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Anyone happen to know what last the older Bobcats were on..?  Are they their own last..?
 Yes, just the sort I am looking for, though I'd be interested in another leather and would to find a dealer in North America who offers them. But thanks!   Yeah, I know that's always an option, at least with a cobbler (not sure about local RW stores, whether they all would do it, and in any case I don't have one nearby).  But it'd be nice not to have to go through one.  But appreciate the suggestion.
Anyone know of a 6" wedge sole with speedhooks?
Wow, really wish I had gotten a pair of those Nut Browns on the 2040... Never would have expected them to age like this. Nice.
I am not as much of a a fan of the ebony latigo as I expected to be, it seems a bit too dressy to me. Brown CXL is nice, but I'd probably go with Icy Mocha.
 Viberg makes the 310 in either D or in E widths. In my experience it's not a particularly wide boot.  Seems about normal, maybe slightly narrow actually. But this points up the oddity to me of even talking about particular lasts corresponding to particular widths.  I always just figure that the basic version of the last is its D width, and then if there are narrower or wider versions they get labeled C or E, etc.  So, you can have lasts that are more narrow vs more wide,...
 Right on. Very punk rock.
 Just curious, what do you do with the duct tape..?
Does anyone happen to know any place that stocks boots with either the crepe sole or the Vibram-esque rubber sole in E widths?
Thanks, they look great! Any chance of a side shot? Much appreciated..
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