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Okay, so now that I am getting ready for a resole of my Bounty Hunters, trying to decide if I should just send them back to Bakers to have it done, or maybe try out Brian the Bootmaker, who has his own very interesting half soles and heels:     I like these a lot, but the main downside is losing the quasi-stitchdown of White's.  Brian rewelts them to look like this:     I do like the stitch down look, but not sure how much difference it makes to me.  Anyway,...
Can someone remind me -- What is the Vibram sole that looks like a half sole but is attached to a full length leather outsole..?  I am blanking on it.  (Some have had trouble with it marking floors...)
Does anyone know which is wider (across the toebox especially), Modified Last or CDI (Contour Depth Inlay)?  Thanks.
A question about the CDI last (Contour Depth Inlay):  Does anyone know for sure, are the insoles they come with always removable/replaceable..?
 Wait, now I am interested to know what you posted...?!
 Right on.
 Were you able to just replace the peg, or did you have to do the whole shifter arm..?  I'd be interested to know what you replaced it with. I got one of RE's new chrome 500s.  Not a high performance bike by any means, but fun to ride.  I am a sucker for the classic English single cylinders, but I don't really have to time or space (or know how if I am honest) to maintain an old BSA or Norton -- but this bike gets me pretty close.
 I've ordered them from White's.  They are good thick laces -- too thick actually for the small speedhooks White's uses!  But they work very well for their big eyelets. I don't think they are the same ones used by Viberg, if I recall my old Viberg laces rightly.  I think the Viberg ones were maybe slightly flatter..?
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