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 I was told by the manager of the Alden store in DC that last year Alden got new machines that are designed to fix that tongue slippage problem.  And I have to say that mine have not had that problem, though I half-expected them to.
 The White's are definitely more my style -- straight up, round toe workboots.  But I definitely like the Aldens as well.  I have to admit that many years ago, when I first discovered Alden boots I was not at all impressed. They just looked like shoes to me rather than work boots, and they sort of wear like shoes rather than boots.  Then I learned that originally, before the movie made them famous, that Alden just called them "the High Work Shoe," which made sense to me. ...
White's and Aldens:  
^ I think the main thing is how it fits on your foot. The other is annoying but less important. My Whites are sorta like that..
^ 1000 Mile laces are pretty nice..
 I would imagine that the 10.5s will work.  I haven't heard of many (if any) folks going down 1.5 from Brannock..
8.5 sounds right. The 110 is pretty wide.
^ I have the lowered block heel and it works just right for me. Previously I had a pair of Viberg 110s with a higher slightly curbed heel and felt like I was teetering all the time. But Whites lowered block is just right. B-ewing, I have to think that British tan will be great over time. Look forward to future reports.
Man, if I did not have the Half-Japanese incoming I would be making you an offer on the dark brown oxfords... I am also almost exclusively a boot wearer, but Viberg oxfords are the one shoe I am willing to get out off my comfort zone for. Though pretty sure I don't need two pairs.
And b-ewing is back in the mix!
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