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Whoa, that's a big move..! I've always liked that they were a PA outfit (being my home state).
Love those 310s! If you decide to let them go, I'm your huckleberry....
So, any 310 sightings at the sample sale...?
Yes, I feel the same way on the higher heels, but the lowered block heels, at 1.25", work perfectly for me.
   I wish I could say it was something cool, like a Norton or an Indian or an old BSA, but no such luck.  Had not been on a bike for 20 years, so borrowed a cheap Suzuki to ride for a few days to get back up to speed to get my license.  Not sure what I was doing to do this.  Clearly it was on the shifter side, and just something near the foot peg that was rubbing when I shifted.  No doubt other leathers would have gotten marked up too, but CXL is definitely a soft leather...
Here's what two days of motorcycle riding does to CXL heel counters:  
My boots at the two year mark.  Worn regularly, but not particularly strenuously.  Probably will clean and oil them soon.        
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