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I have never worn the plane toe Katahdin, but if you go try on the cap toe and then try on the new service boots I am certain you will feel the difference.
The heel counter and a more substantial backstay, and the bellows tongue, and the option of a rolled top. There may also be some differences internal to the build, but I'm not sure. But I do know that the BH feels much heavier and more substantial to me then the SD.
I think that 6" SDs and 5" BHs are both pretty rare..I agree about the heel counter -- it's the main reason I opted for the BH. To my mind Viberg gets the heel counter just right BTW.
I had a pair that I wore 4 or 5 times a week for ten years. They wore like iron, and the leather, which was not much at first, took on a great patina. I tried on a pair of the new service boots and they felt much lighter, with the sort of flaws you have seen.
I'll just say that I have the lowered block heel and that I like bot the way they look and the way that feel. It's been said many times and many ways, but basically, Different strokes for different feet..
I would go with the size 7.
Agreed, the Katahdins seem of a higher quality. Though I'd get the cap toe version.
Yeah, I got my black belt from hollows and like it a lot. But I sent him an email a couple weeks ago about getting a brown one and I haven't heard back. But looks like some nice options around.
Ah yes, Rancourt has some really nice ones too! Sorry to turn this briefly into a belt thread, but thanks for this feedback. Very helpful.
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