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As far as how they look with jeans:     Also, check out previous picks of @meso.  (BTW meso, you know it doesn't feel right doing a 310 without you man...)
 This gets repeated a lot, but it occurs to me to wonder if it's actually true.  I mean, there's no real way to settle the question -- even if we had comprehensive sales numbers from Viberg, it would be skewed by what they choose to produce (eg, a LOT of 2030).  But if you look around, a lot of 310s are out there and guys are wearing them.  Not as many as 2030, but probably more than 1035, etc,  maybe even more than 110s to be honest. It's true that it's probably the most...
Actually they look really cool! But yeah, would be even better if the jeans weren't so skinny. I see no problem.
One of the good things about the 310 is that it comes in both D and E widths, the only Viberg last to do so I believe. The D really feels like a D to me, that is not too wide not too narrow. I am planning on getting an E for a bit more room.
 Okay, as of now it sounds like we've got four:  @linafelt @vettemike @Bobbo316 @NYDRH. Waiting to hear back from others, including perhaps:  @Steel28 @ShootThePier @justinkapur @bry2000   Others?  Now's your chance to help get an iconic Viberg boot made.  @BootSpell ? @orionz06 ?
Okay. Lowered heel..?Thanks.
 I understand your, and others', hesitation about the 310. It is definitely a distinctive look. But I will say two things about that.  One is that it doesn't look as severe in real life, in my experience, as it does in pics.  You rarely see a boot straight on from the side, as the pics usually are, and the sprung toe is not as prominent from other angles. Secondly, I have never received as many positive comments out of the blue for any pair of boots (or any other clothing)...
New Posts  All Forums: