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+2 on the celastic toe.
I certainly hope not! The picture we used as a model was stitched down, and we never said otherwise.
The 2030 title wave continues..
 I think the Americana should be the standard SD last -- don't know why it wouldn't be.  Unless you ordered the Hathorn Traveler, which Amazon also has, in which case it is on the 461 ("classic workboot") last.
 Man, on those matte black boots especially, I can almost feel the tongue slipping to the side already...  This was of course a big problem traditionally with Alden boots, and they apparently replaced much of their machinery to deal with it.  Not sure if Viberg has done enough try outs with non-gusset tongues to be confident about them not slipping.
 Both will be killer boots!  As you say, it's a question of Brown Dress vs CXL.  The natural CXL will darken up quickly, and will show scuffs easily and pick up gouges with an hard bumps against sharp or rough surfaces.  All that is fine, so long as you know what you're getting into.  It is in some ways a more interesting color than the brown dress because of all that.  But the brown dress would look fabulous I think, and no doubt outwear the CXL in both the long and short...
^^ Agreed, some nice looking shoes there..
 I was told by the manager of the Alden store in DC that last year Alden got new machines that are designed to fix that tongue slippage problem.  And I have to say that mine have not had that problem, though I half-expected them to.
 The White's are definitely more my style -- straight up, round toe workboots.  But I definitely like the Aldens as well.  I have to admit that many years ago, when I first discovered Alden boots I was not at all impressed. They just looked like shoes to me rather than work boots, and they sort of wear like shoes rather than boots.  Then I learned that originally, before the movie made them famous, that Alden just called them "the High Work Shoe," which made sense to me. ...
White's and Aldens:  
New Posts  All Forums: