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 This is what we're shooting for.  It was a one off boot from back when the 310 was first developed.  The Millwright will be very close, but the Crust CXL will be lighter, and the captoe may or may not be brogued, depending of preferences.  Come on board! (As I look at this again, I like the brogue...) 
My totally inexpert sense is that natural CXL is undyed but finished, so you get that CXL glaze on it, whereas the Crust is not finished, so more matte in appearance.  Maybe comparable to the difference between the glazed natural shell that Viberg usually does vs that new unglazed shell they recently offered..?
I am afraid I can't do black for the Millwright Boot, but am definitely on board for the Crust CXL.  Still need to find out if Viberg will do the lowered heel for this build.  But if so, then the Millwright stands as follows:   1940s Service Boot, 310 last Crust CXL Cap toe (non-brogue) 5 eyelets, antique brass Cat's Paw heel, Vibram half sole Stitched down/Nailed down Heel lowered 1/8" (pending Viberg approval) Natural midsole   I am also open to a brogue...
   Agree with phidauex, and would only add that if you plan on getting a block heel, then you can ask Baker's to sand the heel down at no extra cost, more or less flush to the heel, to compensate for White's notorious "overhang" on block heels.  They did that on my BH's and they did a great job.
 As Fok says, the 310 is never going to be the bestselling of Viberg lasts, but it is perhaps the most iconic -- the one that is immediately recognizable as a (kickass) Viberg boot.  So I appreciate him being willing to entertain it for this MTO, and I appreciate that he's doing it for us, not for him.  That said Fok, I think it's rare for anyone, not just us 310ers, to sign on to an MTO without knowing what leather the boot will be made on.  I  mean, for boot freaks like...
Or I should say, either worked in the mills or went on to play in the NFL:  Marino, Montana, Kelly, Namath, Unitas, Dorsett, Ditka, Skorupan, Revis, etc etc. Even George Blanda!  My step-father lined up against Ditka in high school ("He wasn't so tough...").
 Or, go all in, and get on board for the group MTO underway on the Viberg board. the Millwright Boot: http://www.styleforum.net/t/224463/viberg-boots/18380_20#post_8615617
 I grew up in a mill town in Western PA, and every adult male I knew worked in the steel mills (or else maybe at the Conrail yard, or the Westinghouse plant), and all of them wore work boots every day of their lives. That picture that has given rise to the Millwright was one of the first Viberg boots I saw, and I was immediately transported to my childhood filled with plain, rugged boots, and I just thought "that to me is the ideal boot." (A "millwright" by the way is a...
 My two cents:  I'd go black dress, lined, with natural midsole.
 No problem, just wanted to give you another chance!  (Seems like your kind of boot...)
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