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I don't think it's a bobcat -- different heel counters, heel height, etc.
Wow, yeah that's a drag for sure. Mine have not had anything like that. It's really a shame - with the problems with the halfsole and now with the 269, options are getting pretty limited.
 I only saw spurs61's post after I posted my own experience of the 269s -- looks like he's had less of a good experience. So far mine have not hardly worn at all (after a year) and none of the treads have developed gaps as he describes with his, so it may be a case of Your Mileage May Vary...
The 269 soles are actually pretty hard wearing, more so than I expected. Pretty sure they outlast the heels on mine..
I think this is what they used to refer to as the "workboot" last: don't know if it has a number.. It's a nice shape -- not quite a 310 but still good and chunky.
  Thanks men.  Yeah, they look nearly new.  I was hesitate about using polish, which I have rarely ever done on any other boots, knowing that it would erase a lot of the cool-looking wear, but finally decided that since I am hoping to wear these for 8-10 years I am not looking for quick "evo" but the long haul.  We'll see..
Hitting the one year mark on my Bounty Hunters (in black CXL), so decided to give them some Venetian Shoe cream, as well as a little black cream shoe polish.  Befores and afters (flash makes everything a bit shinier than real life):                
I can't imagine there is much difference. I have a rolled top, and no problems, though can't speak to the cut top.
They look cool though..
 Afraid I don't know enough to explain, but I do remember someone else explaining White's construction, that it was not strictly stitch down.  I can't say for sure.  But here some comparison pics of White's and Viberg, and you can see the difference:  White's has some extra layer (a proper welt?) between the uppers and the midsole, whereas Vibergs are "stiched" directly "down" on the midsole.  And of course the Vibergs are much cleaner construction.  (Though I love my...
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