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 Or, it could be applied to #5...
 Gotta go Half-Japanese:  All Killer, No Filler.
The Half-Japanese:  Half Gentleman/All Beast.  
The shoe that would be king.
Half-Japanese:       The Old Style choice:  
 I had for a short period a pair of Wolverine Krause boots in black "Dublin" leather, which I believe is close to essex.  it was really nice actually, sort of in between CXL and horsehide in my memory -- that is, fairly thick and apparently durable, but with some of the luster of CXL.  But then, I didn't have the long enough to put any real wear on them, so not sure about how they would have been after a few years.
Okay, I'll stop posting after this!  But I just finally rediscovered the original listing for the inspiration boot for #5 Half-Japanese.  Here it is, with more pics.  Looking lovely indeed my dear:   Fok:  I see it says "Box Toe" -- don't know if that's any different from "structured toe"... 84. Oxford, Icy Mocha CXL, Vibram 705 Half Sole, 110 Last, Box Toe, $350, SZ: 8.5   How do you like that price?!
 I continue to think this is a killer boot.  If for some inexplicable reason Half-Japanese does not go, or if I win the lottery, I may go for it instead.  A great build...
Regarding the 110 last on an oxford, here is another one with the sort of toe that we are looking for:     Imagine this with a structured toe, and a heel and half-sole, and you can see how our "Half-Japenese" will look I think.
 It's definitely 110.  It looks so darn good because of the heel and half-sole rather than the thick Vibram full-soles in all the other make ups.  There are other pics of the 110 with more of a sprung toe as well, including the current chukka boot on Viberg.com, and the older Boondocker (see the pic I posted above of the original Viberg.com page). But yes, if Fok could run it by the guys (and gals) at Viberg and see if they have any ideas on reproducing that shoe, it's be...
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