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I think probably this has been addressed, but I'll ask again:  Is the arch support on the Rainier Oxford shoes comparable to that on SD boots?
Has anyone tried the Chippewa work oxfords? Esp the ones with Christy soles?
I wondered..
Just curious if anyone can ID these boots/shoes.  At first glance I thought they were White's, but the heel counter is not right.  
2045 even better!
 Structured toe is key. Also, looks like Cabourn has only one size left in their Boondocker, and probably that's the end of stitch down Boondockers (unless the SF GMTO goes through).
 I don't know, the IRs are among the most narrow boots I have ever tried on... I have not recently tried on RW moc toes I have to admit, but I had a pair 15 years ago that was much wider than the IRs I have tried. Though perhaps they have changed.
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