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^ Very nice!
^^ Are those Oxfords on the 110 last?  I really like the shape of them, better than some of the other Viberg oxfords...  And the plain cap toe works great.
@jrosenthal, they look great!  The Swing Last can look a little blocky sometimes, but I think the captoe helps to counter that.  Nice boots.
 A pair he made, or resoled..?  If the latter, what boots were they?  Pics?
Personally, I would love to see some boots with these Cat's Paws, which they used on the HH service boot several months ago:
I completely agree.  And while a Topy helps a bit, it simply is not the same as a real rubber sole.
 I always pull on my pull tabs. I figure that's why they are called pull tabs and not fake ornamental tabs.  I would also be very surprised and bummed if they broke so easily.  I hope it can be fixed quickly and without rebuilding the whole boot..
 I wondered about that too...  I have never tried on the 2040 or the 2030, but I have worn 110s, and while they are definitely wide they also have a fairly low toebox.
 Yes indeed!  Now that's a good looking boot...
 There was a similar but slightly more interesting build that showed up at a retailer earlier in the summer, but now I can't remember where or find it.  (I think I actually posted the link!) It had a pull tab and some contrasting leather and eyelets as I recall...  Someone may remember..
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