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 Not a dealbreaker, but a shame nonetheless.  They should do the rivets for you guys.  The "proprietary" thing sounds like BS.
Just curious, do those brown HH's you're selling not fit..?  Cause to me, it's hard to beat those boots..
^ Which By the way were not navy but were black HH.
My old boots!
I think almost everyone finds it to be so, I certainly did -- wider than the 1000 Mile boot that is. But shows you how tricky sizing and fit is..
 I don't think there will be a lot of difference in weight between the two.  Neither will be as heavy as a pair of White's or Nick's I wouldn't think, or a Viberg 310 with double leather sole.
Half-Japanese. I keep imagining my feet in these:     You should too!
^^ Lower toe box than the Trench boot?  That could be trouble -- my main complaint about the fit of the pair I had was that the toebox was already too low...
 Looks like the construction question was answered above by @MonotovsOpera, and I will just affirm that I have had the same experience as you -- namely, finding the sole construction and support on Viberg boots to be a bit thin.  Definitely not as substantive as White's.  Insoles help. As far as conditioning CXL off the bat, it seems unnecessary.  It is one of the softest boot leathers around and will break in much more quickly than anything else you've worn probably.  Not...
New Posts  All Forums: