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Congratulations @Cleav on a brilliant first pair!I'm also in possession of a new pair of chukkas (507) in dark brown bison (BIS 078) and a resole-conversion on my single eyelet derby (506) from leather to "geyo" 10mm rubber. All credit goes to Saint Crispin's Americas and more specifically @GothamRed for the great service (and first photo below).
You can also send it back if the stiffener/counter is too high or cutting in on you. If you have a custom last you can also have them account for the shape of your heel if that's exacerbating the issue. I had them do that for a small spur that I have that would slowly ware holes in the heel of my previous pairs.Either way, contact your retailer/St.C if it's really bothering you.
I was wearing a 7.5EE and 8E in Alden's and I ended up starting with a 6.5G in St.Cs which is to say many people recommend sizing down one full size. My first pairs were ultimately a little too narrow for me so I decided to have.a personalized last made.If you decide to put in an order I recommend beginning with a pair of trial shoes. They will cost a little more and make the path to your first pair a little longer but getting that size right the first time is the only...
Santa 🤶 was on point this year 💫 Happy Holidays all! Gotta ❤️ NMWA x La Portegna!!
I also really liked that one but ended up going with this one: I've taken it out with me a few times but I still haven't had the heart (for whatever reason) to open it in the rain yet.
Speaking of preorders. Please keep this going, I participated in a few this year and I finally started to get my size dialed in for a few of the makers so I'm looking forward to taking advantage of more preorder options in the coming year!
Finally Mule time! Doing my best indoor @FrankCowperwood (as a fellow Frank).
I was just at the new StC Americas showroom recently and was told that the new online photos are the most accurate color corrected images that they have ever put out there. So while other images may show some nuance or subtle hues that differentiate from the new images on its site, I believe the retailer's own advice would be to go with the new photo.I have personal experience with KUD 076 and while it is a warmer lighter color than that image of the JAN, it is my...
I have the same issue; but, for the price/quality I'm wondering if it's a detail that I can just look past..
I was at the shop last week and saw the racks of new NR Moscows and it was making me impatient for the opportunity to wear mine again. For now it's still warm enough in DC for me to wear my Makintosh Monkton (another great NMWA buy). I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that things will drop before I head home to the islands for the holidays.
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