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^ I've always thought lighter vamp and shaft with darker heel and toecap looks cool...
I like these a lot, including the toes! 2045 is a classic last in my book. Surprised we haven't seen more pics from this order -- thanks for posting these.
Well you know, maybe from a consignment store..
Let me just voice a plea that we keep this a friendly, boot-oriented board.  This White's board has always been my favorite boot board and I would hate it to deteriorate like others have.  The OSB board imploded because of posting and counter-posting petty arguments and personal attacks.  And the Viberg board has become more of a fashion board than a real boot board; which is fine, that's what Viberg has become, but I feel like if you don't own a $2000 pair of Edward...
Whites sells some boots on ebay as "Whitesriver." You can see if there is something you like there cheaper; and they are returnable.
Let us now praise the pull loop:  Putting on my boots this morning, I was reminded of how glad I am I ordered pull loops.  With the SJ/BH fully attached tongue, it helps quite a bit in pulling the boot on.  I like the way they look too, but for anyone thinking of ordering a pair I definitely recommend them for functionality.
And that , ladies and gentlemen, is a workboot. Classic.
 Thanks b-ewing.  Yeah I have also always been a fan of the standard trim, but at the last minute with these I switched to close trim, I think mostly because i was getting EE width and asking Baker's to sand the heel, and it seemed like standard trim would just balloon out then in the front of the boot.  I miss having the double rows of stitching on these, but am happy with how they turned out.
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