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 There's this new line of Woolrich boots, which are lined with wool. Not sure how warm they are, but they look pretty good to me for a standard old style workboot.  I am thinking they are made for Woolrich by Thorogood, just based on looks, so quality is anyone's guess.  (Thorogood seems to have some boots higher quality, and some lower.) Anyway, here's the Yankee Boot: 
 Ha, and the 310s in meso's pic are ones that I used to own before selling them to Rafa!  We are such an incestuous bunch.. I remember taking these brown HH's out of the box when they arrived a couple of years ago.  They were the first Vibergs I ever held, and I literally laughed out loud at how nice they were. Unfortunately a half size too small.  Someone else has posted similar brown HH 310s but otherwise I have never seen this leather again.
 Will take some more today and get them up soon...
 Is this the page: http://brooklynclothingco.bigcartel.com/category/boots Incidentally, the French calf on those black boots seems pretty close to what we were talking about with regard to harness leather above.  I really like the way it looks, though haven't seen it in person.  It seems more substantial and bit less shiny than the FC from White's for example. Also, this does NOT look like an unstructured toe does it?  That's how they describe it, but it seems clearly more...
Really like the shape of those derbys!
^^ I have found Trubalance to be slightly tighter in the toe width (and lower in the toebox naturally) than SD last. As others have said, SD slightly more roomy than SJ.
 No, actually I like the resole a lot, much better than the original leather sole.  Just realized that they fit the same slot as my White's Boots, which I am now wearing regularly.  Looking to get a different style boot/shoe instead, and need the cash.  Figured if I am ever going to replace the OSBs I ought to put them up for sale now, before I put any wear on the new soles.
 Men, if anyone is interested, I've listed these for sale in the classifieds...
OSB Trench Boots, natural chromexcel leather, size 10.5, just recently resoled with Dainite soles and heels.   [Pics added Saturday the 13th. Most in natural light, but one with flash.  I would say that all make the CXL look slightly more shiny than real life.  Also, I will add that boots come in an OSB box and I will include OSB shoe trees.]   These boots are about a year old, and were worn lightly during that time. They have been treated with Venetian Shoe Creme...
^^ right on.
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