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 Kind of amazing that you take a LARGER size in Viberg than in the 1000 Miles... Just shows how variable and individual sizing can be...
 Looking good... I like how smoothly the half sole dovetails into the leather; also the seven eyelets, contrasting, are very nice, as is the plain cap toe.  Just a really well designed boot.
Please do keep me in mind.  Regretting I didn't order a pair of these.  I was waiting on a pair of Alden Roy boots, which would have filled the spot I needed filled, but they turned out not to fit right.  So am still in the hunt...
If anyone gets a 9.5 in the new wax flesh and finds it doesn't fit, I'm your huckleberry...
Definitely a new record. I wish mine took anything close to that long.
 Looks like maybe 2040..?
 Meso, those are such great boots. I am in awe of their sheer "bootness."  They look even better in real life pics than they do the Viberg site, and just imagine how much better still they will look in a year, and then in five years, and in ten years I am sure they will still be going strong.  Classic Viberg in every way...
 Wow.  "Das Boot."
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