the vamp,so that they come across my joints and make one deep crease on my toe.Seems to have worked. Just a thought.
We're they all MTOs?
Agreed!Go on...... Which # mods on which side?
Excellent photos and shoes from everyone!    @MoosicPa You collection is extremely clean and this is another excellent addition.  I really like the Russian/Hatch grain and will look to have the lowers of my boots made from it.  Loafers are my next order, but I've never had a good experience ordering loafers in the past.  I would appreciate any guidance you have for ordering the best fit; are they on the classic last?   @patrickBOOTH  Those look incredibly sleek, did...
Amen, Aldens for me.  Speaking of Aldens, I'm looking to off load a pair and I noticed they have a specific sign of wear.  Is there anything I can do to cover or have them repaired in a meaningful way?  They may look unsavory here but they cleaned up extremely well and are in otherwise excellent shape.   Thank you! 
Do they have elastic under the strap to keep the shoe snug?  I have only ever admired (monk) strapped footwear from a distance, but I always thought it was elastic holding them snug--not the strap(s). 
  My parents know better than to ask.  @NAMOR, you've outlined the only reasonable strategy, the brick wall.   I once disclosed that the pair of shoes (STCs) I was wearing were in the ballpark of ~$1000-ish, and now it is routinely used against me in conversations about money or decision making.   Lesson learned. 
Agreed. They look great! I believe I'll get this for my dress boots I order later this year.
I only use neural for my polish and wax needs. Having a matching colored polish/wax for each of my pairs just seems like a marketing gimmick.
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