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I definitely had an issue with the low toebox, just as you describe.  In my case I was wearing them with orthotic insoles, which I need for support, and that crowded the toes quite a bit.  3/4s worked better, but I could never really get used to the way that sort of insole felt on my feet.  I think the boots would both look and feel better with a little more of a rounded toe... 
Does anyone know if the Moto Jacket will be restocked?  I seem to remember seeing that it would be, but now am not sure..
 Thanks, I do like the Munson shape, but at this point I am boot rich and cash poor, so no new ones until I wear out a pair...
 Yes indeed, much better..
Rolling Dub Trio Coupen Boots.  Ordered from Masuya to the US; very easy to work with.        
 Thanks. Yeah figured I could check with them, but word is that Vince is totally swamped with emails, so just figured to see if anyone here had experience returning. I am always tricky to fit -- high arches, one foot bigger than the other, etc etc. And I am looking for a pair of boots that I can wear with my orthotics, which makes everything even trickier.
Anyone know if Truman takes returns on their ready-made boots off the website..?  Still interested, but sizing is always a bear on my weird feet.
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