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^^ To me, this is THE classic Viberg look..
^ Yeah the 310 epitomized the Viberg aesthetic to me when I first discovered them. As I told a friend at the time, I want a boot that looks like what a cartoon character would fish out of a lake!
 White's suggested a 9.5D based on my tracings, but I had tried that on and knew it was very tight.  Kyle at Baker's sent me a 9.5E SJ try on boot, and seemed at least as tight as the 9.5D SD.  I then had a chance to try 10D SDs and they seemed too big. So I ended up ordering 9.5EE Bounty Hunters (SJs on the SD last).  They are fine on my toes, but overall probably too big -- I wear insoles and they are fine, but a bit of heel slippage.  I think the SJs threw me off; I...
^^Sorry to complicate matters, but when I tried on a pair of SJs, just once, they seemed more narrow in the toebox than the SD last.  And I thought I had heard that from others as well.   I have the same issue as OP, my pinky toe on one foot is tight in most sizes that otherwise fit me right.  I have never tried it, but I suspect the Swing Last is the right one for you, fitwise.
 This especially!!
 Heels are a little high for my taste, but a great boot.  I like the silver eyelets on black CXL, and the half sole looks cool.
 Treated at all over the years?
I found them to be TTS, which I thought most others did too...
 Nice.  I am not generally a two-tone kinda guy, but these promise to be pretty bad-arse I would say. 
My White's got a little muddy today.  Which they seemed happy about:       But I was glad for the excuse to do a little boot maintenance, so here they are after saddle soap and VSC:  
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