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Right. Silver eyelets and a natural sole would make them pretty much irresistible to me.
It's the sort of shoe worn by my grandfather when he was drinking Old Style Beer.
I was thinking that too. Normally I like the shorter toecap on Vibergs, as opposed to the longer one on White's; but these look short even by Viberg standards.
 I don't know.. seems to me that's a boot you have to be cool and stylish to wear!  Half-Japanese is just an old-style work oxford..
Right, looks pretty brown to me too; also looks like a fairly thin leather for a 310 build to be honest..
 I was wondering if you'd bite on this one meso...!
 b-ewing, check out the "Half-Japanese" work oxford now up for a vote on the Viberg GMTO thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/454301/proposal-stage-2-weeks-viberg-for-styleforum-preorders-round1-2015/0_20 Up your alley I think...
Is the "dark olive" on #16 ("Dirty Martini") the same as the olive calf on the Viberg.com Country Derby?  If so, does anyone have pics of it with any real wear?  Thanks.
I've had both and the 110 felt a bit bigger than the 2045, especially wider in the heel as I recall. Never tried 2030, so can't compare there.
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