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Thanks to @vettemike for the 310 extravaganza above.  Looks like a couple of those have lowered heels even.  It may be that Viberg will not do that this time around, but perhaps they will. After all, they once seemed clear about never doing 5-eyelets and have come around on that.  So, @Fok I wonder if you could check at some point to see if the lowered heel is possible, and whether Icy Mocha CXL is available.  If so, then all the elements of the Millwright Boot are in...
 Wondering that too -- I always thought it was just the same as stitched-down, but maybe there is something more to it..?
So, to take stock, with regard to the Millwright Boot, is the following correct?:   Definitely in, for the boot as originally described (pending confirmation of Icy Mocha CXL and brogue vs non-brogue captoe to be voted on):   @linafelt @meso @Bobbo316 @Steel28 @bry2000   Maybe in:   @BHK666 @NYDRH @ShootThePier (if Natural CXL..?)   Does this look right for now?  Anyone want to switch up from "maybe" to "right on"?  Anyone want to get on board that hasn't...
It is for me I am afraid. I have to say that I am not currently in the market for a pair of boots. I am actually pretty well set. But I won't pass up the opportunity to get a pair of my dream boots, which is what The Millwright represents. Nothing fancy of course, but that's the point. It is basically the platonic ideal of "workboot." And even if not especially creative, it's not something you'll find anywhere else. And it's the epitome to me of "Viberg."
I know it seems like a minor thing, but it does make a difference in feel and slightly in looks I think. I wore the standard 310 heel for a while and always felt like I was teetering a bit. I know some others have said that as well about Viberg's and White's taller heels. Some I know don't feel the higher heel, but for those of us that do it makes a difference. Also, gives a more standard heel look.
 I know Notre Shop used Icy Mocha not long ago in a build at least. I have an email somewhere -- either from Jason Viberg or Morgan -- saying that they checked and 1/8" would work.
 Pretty sure that Icy Mocha is back...? Also, I checked with Viberg in the past, and they definitely said that they could lower the heel on a 310 by 1/8" without affecting the balance.  (Any more than that would be an issue...)  I am assuming that's still true.
 Looks great, I'm in!  That's one...
 Okay, just for information's sake:  Given that we will likely dissipate our energy as Fok describes if we have too many options going and may end up with "nothing and like it," can we get a head count -- How many people would sign on to the current slightly modifed version of the Millwright Boot: 310Heel lowered 1/8"Icy Mocha CXLAntique brass eyelets -- FIVE of 'em!Plain CaptoeNatural midsoleCat's Paw heel and Vibram halfsole Again, it should get us very close to this...
For reference, here's also a 310, Icy Mocha CXL, with a plain captoe. To my mind, a great look. The Millwright Boot will be even better and more distinctive of course, because of the five eyelet fix.  
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