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 By all accounts the SD is more roomy than the C461, especially in width.  check out @petersim's post above for the latest..
Right, also known as black smooth..
 I think I might go with unlined Oil Tan.  I saw a guy with black oil tans last year, they were three years old and well worn and they really looked fabulous.I'd also probably go with a natural edge -- it looks great against black I think-- but that's just a personal preference.
^^ Says on their Instagram that they were custom made for a customer.  There's a couple of other pics of them there.  Made with 10 oz. CXL.  Looks like a 360 welt.  Kind of a too-straight back (reminiscent of an Iron Ranger) and a bit of a clown toe, but definitely has potential for a 6" boot version.
I like everything about those except the fact that they're a chukka. But I really like the build, and the dr soles. They don't look like they were built by whites, notice how different the captoe is.
 Here are a few pics, both with new leather.  But what you really want are some pics with worn leather, which is indeed hard to find.  I seem to remember a pair posted by a guy here about a year and a few months ago (though now I can't find them), and the wear really did not look great.  Very crease-y in a sort amount of time.  It convinced me not to order a pair in HH: 
 Yes indeed, Meltonian cream polish.  I posted some before and after pictures a month or so ago.  There was some grey showing through in several places, looking pretty cool actually and I could easily have waited to polish them. But I am looking for these to last for many years, so I figure a yearly polish is in order.  It made the leather look pretty close to brand new, I have to say.
 Black CXL, cap toe, 269 sole, lowered heel (sanded down by Baker's), EE width.  Just over a year old, recently cleaned, VSC'd, and cream polished. This pic should be lighter: 
^ They had several models in stock at both the Danner store and Animal Traffic (both downtown).  Each had a couple of different versions of the SD, as well as the Hathorn Traveler (which I tried on and it felt pretty narrow...), and the Danner store had some Smokejumpers too as I recall.   If you take a drive to the coast, Cannon Beach with big old Haystack Rock is famous and pretty cool, but Indian Beach up north just a bit is less touristy and pretty amazing.
No, I am back home in the east now. My wife and daughter and I spent a couple of days in Portland and a of couple days on the coast. As it happens, one of the places I saw White's on the shelf was in the Danner store!
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