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I posted pics about a month ago of my resoled Bounty Hunters, which I had sent back to Bakers for new soles and heels.  One of the heels was sanded flush and had a slight but significant angle (though nothing close to a standard curved heel), while the other heel had a bit of a shelf and no angle (straight block).  Bakers was willing to re-sand the straight heel, but that would've involved me mailing them back (from the east coast to Washington), and the guy who does the...
Also, 6" rather than 5", and external heel counter rather than internal.
Good to know. I definitely asked last time, but maybe asked the wrong person.
^^ and I would never have guessed it was a Barrie last.  Looks more substantial (in a good way), I suppose because of other build specs.
The Cambridge waxed is new to me...
Pretty sure I have the new harder half sole on my new resoles. It definitely seems more hard wearing, but also not super grippy. A bit slippery the other day after some rain...
 Right. Well, sizing issues aside, those are some great boots all around!
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