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^^ Posted mine the same time as yours @Raneleigh -- great minds think alike...
 To be honest, I have worn boots pretty much every day for the last 25 years or so..!  (Except on weekends, when I might wear sneakers.)  I always just have one pair of black and one pair of brown going.  So for me, the oxfords are a new thing.  I've been wanting to add a pair of shoes to the line-up, but have been waiting for the right ones.  For me, they'll be slightly dressier (I understand they are not dress shoes to most people, and that's fine with me) and lighter...
Brown Oil Tan with some wear:  
  No doubt, the 310 is the epitome of sprung toe!  Call it what you want though, those earlier 110s had more of an upturn, as in the original boondocker (upper left):Anyway, I think the consensus is that the inspiration shoe for Half-Japanese is perfectly shaped for that build, so I hope our version (if it gets made) looks just like it:  With a good upturn, more than say the Palmer Trading boot but not to the extent of a 310.
I think Fok said in his experience it was not very sprung, which I believe seeing these later versions. But the inspiration shoe clearly is a bit more sprung, which gives it that classic look. At the same time, a sprung toe always looks more drastic in straight on side pics than in real life, where you rarely see it from that angle.
Yeah the 2045 felt more narrow than I expected. I've never tried 2030, but feel certain the 110 will give you more room.
^^ Regarding the 110, it is interesting how much variation there is in the toe, with regard to how "sprung" it is.  It seems like in earlier versions (the original Boondocker, the oxford sample boot) there was more of sprung toe, whereas these later ones that have been posted seem more flat.  Or perhaps it just depends on who is doing the lasting, or some other factors.  Personally, I really like the sprung toe, and I hope that we can get it that way on the Half-Japanese.
Most people find them true to size.
The 110 is wider. Though the 310 can be made in either D or E widths.
 There is that..  Anytime anyone asks me how much my boots cost I just automatically halve it, and they are still flabbergasted.  For my dad, who was a steelworker for 45 years and wore workboots every day, none of which probably cost more than $60, I cut it in thirds; and he still shakes his head.  It's a lonely road we trod men, which is why it is good we have each other here on the Viberg board...
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