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The only thing is that they are pretty wide, so if you're a B width maybe 10.5..?  Or if you want to wear insoles (the boots don't have much support) an 11 probably would work.
 Thanks!  That's good to have.  I don't really know jacket leathers very well, but I know something about boot leather, and the "oil pull" sounded to me like CXL, which this video makes it look like, but at the same time Aero also has CXL as another option, so not sure about that. I'd still be interested in some testimony about how a jacket made from the oil pull holds up over a couple of years, or any pics. I have seen some of course, but the nature of the leather seems...
Just curious, can anyone comment on or provide pics on the qualities of Aero's brown oil pull leather?  How does compare to others; how well does it hold up, etc?   I have seen a few comments that it sometimes feels "like suede"?  And that it pics up wear very quickly. Any feedback is appreciated...   Thanks!
It is for me too! High arches and flexible feet bones acct for it (so I finally learned from a foot dr).
 This is the single best thing about CXL!  Love the way it looks with an undyed leather edge (not sole edge), which is why I don't understand why sometimes (like Sixteen's "Stealth" boot) they go ahead and dye the leather edges.  You get the worst qualities of CXL, but lose the best thing.
Remember, this is what those wax flesh boots were modeled on:     Let's see which of you guys gets there first!   Still bummed I missed out on this build...
 I am sure this is basically right, but he fact is that you just don't see the same wrinkling on, e.g., Viberg stitched down boots (or at least I haven't seen it), so it's not inevitable..
Maybe not improperly attached, but there certainly is a fair amount of wrinkling in the leather on the vamp around the welt.  Probably the sort of thing you would not notice much in real life, where you don't get such a close up view. and if you were to wear these on a real worksite where they got muddy or beat up pretty quickly you wouldn't think twice about it.  But it is a little disappointing in a boot that shows such nice construction everywhere else.
 I think the natural edging looks great on the darker leathers, and dress brown is pretty dark.  Of course, brown looks great too, but you lose some definition and the colors sort of run together.  Really a matter of taste and  how much contrast you like.  I will say that having seen close up both White's and Baker's brown edge dye, I felt like Baker's was a little nicer.  Unless I was imagining it, White's seemed a litter redder and sort of "fake" looking, whereas Baker's...
They are Bakers Bounty Hunters, so SJ/FR on the Semi dress last. A great build, if I do say so myself!
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