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 I agree that their eyelets are good in the sense of smooth and strong, but man they are just too darn small for their leather laces!
^^ yes indeed, white's laces suck. I like Wolverine 1000 Mile laces. Not widely available but you can get them directly from Wolverine.
 Thanks man.  Good to hear.  Yeah, the stitch down was also a draw for me on the restocks.  Definitely looking forward to getting them in a few days, but not allowing myself to get too stoked before I know whether or not they'll fit. I wear a Viberg 9.5 (more or less) but ordered these in 10 hoping to fit my insoles. We'll see..
Broke down and ordered a pair of the restocked Boondockers.  I have not in the past been a roughout or suede guy, but I am a sucker for the 2045, and these are different from my two primary boots -- black White's and brown Indys -- so I can almost justify getting them.  Hoping they will fit with my orthotic insoles, and if so they'll be keepers.  If that's the case, I may be hitting some of you roughout owners up for waxing/dubbin advice...
Are there pics of these..?
Curious how a corded heel compares with a standard rubber heel with regard to softness. Can anyone compare? (I actually like a softer heel for some cushion -- I'm a heel striker..)
Honey lugs..?  A little too much lug for me I am afraid.. But thanks.
 Thanks. That's one of the things I was wondering about.  I need the arch support, but I am also looking for a bit more of a cushion on my heels.  Basically, my feet suck...
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