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Just curious if you tried the EE width on the true balance last? I only just discovered that they offer it, and I'm thinking of trying it on.
 I'm with Spinal Tap..
^^ Those look great for sure.. Somehow a bit chunkier than most 2030s-- which is good to my mind!
Guess you don't need a Goodyear welt to be on goodyearwelt..
@Limberlion, nice pics!
I have the lowered block heel and it is very comfortable, more comfortable than a higher heel to me. And I think it would look slightly dressier. I definitely recommend it.For leathers, the CXL will of course get scuffed up pretty quickly. If you're looking for a dressier look at seems like the French calf or the dress leather would be best.
They didn't do it for me at first, but seeing a picture of a worn pair on Instagram a while ago made me like them. But the combination of the price and the fact that Palmer just not allow returns, definitely made them unbuyable for me. But it's a rare example of the 2045, which is a great last..
[edit, PM instead.]
 @meso, why are you selling those Red Dogs?  (Fully structured toe BTW..?)
 For a long time the brown dress leather seemed the most popular on SDs, and a lot of guys swear by it.  It looks slightly dressier but appears to be pretty hardwearing.  For more of a workboot look, and a longer break in time, the brown smooth/brown oil tan is by all accounts White's thickest and toughest leather.
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