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As much as I respect @metranger8694, I have to register my dissent here. The 2045 is just a classic boot shape. Hard to beat to my mind. (Though the 310 w/ lowered heel inches it out.)
Are used to think that I would never like a wedge soul. But I've gradually gotten used to them, and this pair really looks great!
Toe looks great on these!
 Right on.  It also occurred to me:  Not sure how close you are to Copenhagen, but Brund there has a nice Simmons Bilt Roadster in stock:
 The one I have will be too big for you, but I will include a pic or two so you can see what else might be out there.  It's a Goodwear/Himel Bros collaboration, a classic 1930s style "Californian" half belt. You should check out the outlet/sale pages of both Aero and Simmons Bilt, which often have nice jackets available.  I see right now there is a really nice 1930s (slim cut) Highwayman on the Aero page in size 40 that might fit your needs. And a VERY affordable Arkansas...
Those SDs look very nice to me.. But the two pairs are very different. You should definitely try one or the other!
 Actually these are black CXL, but yes they have aged well over three years.  Got them resoled about three months ago, from 469 to the skived-in halfsole.  I like the new sole, though I am pretty positive that the left boot came back bigger than it was when I sent it....
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