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Find myself in the market for a pair of brown boots, and I wonder if anyone has pics of Semi-Dress with brown oil tan (aka brown smooth), either new or with some wear.  There are lots of brown dress, and quite a few British tan and CXL, but very few oil tan on the SD as far as I can tell.
Can anyone report on the fit of the "379x" last, esp with regard to width?
 Interesting, those smooths look pretty dark for natural CXL.  Wonder if it's just the lighting, or is it a dark batch..  Natural CXL of course darkens up pretty quickly with any wear, but usually starts out much lighter than this.  They look great though in any case.
Very nice indeed James! The toe cap and welt stitching look great on a shoe. Wouldn't mind seeing more pics of the swing last boots. They look to have a nice curve to them, almost like a real Munson last, which you don't always see on the swing last. @meso, how do you like those Mansway oxfords?
 Your boot closet runneth over! Look forward to more oxford pics.
Some nice Oxfords from the Taiwanese store Mansway (of special interest perhaps to @meso):     These aren't White's, but Mansway (gotta love the name!) does carry lots of White's builds and can be a good place to see pics of various options.  They also carry Wesco, and their own brand which is apparently made by Julian.  A lot of nice boots:   http://mansway.com/collections/boots   Not sure who makes these Oxfords though.  But it's a nice build.  Leather midsole...
Is it those size 8's at $500? A great deal I would say. There's another pair listed at $799 in brown CXL. If you like those icy mochas I'd say it's a good opportunity.
 While all CXL will pick up nicks and scuffs with the slightest bump, it does seem that wrinkling differs on different boots.  I've seen plenty that did not wrinkle that much even after quite a bit of wear.  All sorts of factors involved I guess, including not only the quality of the hide and treatment of it, but also fit etc.
Are these still available? I thought I had seen that they were sold..
Not yet. Just rubbed out a few dings with my finger. I will let them wear for a while, and when the time comes I'll treat them with a little Venetian shoe cream.
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