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 Curious if you have the gussetted tongue, and if so if that is the problem. I had that in a bad way with my White's until cut back the gusseted tongue myself, and then it was sweet relief...
A good pair of horsehide boots is a beautiful thing...
Even so, I can't help myself -- they look cool! So old fashioned.But on a serious note, I am willing to accept some quicker wear for the extra shock absorption of a bit softer leather. I remember my old Chippewas had hard soles ad heels that lasted forever but my feet took a beating. The heels barely showed any wear after about 6 years, but they finally just sort of crumbled. I replaced them with soft rubber heels and they felt sooo much better..
 Honestly, I am not sure I would want four pairs of service boots, but here are four of my all time favorites: Icy Mocha CXL: Three varieties of Horsehide:  
Very nice.Curious how the 430 sole is holding up. There is some talk on another board about it wearing down quickly.
Yes indeed.  And is the perfect boot to my eye.
 I do know what you mean.  It's not for everyone.  I wore mine for about a year before giving up on them just because the sizing was off and the heel too tall for me.  I liked the way they looked.  But I would tell people that I wanted a pair of boots that (1) my grandfather could have worn, and (2) looked like the sort of thing a cartoon character would fish out of a lake!  They do have that look, which is up my alley I must admit.
 Sizewise, my experience was they were bit narrower than I expected, but otherwise standard Viberg sizing.  Also, it is the only last (I believe) that Viberg offers both a D and an E width in, which is helpful for some of us.
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