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[IMG][IMG] Just ordered the spare off of eBay. Sorry for the doubly crappy pictures, both cell phone and in the mirror. Been wanting to try a pair with a big rubber Vibram sole and also to see if a 9ee would work for me better than a 9.5e (the jury is out..). What strikes me about these is how much more sprung the toe is compared to more standard soles. It actually seems close to a Viberg 310, which I love. It also has more arch support than I expected, doesn't seem...
Look forward to seeing some wear on that horsehide! Nice boots.
I believe it's supposed to be 25 year old black HH.
From another board:  
@sambam. So, is the 4811 also used for the Farmer-rancher? Cause the FRs I tried on definitely felt tighter in the toe than the SDs/55s. Also, I thought the consensus was that the 461 had less arch support than the 55. Pretty sure that Kyle has said this as well as board members. In any case, thanks for all this info!
I've decided to put this one up for sale. It's a beauty. Shinki horsehide, very high quality Japanese made jacket. (It has probably the nicest lining I've ever seen..) I will post below the description by Self Edge, who sells this jacket, as well as pics of me wearing it. I am 6' and about 180 lbs. I take a 42 in most Aeros, and this 44 fits me pretty well, with a little extra room. The jacket goes new for (oof) $2200... Yes, crazy indeed, so get it here for...
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