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I find them to be TTS, though some guys feel that they are a bit wide. So it's tricky in your case, with a slightly narrow foot...  Kind of a crap shoot I guess, but the 11.5 may work, especially with a low instep (OSBs a bit low volume in the vamp and toe). Good luck!
Thanks, a little too big for me..
 I found them to be slightly narrow, which was unexpected to me.  But they do theoretically make E width in addition to D, though they are rare birds (as 310s are in general, alas).
I really like the genuine Wolverine 1000 miles laces, which are a bit wider and a bit waxier than the replacement ones found, for example, at Therightlace.  I have both 45 and 54 inch versions, and I use the 45s on my 6" BHs, with the last two eyelets not laced.  But my eyelets are close together because it's a really wide boot.  I expect that the 45" ones would be perfect for a 5" SD.  But if you wanted to lace up all the eyelets on a 6" boot you'd need the...
Can you give the measurements for it?  Thanks.
I broke down and just ordered a pair of the new brown CXL Conservation boots from Leather Soul.  I have never in the past been a big fan of the rubber soles, Christies especially, but have decided that my sore heels need a bit more cushion when I have to do a lot of walking. And these 2060-like soles I like a bit better than the flat Christy.  The more I looked at the pictures the better I liked these boots. Will update once they arrive.  
I've used the edge of a dime on the stitching on my White's Boots, which takes off some of the grime; might work for the Indys as well.
   It has less arch support than the SD last, so would not be better for high insteps if you want that support.  Also, when I tried a pair on it felt somewhat tighter than the same size in my BHs.  The classic workboot is, I think, essentially a BH built on the c461 last.  Or perhaps it's more accurate to say that both are modified Farmer-Ranchers, with the BH built on an SD last and the CWB built on the c461 last.
 Not bloody likely..
The reverse shell seems kind of interesting to me, but not with blind eyelets, GYW, and 2030.  But I also noticed that theyv'e changed the stitching on the toecap, taken away one of the lines of stitching.  Now more like White's. I like the extra stitching-- not sure if the new way is just for certain models, but I like the old way.  (I know, this counts as obsessing over details, but that's what we're here for, right..?)
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