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I used Venetian shoe cream, not a heavy oil at all and recommended by Horween etc for CXL. Looks to me like all natural CXL turns brown quickly with wear. Again it's a cool brown, but I didn't expect it to be so drastic .
^^ couple of things about leathers: My natural CXL boots basically turned brown after the first treatment of CXL, and have darkened ever since. Now, it's a cool brown, but just keep in mind that that won't keep that natural look for long. In my experience CXL is quite a bit softer than HH, and I think (though some will argue) less durable.
 For whatever reasons, the Bounty Hunter (which is a 6" SJ built on the SD last), feels heavier and more workboot-like than the SD, even though only one inch taller.  Also, it will have a bellows tongue, unlike the SD.
 White's will ask you to send in tracings and measurements, and that seems to work well for some folks.  But I don't entirely trust it.  Based on mine White's suggested I order 9.5D; but I had a chance to try on a pair of SDs in that size (from the store Imogene and Willie's) and they were clearly too tight.  Kyle from Baker's then sent me a pair of SJ's in 9.5E to try on, and those were also tight in the toebox.  After talking with Kyle, I ended up ordering my SD's in...
 I think black work boots are totally cool, and will look great with just about anything -- brown or tan chinos, jeans, blue pants, etc.  I like them with contrasting silver eyelets, and either a brown or natural midsole. Your main options for a "basic" leather from Whites will probably be:  brown or black dress; brown or black or burgundy CXL; brown or black horsehide.  CXL has really caught on recently, but if you look back in the earlier days of this board, brown dress...
 Right, that question of quality is the thing.  I have never held a pair of White's horsehides in my hands, though I will soon. But I briefly owned two different pairs of Viberg HH's (had to sell because of fit).  Honestly, it was just a gorgeous leather. Rich and distinctive, without being overly dressy.  A slight glossiness to them, but not as much as CXL.  I talked to lots of folks, both at Whites, Bakers, and Vibergs, but also on the boards, and everyone who had HH...
I agree too. I am a big fan of HH. Waiting on a pair now and will report back when they arrive.
 Thanks.  Looks great..
 What's the leather on these black boots...?
Love these horse hides! [/quote]
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