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  Just curious, is the above the same leather as this jacket below, which is "dark seal Vicenza"?  
 Glad they are working out.  I didn't realize when I read your first post about them that you had not ordered the thicker sole.  I can see how that would be a surprise. But I think the thicker sole looks fantastic. Really turns them from oxfords to classic work oxfords (but with some style).
 Never saw a response to this, so I'll raise it again:  Anyone, on the flat waxed laces..?
403s with black Dickies:     Fashion guys:  are these okay with black? 
 I've always liked the 461 in pictures, as a fan of the classic sprung toe look.  But when I briefly had a pair of SDs on it (White's sent two different sized boots so I returned them) they seemed more "blobby" in person and I opted out.  But then, I had ordered them in EE width.  I can't remember any difference in arch support, but only wore them for a try on.  Certainly, there are some great looking pics out there of them.   Is that for sure the 461..?  Looks much...
I guess I am not seeing that much difference beyond the sole. Though I do think that Whites will differ slightly in sizing and shape based on who is doing your boots that day. Wish there was more consistency, but there it is.
Yes indeed , nice boots !
Sounds then like the FQHH is the heaviest and most durable, the Italian horsehide lighter but still durable, and the Oil Pull lighter and perhaps less durable?  Is that about right?   How do the Italian HH and the Oil Pull compare in weight?   And is ALL the FQHH CXL leather, or is there some that is FQ but not CXL?   Thanks!
Can you say a bit about the Italian horsehide compared to the other leathers? Thanks.
^^ Great boots James!    As far as water drips, I would not treat them yet, it's tempting to overtreat but I say just let them get some water and wipe down and rub them out once in a while and see what happens.  That leather can't be too delicate.   As far as the commando half sole, I think it looks great!  It's my favorite vibram sole I think.  It may end up wearing faster, but what the heck, that may be the price for a cool sole, and then in 2 or 3 years you can get...
New Posts  All Forums: