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Curious how a corded heel compares with a standard rubber heel with regard to softness. Can anyone compare? (I actually like a softer heel for some cushion -- I'm a heel striker..)
Honey lugs..?  A little too much lug for me I am afraid.. But thanks.
 Thanks. That's one of the things I was wondering about.  I need the arch support, but I am also looking for a bit more of a cushion on my heels.  Basically, my feet suck...
Just curious, anyone have any experience with a pair of White's with either the Christy or the 2060 Vibram (the later being another thick rubber sole but with a bit of a heel, unlike the Christy)?  I have seen a few pics here and there, but wouldn't mind some testimony and/or updated pics.  I have not generally been a fan of those thick Vibram soles, but am thinking of some to give my sore heels a break now and then.
I find them to be TTS, though some guys feel that they are a bit wide. So it's tricky in your case, with a slightly narrow foot...  Kind of a crap shoot I guess, but the 11.5 may work, especially with a low instep (OSBs a bit low volume in the vamp and toe). Good luck!
Thanks, a little too big for me..
 I found them to be slightly narrow, which was unexpected to me.  But they do theoretically make E width in addition to D, though they are rare birds (as 310s are in general, alas).
I really like the genuine Wolverine 1000 miles laces, which are a bit wider and a bit waxier than the replacement ones found, for example, at Therightlace.  I have both 45 and 54 inch versions, and I use the 45s on my 6" BHs, with the last two eyelets not laced.  But my eyelets are close together because it's a really wide boot.  I expect that the 45" ones would be perfect for a 5" SD.  But if you wanted to lace up all the eyelets on a 6" boot you'd need the...
Can you give the measurements for it?  Thanks.
I broke down and just ordered a pair of the new brown CXL Conservation boots from Leather Soul.  I have never in the past been a big fan of the rubber soles, Christies especially, but have decided that my sore heels need a bit more cushion when I have to do a lot of walking. And these 2060-like soles I like a bit better than the flat Christy.  The more I looked at the pictures the better I liked these boots. Will update once they arrive.  
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