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Yes, though it's tricky because of the massive arch support already there. White's sells yellow superfeet to go with them -- these are actually made for hockey skates, so you have to trip the square front, but they work pretty well.  Even better I found are Timberland High Cushion...
Two years of wear. Edit: left boot darkened by motorcycle shifter BTW.
Just curious, E widths in stock!
Here's something interesting:  A pair of semi-dress listed on ebay, with a double-stitch cap toe. May not seem like a big deal, but White's has always refused to do that.  I really like it; helps to balance the overly long cap toe that White's tends toward.  I wonder how it came about on this...
Yes I think that's pretty standard. The old OSB thread was shut down, and I think no longer available. Mostly I try to keep my boots dry! Sometimes if they get too wet, I will take them off at work and let them dry out a bit.
 In my experience these leathers are not as waterproof as we might like them to be.  Certainly water seeps through my CXL boots pretty easily.  I remember some feathers getting ruffled on the old OSB board when I posted that my boots had soaked through a bit after about 20 minutes in light rain, cause claims had been made about how "waterproof" the leather was.  But it's just not.  (And it's not just OSB -- I have Alden and White's in CXL, and it seems about the same.  In...
I think the flat waxed look great.
Honestly, I just think the water seeped through.
Really nice! Some of my favorite Trumans I've seen.
Love to see a straight on side shot if you get the chance..
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