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I've used the edge of a dime on the stitching on my White's Boots, which takes off some of the grime; might work for the Indys as well.
   It has less arch support than the SD last, so would not be better for high insteps if you want that support.  Also, when I tried a pair on it felt somewhat tighter than the same size in my BHs.  The classic workboot is, I think, essentially a BH built on the c461 last.  Or perhaps it's more accurate to say that both are modified Farmer-Ranchers, with the BH built on an SD last and the CWB built on the c461 last.
 Not bloody likely..
The reverse shell seems kind of interesting to me, but not with blind eyelets, GYW, and 2030.  But I also noticed that theyv'e changed the stitching on the toecap, taken away one of the lines of stitching.  Now more like White's. I like the extra stitching-- not sure if the new way is just for certain models, but I like the old way.  (I know, this counts as obsessing over details, but that's what we're here for, right..?)
^^ Speaking of interest in the 310, I'll say again, if there is another GMTO (or something resembling one) this is the boot over which I would weep with joy if it got made.  Icy mocha CXL, cap toe, half sole, lowered heel.  (Though I do want to be clear that I am not in any way advocating for or even allowing myself a stray thought concerning the possibility of 5 ey***ts!  Seven or eight would be a-ok.)  
 Right, close trim means one row of stitching, which as you note these have.  But as others have said, this "shelf" is part of the White's build.  I thought at first that it was weird and kind of goofy, but after wearing White's for a while I've really come to like it as a distinctive marker of the brand, and as something that makes the boots stand out a bit from all the fashion "work" boots you see.  And my 17 year old daughter just the other day said she thought it...
Thanks anyway..
@wonsmithr8, Am I right that you have a pair of Trench Chukkas..?  If so, how do you like them?  Do they feel/fit any different from your 6" Trench boots?  Any pics with wear?  THANKS!
^^ I still love the old monkey socks! Wear them all the time (Rockford).
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