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Thank you all! I'll try to find some regular comfortable apparel to wear. Good point that they're regular clothes. Marketing and professional endorsements can make one forget that. I will lean toward natural fibers and maximum protection from the sun but I won't rule out "innovative" options. I'm convinced that I often learn too much in lessons to retain, but perhaps I'll take a lesson and wait a few weeks so that I have time to apply what I learn. Thanks again!
I've been golfing a few times over the last two years, usually when I'm home visiting my family as they're avid players.  I usually take lessons a few times while home, play with them and then never pick up a club until I return a year later.  They gifted me a set to take with me last year and I've been visiting the driving range twice a month to hit balls and just get more comfortable with my clubs and swing.     I'm curious about two things.     First, are there any...
I can empathize with you. That waiting was always my experience with G&G MTOs. In the end I just factored that service into the price and moved to another maker that delivers MTOs on time (on one order it was even a week early, imagine!)Hang in there! You can try emailing the factory.
Recently received my third St.C order. Thanks to everyone for your feedback and support on this thread! Special thanks to The Armoury NYC and @RedDevil10 for their excellent continued assistance! Also @patrickBOOTH for his valuable St.C consultation.
I had the same problem with a pair of G&Gs and read what happed to @patrickBOOTHso I had them resoled and then sold them. I know some pairs give a slight discreet noise , but I find that loud creak unacceptable. I would try to contact Carmina?
@MoosicPa very nice 215s!! Please let us know how they age. What color is that? Has anyone here used St.C's Personalized Last program? This is the one where they modify an in house last to your demands.
Thank you! Trust me, I'm sad to let them go.
Are you suggesting these two creases are made by each pen(cil) held parallel to each other across the vamp?
   Thank you both very much!   DWF, I remember you mentioned this on the Shoe Care thread but found the quote in this thread first.  I did try the creasing out on one shoe from a pair of new shoes. It feels wrong to put such deep creases in an uncreased shoe but I know it can be very useful.  In an old pair of G&Gs I had, there was inconsistent density in the vamp/cap toe and my flexing put pressure on a small crease in the middle of the toe cap!  I'm hoping if I set the...
Has anyone tried the above with any success? Can you elaborate on your experience? Thank you!
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