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^ They had several models in stock at both the Danner store and Animal Traffic (both downtown).  Each had a couple of different versions of the SD, as well as the Hathorn Traveler (which I tried on and it felt pretty narrow...), and the Danner store had some Smokejumpers too as I recall.   If you take a drive to the coast, Cannon Beach with big old Haystack Rock is famous and pretty cool, but Indian Beach up north just a bit is less touristy and pretty amazing.
No, I am back home in the east now. My wife and daughter and I spent a couple of days in Portland and a of couple days on the coast. As it happens, one of the places I saw White's on the shelf was in the Danner store!
Wore my BHs on a trip to Oregon recenlty.  First to Portland, where I saw two different stores that stocked White's (first time I've ever seen them on the shelf in a store).  Then two days on the coast, where the boots got some rock-climbing action:  
 I can only say that in my experience the quality of RW is all over the place, and that in general the IRs are a very narrow last. I  really love the way they look, but tried on probably a half dozen pairs before finally concluding they were just too long and narrow for my feet.  I suspect that you might need the so-called EE width (which fit to me like a D to be honest)...  Or go with Whites, which is what I ended up doing..
I wouldn't treat them at all for a long time -- like maybe a year, unless you are wearing them in harsh conditions, getting them repeatedly wet, etc.  If you're wearing them casually, just let them develop naturally.  When the time comes, I'd say Venetian Shoe Cream. Post pics please!
That, plus it's a Japan style work shoe, but with a half sole rather than a wedge.
Whoa -- 9.5, I think that is my actual pair sitting there! Getting excited here..
 I am not much into mixing the leathers, but here are some Bounty Hunters with black dress and roughout, as one option:   For a cheaper pair of beater boots, I still like my old Chippewas.  I had a pair of the "engineer boots" before they started making them for LL Bean as the "Katahdin boot," but the newer LL Bean ones look exactly the same.  They've gotten more expensive, but are still relatively...
 I will say that I am very happy with my lowered block heel, and I highly recommend it.  Looks great, and functions well for walking (for me).  Oh, and I would say to order through Bakers and ask them to sand down the heel closer to flush, so as to avoid the large heel shelf that White's is notorious for with the block heel. I am pretty pleased with the black CXL, which has held up probably better than I expected (after a year of regular but not hard wear); but if I had to...
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