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Excellent collection @chifromdachi! Beautiful models and colors!
I don't think there is necessarily anything wrong with it. I wouldn't do the entire routine every time you care for your shoes. For example, "cleaning" with a brush can be done every time you wear them. As for the other steps, it completely depends how much you wear them and how you want them to look. But I would say generally speaking of the three, condition less often and wax more often and polish somewhere in between. As needed.
Very nice pair again @MoosicPa! You orders all look very clean and elegant.Now then, the question we all want to know, what shipping did you take and did you pay a customs or import duty?
Agreed, that's why I've got a pair on the way  Imagine my surprise, this looks like the exact make up I have on order..!  @Leaves what last are these on and with which sole? It looks like it might be chiseled but maybe this split toe gives it that appearance and it's actually just the classic.  Either way, they're absolutely stunning~!
 I use a pig-hair brush after every wear.  They look great after lots of use.  I've tried all kinds of erasers and brushes over the years.  The metal brushes are too harsh, but the synthetic nylon brushes are sometimes too soft and ineffective.  I don't use the protective spray, but I'm sure it will work fine.  ( I actually have a bottle of that Saphir branded stuff someplace.)  Something about spraying chemicals onto it doesn't seem like it's a great idea--over time....
Absolutely. There are any number of excuses. I don't know/understand mine, but I say that as I await a St.C double order and consider more for later in the year...
Yes, sure, but objectively speaking it's still an eye-watering amount to pay to protect your feet!
Yes, and less expensive!
Sounds like they just want to make sure you get the right size. I also size down a half size in St.C from G&G and Alfred Sargent.That sounds like your answer right there. Incredible service.
The Armoury NYC is also a good option for US buyers. I've placed my (modest number) of orders through them. I can't speak for Leffot/Leather Soul/others but I know the Armoury is capable of helping with style and fitting customizations outside of trunk shows which I have taken advantage of.I've also never heard of ordering straight from St.C, would that be ordering through their Vienna store?
New Posts  All Forums: