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^Oh my..
@Dugafola That's quite a line up incoming... I think the Innsbruck is the best of the Indy boots..
Yes, horsebutt please. (if I only had a nickel for every time I've used that phrase..)
^ If you order through Baker's you can ask them to sand down the block heel closer to flush, and they do a great job with it.  Otherwise White's themselves often leave a notoriously large "shelf" at the back of the heel.
^ yes the higher heel makes me feel like I am on stilts a bit as well, and I am not a fan of the looks of the curved heel. Lowered block has been perfect for me. To each his own. Best to try on if possible..
The 310 is my favorite last on looks alone, but with looks and fit combined it's the 2045.  Here are two classics -- one black "horsebutt" (which I think is thicker than the horsehide they've been using lately), and the black scotch grain.  It'd be cool to get a good 2045 workboot on the program, depending on what leathers are available.  Contrasting stitching would be nice too..    
Give it up for the incomparable 310 last:         And courtesy of Meso (his copper task boots):    
The time has come:  
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