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^^ Yeah, the absence of external heel counters and the lower toe profile give it a fairly streamlined look, while still clearly being all workboot.  I like a chunkier toe myself, but I have to admit this looks good, and especially with some wear.  And I kinda like the fat rubber heel cap!
And speaking of Ironheart and Wesco (slightly off topic), this may fill the White's gap alluded to above:     http://www.ironheart.co.uk/hardware/dwc-fp-deposit.html     Not cheap though!
And here's an SD on the 461 I've always thought looked close to perfect:  
^^ Thanks!  Nice to get all this info and these pics..
Great, thanks. How would you say they compare on weight and thickness?
 Could you say something about how the Dark Seal Vicenza compares with the Seal Jerky Horsehide..?  (They are not the same I think, right?)Thanks.
  Just curious, is the above the same leather as this jacket below, which is "dark seal Vicenza"?  
 Glad they are working out.  I didn't realize when I read your first post about them that you had not ordered the thicker sole.  I can see how that would be a surprise. But I think the thicker sole looks fantastic. Really turns them from oxfords to classic work oxfords (but with some style).
 Never saw a response to this, so I'll raise it again:  Anyone, on the flat waxed laces..?
403s with black Dickies:     Fashion guys:  are these okay with black? 
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