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 In my experience it stays white for quite some time without any special treatment; unless you get mud or something on it.
Looks good to me. Nice leather too!
Nothing fancy here, but here's a pic of my 403s after about 10 wears. I am very happy with the CXL, which doesn't seem to have any of the problems that you sometimes see on it.
Maybe they farmed out a batch to Dayton..?
 A ten inch boot sounds like a bear to get on and off to me, but I've never had a pair that tall so I don't know.  By all accounts the distressed smooth is tough and durable.  I probably would not get it lined.  I got my CXLs lined to keep them from stretching, and I think that was the right choice, but I'd like a pair that was unlined in the shaft I think.  Also, i would not recommend CXL for a winter chore boot.  I know some people will object, but it's clearly not a...
 Dude, these look great.  Even better in real life.  I thought about ordering a pair new when they first came out, but wasn't sure about the last or the color; and now I regret not doing it.  Foiled again..!  
 That's a shame. Though most of us here have probably learned lessons in a similar way...  But I have to say, the black calfskins are killer boots.  Shiny now, but I have to think they'll look great with some wear.
 You learn to hide the signs so as not to be mocked by family and friends... Which is why the boards are so important -- we can be ourselves!
^^ I think the contrasting eyelets, in both these and in rydenfan's boots above, really make it.   I am a fan of contrasting eyelets I've discovered...
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