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 Another real difference is the fully attached bellows tongue on the Bounty Hunter, as opposed to semi-attached on the SD -- actually feels quite different. And of course 6" vs 5".  Not sure what else, but there is no doubt that the BH feels a fair bit heavier and more substantial than the SD, though still pretty comfy. The BH (which is as others have said the Farmer-Rancher on the SD last) is fully customizable I believe.  As others have said, I would contact Kyle at...
 I had Baker's sand mine down before sending, and am very glad they did.  Others have taken them to a local cobbler and have had them done successfully, reportedly for $15 or so, though it's hard to believe ANYthing is $15 these days! As far as edge.  I do know that I ordered natural edge on mine, and when they came in they were dyed brown.  I thought it was another error by Whites, but Kyle said he had dyed them after the sanding; though it wasn't clear to me that he had...
 You can look at my pics from a few weeks back of my black Bounty Hunters, which do not have the 430 but do have the lowered heel with the Vibram 269.  I am very happy with the way the lowered heel looks.  some guys don't like it on Whites, but I think 1/4" lower is perfect.  For anyone who is not a White's aficionado it looks like a normal height. The standard SD height is 5",  whereas the OSB (I have a pair too) is 6".  Pretty sure the 1000 mile is 6... But because of...
 I also have very high arches and, like you, high insteps.  I've had instep trouble with boots in the past, like the Iron Ranger, biting my instep.  But my White's Bounty Hunters work very well for me, as I think probably SDs would (though I have only worn them for try on).  Not sure if it's the same with you, but I've realized that even though my feet do not measure wide, if I get an E or EE width it makes up for the high instep. As far as sizing, I have it to be hit or...
Which were the boots on the 2045 last?
I briefly had the similar boot with 10 eyelets. Really nice, though I think I would have liked them lined.
Do tell..
Great boots on a great last I say.
Dude, that's a heck of a lot of brushes.
Here's the "poleclimber" oxford that they did for Nepenthes.  You can also get the lineman patch on Baker's version of the oxford shoe.  I am not a big fan of this sole, but it'd be cool with a more standard sole and heel I think.
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