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Can anyone speak to the amount of arch support in Truman Co boots?  On a continuum of, say, Viberg (not much) -- Alden (some) -- White's (a lot).
 I am very jealous.  I had thought seriously about a trip to the factory for my 50th birthday last spring, but then they stopped doing the custom individual orders, even if you came in, so I nixed it.  Nice to live vicariously through your story. (And nice to see the Half-Japanese oxfords front and center!)
 Oh, and was Jason Viberg around?  He was who I talked to the first time i called out of the blue several years ago-- very friendly.
 Very nice.  Was wondering if those might be early Half-Japanese oxfords that Brett is wearing...  But figure probably not..
They label the standard 310 as a D, and it is also available in E.
I posted this on the Cascadia Boot thread, but figured I ought to put it here as well.  Some nice waxflesh boots made by Nick's for the Taiwanese store Mansway:  
 Yes, Fok, who runs Styleforum, organizes a couple of Viberg MTOs per year.  Notices will show up over on the SF Viberg board.
 Yes indeed, if they fit right and have a little support, they will be the perfect work shoe.  The build is Viberg's 110 last, with Cats Paw heel and a Vibram half sole.  The leather is a brown latigo.  The idea for the build was to get the feel of the sort of chunky work shoe that you usually see only on the Japanese market, but those usually have a wedge sole.  So the Japanese inspiration, with the half sole yielded the "Half-Japanese" moniker (also the name of a band...
I found my 310s very comfortable for standing, with lots of support, but much less so for walking; I never quite got used to the prominent heel.
 Will definitely post pics!  Hoping they might arrive by the end of the summer.  Here is an early pic from the Viberg workshop (apologizes, I know this is a White's board...): 
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