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I can see why Viberg obviously want to focus on the positive side of the new GYW option, and maybe it does offer some new design possibilities; but clearly for many of us the stitch down look was one of the distinctive things that marked Viberg. The boots just aren't the same without it.
^^ thanks Fok for the update and info. I don't think any of this is worth arguing about, since Viberg its clearly doing what they want to do. But two things: One, there does not seem to be any real reason why lined boots can't have a gusseted tongue; I am looking at a pair of lined Whites with gusseted tongues. Two, seems like if you asked 20 people right now, 18 or so would say stitch down over GYW!
Ah yes, you may be right.. Interesting though how well the rest of the boot has held up if it is at the point of a heel replacement..
Not sure where or when they'll be available -- the pic was posted on Instagram but no info.To my mind this is pretty close to the platonic ideal of "workboot." Nothing sleek about it..!
 I don't really think this is anything worth arguing much about, but a few quotes from a post Brett Viberg made on Ironheart: "Currently I am trying to bring in good year welting machines, which will allow a larger production, still only 60 or so pair, comparing to Alden's say at 3-400, Red wing at 5000, Wesco and Whites run about 100 a day or more.... I also am hoping it will lower some cost, due to less hand work, hand lasting involved. Possibly up to 15% or more...
Unlike cathpah, I would say that the appeal is precisely a more boot-like work oxford.  I like the slightly sprung toe of the Mansway, and the external heel counters, which are key to the style.  Otherwise they look just like regular shoes.  So, I think it's great...
That's the question... I emailed back and forth a bit with RDT about ordeing a pair but the English just was not clear enough and responses were sporadic so I gave up; especially because I was unsure on sizing and returns seemed unlikely. I think a few dealers on Rakuten have them and they might be easier to deal with.
Yes indeed, I was in the market for a good pair of work oxfords and then the half-Japanese option came along.Speaking of which, I hate to tempt you more, but have you ever seen the Coupen boot by Rolling Dub Trio? Pretty nice.,
 Mansway has got some nice boots (and shoes).  I spent some time coveting several of their boots before giving up on the idea.  Some are made specially for them by White's and also by Julian and are things you can't get elsewhere it seems.  I remember looking at these oxfords (I think, or similar ones) but didn't know they were White's.  They've also got some nice Wescos as I recall.
@meso, looks like your wallet is about to take another hit..!     From Instagram.
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