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BTW, @BBlue's Icy Mocha boots above remind me that somewhere it was announced that they are going to restock that leather.  Which means, perhaps, a chance at these beauties for the next MTO..?  The old 1940 service boot pattern, toecap, half sole, lowered heel:     Though I know this is jumping the gun; just wanted to plant a seed...
Yeah, I'm going to try a few more options. Not done yet..
Would love to see more pics of the Garage Boot, especially in sun so as to get as sense of that brown oil tan leather...   With regard to the Half-Japanese, I think the thing I like best is the sole and heel.  It's intrinsically a great combo, heavy and boot-like, but the execution by Viberg is really something.  Notice the way they dovetail the half-sole so well into the second layer of the midsole. And both the midsole and the heel stack are super tight (unlike so many...
I like both. Just a matter of taste, and how you feel any given day I guess..
I call it a European men's handbag..
Thanks meso!Yeah, I put on some 45" 1000 Mile laces, which seem just right to me.
Come to papa..
Yes, thanks! Man, that's a nice heel and sole combo isn't it? Very cool.
Hey can one of you guys do a straight on shot of the bottom of the Half-Japanese? Showing the sole and heel? Thanks!
I Never noticed; never ordered a pair through SF before. Anyway, not a big deal. Just that I am a boot guy but not really a fashion guy. I just imagine my dad (a boot guy himself and a steelworker for 40 years) seeing it and saying "Styleforum, what the hell is that? You wearing ladies shoes now?" (Not that there's anything wrong with that..)
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