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Regarding the 110 last on an oxford, here is another one with the sort of toe that we are looking for:     Imagine this with a structured toe, and a heel and half-sole, and you can see how our "Half-Japenese" will look I think.
 It's definitely 110.  It looks so darn good because of the heel and half-sole rather than the thick Vibram full-soles in all the other make ups.  There are other pics of the 110 with more of a sprung toe as well, including the current chukka boot on Viberg.com, and the older Boondocker (see the pic I posted above of the original Viberg.com page). But yes, if Fok could run it by the guys (and gals) at Viberg and see if they have any ideas on reproducing that shoe, it's be...
Updated:   5. The "Half-Japanese" by @linafelt - inspired by sample boot/Japan-style oxfords.   Model: 145 work oxford. Last: 110. w/ structured toe. Leather: Ebony Latigo Leather (tongue): black or other dark smooth leather of Viberg's choice. Eyelets: 5 antique brass, Sole: Cat's Paw heel, Vibram half-sole. Comments: structured toe, plaintoe, natural edge.  If possible, lasted as in pic, with some up-curve to the toe.  *Lace options if possible:  one pair two-tone...
I love the look of the 310 on a boot but can't quite see it on an oxford. Plus the heel would be much higher, and would really change the build. But I hope we can ask Viberg to try to last it as in the picture, with a nice but not drastic upturn. (Actually the chukka on the site now is pretty upturned.)
 I am 9.5E in Trubalance, 10D in OSB trench.
 Sizing is tricky, as you've probably gathered, but most people seem to find it best to go down either .5 or 1 size from RW, Wolverine, etc.  For the 2030 last, .5 size down might work for you; for the wider 110, maybe a whole size..
Right. Silver eyelets and a natural sole would make them pretty much irresistible to me.
It's the sort of shoe worn by my grandfather when he was drinking Old Style Beer.
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