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Just saw these brown oil tan 310s on another board.  I am becoming more and more convinced that the basic oil tan leather kills:  
Afraid I don't know the answer to your question, but man I really like these work shoes!
No discussion of the new tan horsehides? Looks like another 2030 last I am afraid, though I havn't seen the specs..
Thanks for the feedback.  I don't mind breaking boots in, but I am also willing to give it some help if it can alleviate the pain.  It's not a question of blisters, that hard fourfold layer of leather (outer leather, lining, two layers of tongue) is hitting right on my inner ankle bone and feels like it's almost bruising the bone or something.  Actually, it feels like it is developing a bone spur or something...  We'll see..
So, put my Bounty Hunters back on today after not wearing for over a week, and once again had serious ankle rubbing on one foot, right where the bellows tongue folds back.  I know based on past experience that I will get used to it over a couple of days, but am kind of tired of it every time I put them back on.    So I am wondering about the possibility of taking them to a local cobbler to see if he can cut back the bellows tongue at that point.  Basically turn it from a...
 I think this is what they do standard..
These look great.  Were they custom orders, or from a shop..? Thanks.
 For half off I think I'd keep them, at least if they fit well.  Horsehide is hard to come by...
Agreed. The description should've been better. And with boots like that something like half price would've been fair, which would make them around $400.
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