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 Yeah, it's a great shoe.  I am willing to take a bit of a chance on the fit, but it's an expensive chance for sure.  The question for you is whether the extra width of the 110 is worth half a size down from the true D width of a White's bounty hunter.  I am thinking it probably is... that is, that size 7 in a 110 would be comparable to a 7.5D on the SD last.  But it'd be nice if someone else here has a direct same-size comparison between Viberg's 110 and White's SD... ...
 I can't actually say for sure, but I can tell you my history and what I hope the case will be: So, I measure a 10D on the Brannock and have tended in the past to wear off the shelf 10s (for better or worse).  Several years ago I got from Viberg some two pairs of seconds, both 310, one 9 and one 10.  The 9 was clearly too small, and the 10 slightly too long, but not wide at all.  I tried for a 9.5 on the 2045 but the model was sold out in that size so they said try a 10,...
 There will be, I think, two more going up soon.
New Viberg pre-orders in the SF store:   http://www.styleforummarket.com/footwear/
I think most folks here know about the new pre-orders in the SF store, but if not:   http://www.styleforummarket.com/footwear/
FYI -- The original was listed as a Vibram 705 half sole..   
 Very cool, thanks so much!  I confess that I am a little big giddy over this shoe getting made.. Fok, when you talk to Guy you might mention that in the original description of this shoe in the sample sale, they called it a "box toe."  Don't know if that indicates anything different than "structured," but we definitely want to get close to that original shoe.  Cheers.
^^ The BCSK definitely looks great!  Nice to see some black oil tan leather.  That said, I personally prefer a rounder, more upturned toe.  Which I am hoping we can get on the Half-Japanese.   @Raneleigh, does the BCSK have a "partially structured" toe?  If so, I wonder if the so-called "box toe" (which is how Viberg described the inspiration shoe for the H-J) is more pronounced..   Hoping that Fok can talk to them about how to get that upturned, slightly more...
 Well... on the one hand:  "I’m afraid i’m going to have to disagree about the same last fitting fitting bigger or smaller on a different pattern".  But on the other:  "a pattern can make a difference in how a boot feels.. but it doesn’t mean the size of the two boots are different". I think to say that a pattern makes a difference in how the boot feels is to say, for all intents and purposes, it fits differently.  Clearly, if you look back through testimonies on this...
Some seriously badass boots there. Really nice. Even better than they looked on Viberg.com. Righteous.
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