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 I don't know of any straight comparison pics, but here are some 2045s:     And the current Derby:
  Yes, the top one was once my boot!  One of the best boots I've ever held, but too tight for me (it was a backroom discount from Jason V. back when things were more informal). And yes, I agree that the 310 is THE ultimate boot last aesthetically, but I could never get used to the higher heel.  I might be able to do it with a slightly lowered heel, but I think the 2045 carries enough of the 310 classic last, while also being more comfortable (for me) and more normal for...
 Surprised by all the 110 talk.  It's a hard last to fit into, as many have testified.  VERY wide heel. I agree that we need something besides more 2030, but come on, let's go 2045!  Now that's a workboot last!  Or if it has to be 110, how about an oxford like this:  with Ebony latigo, structured toe, half sole: 
 Yeah, the stitching is slightly higher than ideal, but is actually pretty common, especially it seems with OSB.  I don't imagine any problems from it.  The wrinkling on the leather is typical CXL.  You'll get a lot more!  But it is no defect.
^^ Agreed, the double sole looks great -- helps to beef up the otherwise dressy-looking (to my eyes) 2030.  And the top sole looks to be done quite well.  Right on.
 Yeah, there is a lot going on on those side panels.  But it's just weird enough to make for a good beater boot.  The problem is, in that case you're paying Cadillac prices for something you're going to treat like your old Plymouth Horizon.
^^ those nut browns definitely rock. Curious, anyone tempted bt the new Trench boots on the website?
 Curious what size you are, both in Viberg and the Aldens...  (And if a 9.5, which of those oxfords will you sell me?!)
Ah yes, this is one of the boots that made me first fall in love with Glen Viberg. A beauty. Horsehide seems not to be much available, and if not then ebony latigo might be a good option. A similar look to this darker brown CXL, but likely more durable.
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