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I recommend getting trial shoes, seems like a waste of time and money but when you get to enjoy the look AND comfort of your new pairs, you'll be thankful you did it....This is advice I wish someone told me. I'm sorted now but I took a few pairs to get it right.
Thanks @coldinboston, this is something I'm going to look into.I did have this thought, and it's perhaps part of the reason I haven't taken them back. In the end I'm not sure it's my look. But thanks for the long-view perspective @GusW!
Has anyone considered having the legs tapered a little more? I noticed my first pair of Rotas (Sand Beige Light Cotton Twill) have great constriction and fabric but compared to the Incotex trousers I'm trying to replace with Rotas, the legs feel quite loose in the lower portion. So far I've just come to terms with it but I thought I'd see if leg tapering is something people here do. Thanks!
I agree, they're probably the best take on a saddle derby that I've seen!That being said, if there was an issue, it seems to me it's usually the reponsibility of the retailer to make you whole.
@AzumiI saw that too, good share. Has anyone actually done the prescribed routine? I just can't imagine needing to do that much to the shoe. **Stop reading now if you don't want to hear an opinion** My pairs get a lot of use, most that are over a year old have been resoled and all I have ever needed to do is bush after every wear, condition if they seem dry (although I was told not to by Phillip!), and then just add a little wax and buff along won't bring the shine back.
I have this exact pair with a toe medallion, great pair, enjoy! [[SPOILER]]
Do you (or anyone else here) have more details about the GI fragrance? I thought it was sandalwood this whole time but now it could be lavender or rosewater. Whatever it is I want it in my house and I don't want to have to take the box to the Santa Maria Novella store to try and figure it out...
Polar weekend has set the stage for the final sendoff of the NR Moscow and TYT, for the season! Aloha
 There will be an option to build a cream woven silk suit?!  
He said it to me in passing maybe 18months ago. I didn't follow up because I hardly have any non-StCs at this point.
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