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 I have always been a fan of the captoe in general, probably for the reasons you state here.  And I think also that Viberg does the perfect captoe proportion, unlike White's and others, who often make them way too long. Generally I am not into the perforated captoe, though I do really like it on the Millwright inspiration boot.  BUT, would be willing to compromise, if it helps some captoe skeptics, and go with a non-perforated captoe on the Millwright.
 I owned for a while (had to sell due to sizing issues) a prototype for that black horsehide boot, and it was by far my favorite boot leather ever -- except perhaps for this brown HH, which was truly amazing:  My sense is that neither is available anymore, though who knows.  I am afraid I could not justify a black 310 though. Definitely could do brown.
 Well, I am not quite willing to say "any 310 boot will do,"  but I can say that if we do the Millwright boot above (or very close) I will definitely raid my daughter's college fund...
For the rugged boot, wondering if they might have a good work boot horsehide available. Just saw a beauty of a pair from Brian the Bootmaker in a good thick HH. (Though I wouldn't want the thinner dress HH that they've sometimes used.)
I am definitely a "heel striker"! Also, I wear them to ride my motorcycle and I may drag a bit in DC traffic.
RDTs w/ Cats Paws after 25-30 wears; Indy boots standard heel with 10-12 wears:
^^ I don't know, i just looked at the Cats Paws on my Rolling Dub Trios with about 25-30 wears and my recently reheeled Indy boots with about 10 wears and the amount of wear on each seems about the same. Also, even if a little soft, the Cats Paws will then cushion a bit for us heel strikers. Finally, reheeling is the easiest and cheaper boot repair there is, so having to reheel in two years is not so bad. I am talking myself back into the Cats Paw... Plus, they look so...
 Honestly I haven't found them to wear any more quickly than others.  Might be open to changing that though.
 I think a lot of guys here like the 2030, but it doesn't quite make the cut for "rugged boot" perhaps. The sprung toe of the 310, admittedly, is unusual, but not necessary a clown shoe.  To whit, @meso's copper task boots. Can't get much better than this: 
  For the rugged boot, from the people who brought you the Half-Japanese work shoe: The Millwright: 310 lastCat's Paw heel and Vibram Half soleLowered heelIcy Mocha CXL (or comparable leather)Cap toeStitch down, natch.5 eyelets! 
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