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 Honestly I haven't found them to wear any more quickly than others.  Might be open to changing that though.
 I think a lot of guys here like the 2030, but it doesn't quite make the cut for "rugged boot" perhaps. The sprung toe of the 310, admittedly, is unusual, but not necessary a clown shoe.  To whit, @meso's copper task boots. Can't get much better than this: 
  For the rugged boot, from the people who brought you the Half-Japanese work shoe: The Millwright: 310 lastCat's Paw heel and Vibram Half soleLowered heelIcy Mocha CXL (or comparable leather)Cap toeStitch down, natch.5 eyelets! 
   I wish I had these!  No, I keep this picture around to post anytime there is a whiff of a possibility of an MTO.  This is the first pair of Vibergs that caught my attention to the extent that I couldn't look away. It's from an old blog post of theirs.  They just seemed to embody classic 1940s workboot to me.  Still to me one of my favorite pairs of boots ever.  Viberg won't do that "1950s" five-eyelet anymore apparently, but one could still get close to this, with a 310...
Yes, though it's tricky because of the massive arch support already there. White's sells yellow superfeet to go with them -- these are actually made for hockey skates, so you have to trip the square front, but they work pretty well.  Even better I found are Timberland High Cushion...
Two years of wear. Edit: left boot darkened by motorcycle shifter BTW.
Just curious, E widths in stock!
Here's something interesting:  A pair of semi-dress listed on ebay, with a double-stitch cap toe. May not seem like a big deal, but White's has always refused to do that.  I really like it; helps to balance the overly long cap toe that White's tends toward.  I wonder how it came about on this...
Yes I think that's pretty standard. The old OSB thread was shut down, and I think no longer available. Mostly I try to keep my boots dry! Sometimes if they get too wet, I will take them off at work and let them dry out a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: