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Just picked up these deadstock Indy boots on ebay, with the browner calfskin, older Alden stamp on the inner sole, and the cotton duck lining.   Just curious if anyone can tell, roughly, when these might date from..?          
 I've never gotten the appeal of the 1000 mile boot. I remember years ago after hearing so much about them I tried some on in a store, and they just seemed so light and utterly without foot support, which your experience confirms.  Really more of a shoe than a boot I guess. And then all the QC issues started coming to light..
 These do look great for sure!  You know what I really like, and what I haven't seen on a FR/SJ before, is the proportions of the heel counter.  White's usually brings it forward more, making it lower and longer if that makes sense.   Notice how this one doesn't cross over the stitching on the upper.  I like this much better.  Wish mine were like that.
But be aware that tracing method is not by any means foolproof for sizing. There is no substitute for trying on a boot. Baker's will send you one to try on, but I think they only have smokejumpers. Sometimes you can find a retailer that will allow returns and try one on that way. Imogene and Willie had some in stock in the past, and a place in NYC that I forget the name of.
Good luck, keep me posted. BTW, the Dainite resoling cost $143, so they bring that added value..
 The SD toe looks more tapered in pics, the SJ blockier.  Which surprised me when trying on, because you think the SD will be more narrow, but it's not. In my experience the SJ was significantly tighter on the little toe than the SD...
 There's this new line of Woolrich boots, which are lined with wool. Not sure how warm they are, but they look pretty good to me for a standard old style workboot.  I am thinking they are made for Woolrich by Thorogood, just based on looks, so quality is anyone's guess.  (Thorogood seems to have some boots higher quality, and some lower.) Anyway, here's the Yankee Boot: 
 Ha, and the 310s in meso's pic are ones that I used to own before selling them to Rafa!  We are such an incestuous bunch.. I remember taking these brown HH's out of the box when they arrived a couple of years ago.  They were the first Vibergs I ever held, and I literally laughed out loud at how nice they were. Unfortunately a half size too small.  Someone else has posted similar brown HH 310s but otherwise I have never seen this leather again.
 Will take some more today and get them up soon...
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