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I'll just say that I have the lowered block heel and that I like bot the way they look and the way that feel. It's been said many times and many ways, but basically, Different strokes for different feet..
I would go with the size 7.
Agreed, the Katahdins seem of a higher quality. Though I'd get the cap toe version.
Yeah, I got my black belt from hollows and like it a lot. But I sent him an email a couple weeks ago about getting a brown one and I haven't heard back. But looks like some nice options around.
Ah yes, Rancourt has some really nice ones too! Sorry to turn this briefly into a belt thread, but thanks for this feedback. Very helpful.
Thanks, just checked them out and they look great. Also a nice shell wallet, but would have to dip into my daughter's college fund for that. But the belts are very reasonable.
Also, anyone know if there are any retailers carrying Viberg oxfords right now?   [edit: other than the ripple sole.]
 I am not much of a fashion guy, but I do think the natural belt would pick up the natural midsole nicely... Now, slightly off topic question:  Can you recommend a good place to get a natural or brown(ish) CXL belt?
 Nice, remind me of some two-tone Vibergs that they offered for a while.
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