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 Right. Well, sizing issues aside, those are some great boots all around!
Oh you know what, I just remembered that the Wolverine site does not offer the 54", but you can order them from here: http://shop.wingtip.com/product/400029?size=188 Or, in the past I have submitted a request on Wolverine.com for 54" laces and they sent them for free!  Not sure if they still will.
 Have you tried the 54" 1000 mile laces..?  The 45" are barely long enough for my BHs, but the 54" are plenty long.
Waiting for the train..
Cool boots. Curious how they fit compared to other boots you've worn... Thanks.
I find IRs to be very narrow, with their "EE"Basically a D, so that might be right. At the same time Bakers suggested a D width for me which was a bit too narrow. So it's hard to know. I'd ask for a try on boot before ordering.
 I don't know the ounces, but the dress leather is definitely thinner than the oil tan.  At the same, by all accounts it's pretty hardwearing, and will hold up better than CXL no doubt.
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