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^^ The BCSK definitely looks great!  Nice to see some black oil tan leather.  That said, I personally prefer a rounder, more upturned toe.  Which I am hoping we can get on the Half-Japanese.   @Raneleigh, does the BCSK have a "partially structured" toe?  If so, I wonder if the so-called "box toe" (which is how Viberg described the inspiration shoe for the H-J) is more pronounced..   Hoping that Fok can talk to them about how to get that upturned, slightly more...
 Well... on the one hand:  "I’m afraid i’m going to have to disagree about the same last fitting fitting bigger or smaller on a different pattern".  But on the other:  "a pattern can make a difference in how a boot feels.. but it doesn’t mean the size of the two boots are different". I think to say that a pattern makes a difference in how the boot feels is to say, for all intents and purposes, it fits differently.  Clearly, if you look back through testimonies on this...
Some seriously badass boots there. Really nice. Even better than they looked on Viberg.com. Righteous.
We're VFFs..!
@LA Guy, Fok, just wondering if you have/can ask Viberg about lasting the Half-Japanese with the sort of upcurve to the toe that we see in the inspiration pic (as well as in some other 110 builds).  Sometimes the 110s have that and sometimes they seem not to, and we definitely want this build to have it if at all possible... Thanks!
Sort of in between actually; might work well for you.
Right on, thanks.
So, am I right that the boots/shoes will just show up under Store/Footwear at some point..?
 Not a dealbreaker, but a shame nonetheless.  They should do the rivets for you guys.  The "proprietary" thing sounds like BS.
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