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I don't think that's a 310... Different heel, and not so much spring in the toe. But A truly great boot. I wonder if it is an experimental last..?
Yes, Iron Rangers especially seemed to me freakishly narrow (even the so called "EE"s felt like C widths) and pretty darn long. Otherwise I'd be wearing them right now (though they have become a bit too ubiquitous..).
Killin' me.
I'll take those black 310s on the right.. Those captoe 2045s on the left.. And.. And..
^Oh my..
@Dugafola That's quite a line up incoming... I think the Innsbruck is the best of the Indy boots..
Yes, horsebutt please. (if I only had a nickel for every time I've used that phrase..)
^ If you order through Baker's you can ask them to sand down the block heel closer to flush, and they do a great job with it.  Otherwise White's themselves often leave a notoriously large "shelf" at the back of the heel.
^ yes the higher heel makes me feel like I am on stilts a bit as well, and I am not a fan of the looks of the curved heel. Lowered block has been perfect for me. To each his own. Best to try on if possible..
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