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Thank you both very much, now I can see the there is a variation in the cru 600s.I noticed not many people are posting many photos of suede St.Cs. Does anyone have a pair they wear with shorts during the summer? Something like one of these?
I just found these today, I'm strongly considering this for my first pair of St.Crispins! But maybe some other corrected grain for the gator.  Anyone have an idea on the name of this color?   
The cherry TG73 at work. I used to think I would prefer the MH71 because of the "harshness" of the TG73. But now that I've gotten used to it, the MH71 looks a bit "snub nosed" in comparison. I'll have to wait to get my SJ2 in MH71 back and see if it changes my opinion... Then there's always the DD07, I can't wait to try that.
Any update on this? Had you stripped the shoe before? If not, might it be some kind of manufacturer error?I have this pair in a different color and would be worked up if I had the same thing happen.,,
I actually had the same problem where the cobbler lathered brown edge dressing all over my natural edge shoes. I like the sand paper idea only problem is he also got it all over the welt (and even on the shoe in several areas). I tried using my GlenKaren cleaner/conditioner and it took some of it off but it's not strong enough for the amount the cobbler lathered on the sole/heel edge.I've never seen a need for me to own renomat but I figure this might be a good...
Excellent to hear, I'll be keeping an eye out for those.
I'm beginning the brain-storming for my first pair of St.Crispins.   Does anyone have photos of a well worn pair of 108s?  I'm thinking this St.C classic might be a great idea for my first pair.  
Do you routinely stock the F width or do you have some other kind of arrangement? 
To SWIMS's credit, they were eventually returned to Brooks Brothers, where I originally bought them from. I then picked up a pair of COVY's http://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/collections/covys so far they are great. They pack down smaller than SWIMS and have more coverage over the top of the shoe. My only complaint is on slick wet surfaces they can be very slippery. And the gray pair that I ordered is much lighter in real life than on the website.
I'm planning to check out Field's however has anyone heard of experiences with Georges de Paris? It's extremely convenient downtown but the reviews look hit or miss..
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