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 That's a shame. Though most of us here have probably learned lessons in a similar way...  But I have to say, the black calfskins are killer boots.  Shiny now, but I have to think they'll look great with some wear.
 You learn to hide the signs so as not to be mocked by family and friends... Which is why the boards are so important -- we can be ourselves!
^^ I think the contrasting eyelets, in both these and in rydenfan's boots above, really make it.   I am a fan of contrasting eyelets I've discovered...
Looking at this pic,     It makes me wonder if the eyelet alignment problem is related to the one main problem that I see not infrequently with Viberg, which is a sort of built in pronation, or inward lean, which gets the boots/shoes off kilter in the same way as above.  I saw it in two of the four pairs I've owned (one very strongly), but also here you can see it in the boots/shoes in the front of this pic too:  
That's probably true, but it doesn't seem to be white's intent with the heel overhang at any rate, since the standard Cuban is flush to the boot. Only the block heel ends up with that big shelf, and sometimes it's clearly far more than you need to protect the boot.
^ Weird about the lacing...  But a great leather.  With regard to last, I wonder if they are 2040?
I think you'll find that they run long and very narrow.  The amber harness comes in what they call a "EE" width, which is basically equal to a D in my experience.  So if the standard fit is narrow see if you can find a EE.  Or try Zappos, which has free shipping and returns (I tried on about 5 pairs of IRs from Zappos!)  Unfortunately the EE is not available in black, which I think is a very cool boot for the IRs.  Good luck. And if you don't like the IRs, you may want to...
Yes, if they fit you well.  Frye's feel pretty cheap to me these days.  If the IR fits you, it's a great looking boot.
 Yeah, I don't think the categories are mutually exclusive and some of us may have a foot in both.  But I'd say if you're buying the rest of your clothes off the rack and aren't regularly checking other fashion boards outside of boots, but are willing to pay the price for these high quality boot makers:  Boot Guy.
New Posts  All Forums: