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 I have to say, that oiled shoulder looks really nice to me...  Never seen either one in person however.
That leather is a little too gnarly for me. But the "oiled shoulder" (whatever that is) looks really nice.
I find Iron Rangers to be slightly long and very narrow, so might depend on how wide/narrow your feet are...
Thanks for responses above guys.  Now I am curious, does anyone have the black moc toe 6" (the 9874 I think...)?  If so, how do you like the leather?  Any pics of a pair with some real wear on them?   Thanks.
Anyone happen to know what last the older Bobcats were on..?  Are they their own last..?
 Yes, just the sort I am looking for, though I'd be interested in another leather and would to find a dealer in North America who offers them. But thanks!   Yeah, I know that's always an option, at least with a cobbler (not sure about local RW stores, whether they all would do it, and in any case I don't have one nearby).  But it'd be nice not to have to go through one.  But appreciate the suggestion.
Anyone know of a 6" wedge sole with speedhooks?
Wow, really wish I had gotten a pair of those Nut Browns on the 2040... Never would have expected them to age like this. Nice.
I am not as much of a a fan of the ebony latigo as I expected to be, it seems a bit too dressy to me. Brown CXL is nice, but I'd probably go with Icy Mocha.
 Viberg makes the 310 in either D or in E widths. In my experience it's not a particularly wide boot.  Seems about normal, maybe slightly narrow actually. But this points up the oddity to me of even talking about particular lasts corresponding to particular widths.  I always just figure that the basic version of the last is its D width, and then if there are narrower or wider versions they get labeled C or E, etc.  So, you can have lasts that are more narrow vs more wide,...
New Posts  All Forums: