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Whites sells some boots on ebay as "Whitesriver." You can see if there is something you like there cheaper; and they are returnable.
Let us now praise the pull loop:  Putting on my boots this morning, I was reminded of how glad I am I ordered pull loops.  With the SJ/BH fully attached tongue, it helps quite a bit in pulling the boot on.  I like the way they look too, but for anyone thinking of ordering a pair I definitely recommend them for functionality.
And that , ladies and gentlemen, is a workboot. Classic.
 Thanks b-ewing.  Yeah I have also always been a fan of the standard trim, but at the last minute with these I switched to close trim, I think mostly because i was getting EE width and asking Baker's to sand the heel, and it seemed like standard trim would just balloon out then in the front of the boot.  I miss having the double rows of stitching on these, but am happy with how they turned out.
Thanks. Yours too !
One week in.  Worn five or six days, including in some rain one day, and for some light yard work another (after which I rinsed them off with the hose and wiped them down).  Other than the couple of days of ankle break in, as Climbinglife mentions above, they feel great.  I love the way these boots look -- a classic, slightly fancy workboot look.  Very happy with the contrasting silver eyelets, the cap toe, and the sanded down block heels.  The CXL is creasing in the vamp...
Pretty sure I had the same thing you are describing, on the inside ankle of both boots with my new SJs-- right where the bellows tongue folds back? Had it for about three days but now it seems to have broken in and is almost not noticeable, FWIW.
 Yeah, definitely confusing...  Here's my understanding:  White's has always treated Brown Smooth and Brown Oil Tan as two different ways of referring to the same leather, which I think is the case.  But they have in the past seemed to treat British Tan and Classic Brown as two different leathers, and indeed send me samples of each labeled differently. They seemed very similar to me, but I didn't look too closely because they were not on my option list.  But then, a few...
New Posts  All Forums: