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Very cool that you got this! I thought it would be nice to get a/some "in process photos" of the shoes being crafted. Not sure how many times I would look back at them but they cost nothing to take and send and it helps pass the time for the purchaser!Looking forward to hear about the trial process!
So I've had a chance to check all of my rotating pairs at this point and none of them have any kind of significant deterioration of their linings. One or two of my first pairs that were not wide enough, and have now been made so by the stretching of my foot, have one or two surface (of the inside lining) cracks, but nothing that comes off and it's not all the way through the lining.These are all pairs that have many miles on them. I think I put more miles than averavge...
They'll break in eventually... I'm on the second sole with all of my pairs now, there was a lot of drama and some discomfort in the beginning because of how stiff the counters are etc but now they're just great looking comfortable shoes. I'm happy I took the plunge on them!
I was initially thinking navy but I'm nervous that I'll think it's too loud as time passed so I may just go with tobacco...
Thanks Jeff!My mother really likes the pair I ordered. Now my father wants one. Do you know if it's possible to get prescription pairs made?
Hi Jeff, I have a family member who also wants a pair of Nackymade sunglasses. Is there a way to see what models you currently have on hand? Or is it all on the website? Thanks!
You're well within your rights to email Philip directly if you're really feeling hard done by your retailer/wait time. I personally used to feel like it was on the retailer to manage the relationship and handle things with the maker but sometimes they're just playing telephone (or messenger) and it there is utility in making direct contact for updates.I wouldn't do this for routine updates, but if you're not getting answers and you feel it should have been delivered,...
Incredible wholecut @chifromdachi! A number of your pairs would be on my shortlist of "StC Thread" pair of the year. @TtownMD, love the V-caps! I have the green suede pair in crust and love it. I'll admit that it's probably best in suede though. I noticed you're taking them both in the chisled last, and specific reason beside asthetic/personal preference? Also, is it just me or is the chestnut color close to the lighter shades of the Russian Calf color?
Wow, I thought mine were in a class of their own.As far as having it made up with a 5mm adjustment instead of 3mm, I agree that it will be in the category of "totally noticible to you but invisible to anyone else."If you're talking about these being relasted with a last+5mm adjustment, then it won't look different or really do anything. Having had pairs relasted with and without a resole, I'm convinced the relast creates a placebo response at best.
I added the full 2mm to fit 5 on both sides of my personalize last, I believe. It was much better than just the G width. My original pairs on just the G last were tight for nearly a year. Now they're fine, but that was a long process. I'm honestly not sure what changed more, the shoes or my feet! Everything after the personalized last, with the extra fittings is much more comfortable out of the box. If you're unsure about doing it to just one side, I recommend...
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