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Anyone here have experience with a Vibram 2060 sole or the like (full rubber sole) on a pair of semi-dress?  Thinking of trying it out, and White's said they do it.  But just curious how it affected arch support etc?  Would you do it again..?  Any pics..?
 That is my experience, that despite the round toe and overall chunkiness the 310 was narrower than I expected. They do make it in both D and E widths, but now that MTO is over I don't know if the E width will ever be available really.  I have never worn 2030s, but the 310 did feel significantly more narrow than the 110s I had.  Lengthwise, I am not sure about...
 Thanks for the run down.  Sounds like, short of a total resole, the white rubber midsole would have to stay, which I would not be wild about..
 I'd want probably either a new heel-and-sole combo (ideally Cat's Paw half sole or the like) or perhaps, for comfort's sake, a Vibram rubber sole like a 2060.  So, probably the easy option would not apply...  I guess the question is, as you say, how widely available are stitch down resoles.  Also, does Viberg still do such resoles and if so, how much are they costing these days. FYI, I really like the work of Brian the Bootmaker, but he seems not to do stitch down.
I am curious how easy it would be to get these resoled:     They are for sale in my size, and I like everything except the ripple sole.  I know any local cobbler can resole, but I'd want it done right of course, but also done as stitch down.
^^ I think 310s always look  more drastically "sprung" in those close up side pics you sometimes see than they do in real life.  Because you never really see boots from that angle.  Just check out pics of, for example, @meso's copper task boots.  They look incredible IRL.  But, as always, to each his or her own...
The 310 does come in both D and E widths -- I had a 9E briefly. But they probably won't offer any in E this round.
You are officially my boot hero..!
 I would try the 9.5EE. The C461 last is a bit more narrow than the Semi-dress in my experience.  And the good thing about the Amazon boots is that they are easily returnable.
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