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Cool boots. Curious how they fit compared to other boots you've worn... Thanks.
I find IRs to be very narrow, with their "EE"Basically a D, so that might be right. At the same time Bakers suggested a D width for me which was a bit too narrow. So it's hard to know. I'd ask for a try on boot before ordering.
 I don't know the ounces, but the dress leather is definitely thinner than the oil tan.  At the same, by all accounts it's pretty hardwearing, and will hold up better than CXL no doubt.
Yes, it is a lowered heel, sorry if I wasn't clear.The leather is CXL, but they really polished it up, apparently with regular polish cause it's a little sticky, unlike the cream polish I have used once or twice in the past.They will still definitely do the half sole, just not that particular Vibram one that came pre-attached. I can't remember the number for it.
FYI, with regard to "nailed down" construction:  I just got my White's boots resoled with a half sole, and I assume this is what you'll get with nailed down. Notice the nails visible in the middle of the sole, between half sole and heel.  
Okay men, here's a picture-heavy post on my newly resoled Bounty Hunters. They were just over two years old, and the sole could have gone for a while longer, but I needed to get them reheeled so I figured I'd go ahead and do both at once.  Plus I was sort of wanting to try out the Vibram mini lug half sole as a replacement for my 269 ("western") anyway, so went for it.  Contacted Baker's, via Kyle, who quoted a 6 week turnaround.  Ended up taking 10 weeks, which is not...
A heel slip is sometimes added to wedge sole boots to compensate for the lower profile of the wedge heel. I assume that's what you all are talking about. But I think you only need it with higher heeled lasts like White's. Interestingly, Viberg has done some 310s with wedge soles, without a heel slip -- so again, not quite buying the function rationale for dreamsmashing the lowered heel on the Millwright. Just sayin'..
 Absolutely! I was being facetious with the "universally acknowledged" part.  You are right of course, the 310 and the 2045 are my personal favorites, and others have theirs. (Of course, mine are right...)
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