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Give it up for the incomparable 310 last:         And courtesy of Meso (his copper task boots):    
The time has come:  
I don't think it's a bobcat -- different heel counters, heel height, etc.
Wow, yeah that's a drag for sure. Mine have not had anything like that. It's really a shame - with the problems with the halfsole and now with the 269, options are getting pretty limited.
 I only saw spurs61's post after I posted my own experience of the 269s -- looks like he's had less of a good experience. So far mine have not hardly worn at all (after a year) and none of the treads have developed gaps as he describes with his, so it may be a case of Your Mileage May Vary...
The 269 soles are actually pretty hard wearing, more so than I expected. Pretty sure they outlast the heels on mine..
I think this is what they used to refer to as the "workboot" last: don't know if it has a number.. It's a nice shape -- not quite a 310 but still good and chunky.
  Thanks men.  Yeah, they look nearly new.  I was hesitate about using polish, which I have rarely ever done on any other boots, knowing that it would erase a lot of the cool-looking wear, but finally decided that since I am hoping to wear these for 8-10 years I am not looking for quick "evo" but the long haul.  We'll see..
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