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@Raneleigh, you are the King of the 110 last!
There is a lace to toe picture just a few posts up. To my mind, it's a fairly hard core work boot look. I like it a lot, but it wouldn't have that sort of casual look that it sounds like you might be looking for. But it would definitely look cool, and maybe work for what you want. Otherwise, the plaintoe or captoe BH might be a good compromise, slightly more workboot like than the SD, but not quite as much as the lace to toe.
Sounds like a 9 to me.
Those do look nice...
^ Yes, Venetian Shoe Cream.
 I know they've talked about adding GYW, but never heard that it might mean the end of stitched-down.  Man, I hope not... GYW is fine of course, but all over the place. The stitch down that Viberg does is so nice, and is really one of the main attractions to me.
It certainly is prominent isn't it? Almost looks like a double celastic toe from Whites. I like a rounded toe, but even for me that looks a little much. Would have to see more pics though.Also, I am not a fan of the hidden eyelets, though I know some prefer them.
Finally some nice weather in my neck of the woods:  
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