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 I actually don't mind it.  It's a little goofy in conception, and I much prefer a real cap toe, but I find that I do like something breaking up lines of the front of the boot...
Haven't seen much attention to these service boots for Gentry.  Pretty nice I think, for a slighly butched-up version of the 2030:   http://gentrynyc.com/collections/boots/products/viberg-service-boot  
 I predict these 10.5EEs will do the trick.  But if not, Zappo's has free shipping and free return shipping, right..?  Anyway, good luck.  The IRs are so strangely lasted, I wish I could wear them, but they are just too narrow...
 Or White's Boots, which would entail significantly less saving time...
If you write to usually Kyle answers, though occasionally Brandon does. Or you can just call and talk to Kyle.  As others have said, he's great to work with, friendly but no-nonsense.
So, I guess no word on the next round of Sample Sale..?  Maybe it was end of next month they meant...?
^^ I have heard people talk about buffing out the marks on CXL with a brush, but honestly it has never worked that well for me. I have two pairs of boots in CXL, and while there is much to like about the leather, seann's boots shows just how quickly the it wears if you put it through any paces.  If you're going to use boots for real work, I'd look elsewhere than CXL.
 I think the Iron Rangers would be fairly different than any of these, and if they fit you right worth having.  They have a more workboot look than any of these. Don't suppose you wear a 9.5.  If so, there is a great rubber-soled pair currently on ebay (not mine): http://www.ebay.com/itm/161268162905?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Of course, you could also go for a pair of White's Boots!
Nice. Really like the contrasting stitching.
@cathpah, serious boots there!   Thanks for the laces feedback.  Like most folks, I've always liked the look of the leather laces on black boots, but I take andy b's point about the old school workboot look you get with the black.  Both are good looks, which makes it hard to decide.  No doubt I will switch back and forth..
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