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 I know there is a lot of talk of various Viberg lasts being E or EE or whatever, but I don't think that makes sense.  I think whatever the standard is for any given last, that's the D width.  And that width designations beyond that only makes sense within a last, not between lasts.  So, for example, Alden's Trubalance is a wide last, and it's standard last is wider than White's Semi-dress, which is in turn wider than, say, RedWing's Beckman boot, etc,  But all of these...
 Thanks Fok, and good luck with the show.  If you do get a chance to follow up with Viberg, can you check on the two questions remaining for the Millwright Boot:  One, lowered heel?  Two, can we order E width as well as the standard D? Thanks!
I am afraid I did say that's make or break for me. I've had the higher heel and it just doesn't work for my gait. And aesthetically I prefer a bit lower as well to be honest.
 Alas. But I'll still be your friend...
 This is a pretty cool idea. It would be very interesting to see all the boots develop over the next couple of years.
Yeah sounds like you're at saturation point! I would have preferred that original icy mocha CXL, but am into the crust as well, esp as I have no other natural leather boots.
I think it's fairly light to begin with but will darken up quickly. Did you see the pics on Vibergs website? A couple of guys on the other board have boots in crust and seem to love them..
To firm things up a bit, correct me if I am wrong but I think we have a commitment to the Millwright Boot, pending a few details from the following:   @Bobbo316 @Steel28 @bry2000 @vettemike @ShootThePier @NYDRH @Aviv @linafelt   And strong interest from:   @orionz06 @Broark @gsgleason @Mghart   I may be missing people, if so chime in!    Details we are still waiting to hear about:  Can we get the 1/8" lowered heel; and can we order E width?  I assume...
I rarely have gone on Reddit and don't know it well. Can you give me a link to the best place to post? Thanks!
As far as how they look with jeans:     Also, check out previous picks of @meso.  (BTW meso, you know it doesn't feel right doing a 310 without you man...)
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