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@MoosicPa very nice 215s!! Please let us know how they age. What color is that? Has anyone here used St.C's Personalized Last program? This is the one where they modify an in house last to your demands.
Thank you! Trust me, I'm sad to let them go.
Are you suggesting these two creases are made by each pen(cil) held parallel to each other across the vamp?
   Thank you both very much!   DWF, I remember you mentioned this on the Shoe Care thread but found the quote in this thread first.  I did try the creasing out on one shoe from a pair of new shoes. It feels wrong to put such deep creases in an uncreased shoe but I know it can be very useful.  In an old pair of G&Gs I had, there was inconsistent density in the vamp/cap toe and my flexing put pressure on a small crease in the middle of the toe cap!  I'm hoping if I set the...
Has anyone tried the above with any success? Can you elaborate on your experience? Thank you!
Received my first order from The Armoury, the whole process was great and the pairs were delivered on time! Imagine that!I also am very impressed by the sizing. I've got wide feet and even when I normally sized up a half size and ordered a wide width, I would struggle to break-in pairs in less than 3-6mo. These appear to fit excellently right out of the box.Can't wait for my second order which is in process and I'm already considering putting in my 3rd order!
I think the Topy comments all represent legitimate positions. I think one reasonable solution to the problem of foul weather protection is a pair of "beaters" (Topyed or not). To each their own. I have a few Topyed pairs but I will not continue the practice with future pairs. I have a question about fitting a new pair of shoes. I've read a few times, once even from our very own DFW, about setting a crease in a new pair of shoes. The most common practice I have heard of...
@Mr. Six That was SO helpful, completely answered my question. Thank you!
Question on the G. Inglese shirts. It says the size 15/38 has an 89cm sleeve. I'm somewhat new to this, what is that a measure of? I just measured the sleeve of my Drake's 15/38 shirt and the sleeve is a nearly perfect 66cm from the top of the shoulder down to the end of the cuff. What does the 89cm measure exactly? Also at that size are the shirts narrow in the body? For example around the second to last button on the bottom my Drake's shirt is approximately 49cm...
New Posts  All Forums: