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Just got my daughter some very nice Katahdins from ebay:    
   Well, it is a standard pattern, though an older one -- their old 1940 Service Boot, which has the 5 eyelets; and I remember either Guy or Jason Viberg telling me they could lower the heel 1/8th" on the 310 no problem.  But it would be fine too with more eyelets, though less distinctive. These are perhaps my favorite Viberg boots ever.  When I first saw the pic, I was transported back to my childhood in the 1970s in the mill towns outside Pittsburgh, where every grown...
^^ it's got a nice undyed edge..
Chopchop's "Unlucky 310" looks great.  I was just getting ready to propose a similar 310 -- except with cap toe, lowered heel, and half sole ("The Millwright Boot"):     But don't want to split the 310 vote, so will hold off.
Telling. Even so, I have to say that IRs are the most uncomfortable bootI have ever worn; though I think they look great. With Chippewas I added an insole and it was perfect. And my pre-katahdin pair of engineers lasted 10 years!
They look great. Much more like classic work boots than clown shoes!
 I think it looks great on an Oxford, and that Half-Japanese was hard to beat for looks, which I think hooked folks in. I am just hoping the sizing works for me. (I had a size 10 pair of boots on the 110 that was too big, mostly in the heel, so went with 9.5 on the H-J.)   Yeah, sizing is so variable and unpredictable..
^^ Very true that the 110 is quite wide in the heel.  I proposed the Half-Japanese work shoe and am hoping it will fit.  But I agree that the 110 is not an easy one to fit (with some folks being exceptions of course) and is not the most distinctive-looking last.  To me, the best casual boot last is the 2045.
 Really like the way they turned out -- a nice look.
That does look wonky..
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