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You could check out Superdenim or the Bureau Belfast...
^ Perhaps at least partially an effect of the stiff corded sole.  I remember when I had a double mid-soled pair of 310s with horsehide that the leather never creased one bit even after several months of wear.  I was amazed actually and attributed it to the HH for a while, but then realized also that the stiff sole meant that the boot didn't bend much when walking.   In any case, those are some nice boots...
@tes81 Nice! Gussetted tongue huh? Special request?
Exactly what I was thinking!
I know a couple of guys have talked about not liking the commando mini-lug half sole, that it marks floors, etc.  But I am curious, has anyone been satisfied with that sole?  I really like the looks of it, and am wondering if it is perhaps not a lost cause...  Thanks.
Then again, the more I look at the brown waxflesh on FrankCowperwood's boots above, the more I like it. So yeah, a hard decision..  
^That black waxflesh looks pretty darn good to me...  And you rarely see black, whereas brown waxflesh is much more common.  So I'd probably go for that.
Anyone know, where are they located in eastern PA?
 Thanks -- hard to beat that endorsement!  Yes, lowered block heel, which I like a lot, both in terms of looks and walkability.  The midsole was actually dyed brown by Baker's (not White's), but it gets scuffed up and lightens a fair amount.
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