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Oh man, I am so bummed -- I just saw pics on Instagram of a guy wearing his Context 2045 HHs, and they looked so darn good. Really wishing I had a gotten those. They look even better on feet in the wild. Seriously, the 2045 kills.
Only for the hardcore:  Vintage Vibergs now on ebay (not mine):  
 The oil tan leathers are by far the most durable, but are not very prevalent right now.  They are the more traditional workboot leather. But also of course harder to break in and heavier.
 If I was looking for a mid-priced pair of boots right now, I would be checking out Truman Boot Co, or else Thorogood's Beloit boot (the black horsehide esp looks very cool).  Truman quality seems, based on pics at least, close to Viberg, though far fewer options.
Gotta love the oil tan.
Cool. I am not a fan of overly fancy brogueing on work boots, but the simplicity of that single line of holes is appealing.
Curious if anyone has put any real wear on their 2045 Boondockers with the Dr Soles.  If so, would love to see a pic or two.
   Thanks guys, very helpful.  Matthew, wondering about the perforated captoes you have, the only ones I've seen on Truman.  Did you ask for them, or were they just something Truman was trying out..?
Am getting interested in the roughout boot but wonder if anyone can testify to the texture, or post another close up pic or two.  One of the things I initially liked about it was that it seemed less nappy than a lot of roughout, and i like that smoother side of roughout. But then a few pics make it seem more nappy than I thought it was...  Can anyone testify to how it compares to other roughout?  And would love to see pics of boots with wear.   Finally, probably this is...
 In my experience the Indy boot is about half a size bigger than the OSB Trench, so Indy 9.5 = OSB 10 for me.  The OSBs are fairly wide and more or less TTS (brannock) in length, and to my mind the IRs are very narrow and slightly long.  So it's kind of hard to compare.  Lengthwise, the IRs are probably about half a size longer than OSBs but are much more narrow to me.  Hope this is not more confusing than helpful!  All told, it seems most people fine OSB to be very close...
New Posts  All Forums: