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Most people find them true to size.
The 110 is wider. Though the 310 can be made in either D or E widths.
 There is that..  Anytime anyone asks me how much my boots cost I just automatically halve it, and they are still flabbergasted.  For my dad, who was a steelworker for 45 years and wore workboots every day, none of which probably cost more than $60, I cut it in thirds; and he still shakes his head.  It's a lonely road we trod men, which is why it is good we have each other here on the Viberg board...
A lifetime?  Depends on how long your life is!  Honestly, I think you can expect ten to fifteen years of regular wear from a really good pair of boots, with three or four resoles and/or re-heels.  CXL, probably not quite that long.   No doubt, it's a lot of money, and one just has to decide individually if it's worth it to you.  I sort of figure -- 10 years, at $70 a year, I'll pay that for my dream boots.  But it is certainly a slippery slope.  Next thing you know,...
Okay, to confirm our "Half-Japanese" old-style work oxford, based on the feedback received, I am going to say let's solid-up around this near-final version.  We are settled on Ebony Latigo leather, with Cat's Paw heel and Vibram half-sole.  The final question is, Antique Brass or Regular Brass eyelets?  I initially said antique, trying to discern what was on the original inspiration boot, but the more I look the more it seems like those are probably regular brass.  I am a...
A life spent debating shades of boot leather is a life well spent in my book. Now, about those eyelets...
^ Maybe this is one of those color-blind tests, but those boots in the picture of Brett look totally brown to me..!
 I hear you, I've always liked them on boots, but am only belatedly thinking of them as a possibility on an oxford shoe.  They may work however, and let's think about it.  Here are two (far far far inferior in every way!) oxford style shoes with them, just to think about: 
Thought there was much more support for #13 (110 wax flesh)..  Unless I was reading comments wrongly..  That's a great boot, even I probably won't be able to go in on it this round.
       All right, you all seem to confirm my original instinct, so that's great and makes me feel like it's right.  Honestly, I am so excited about the possibility of getting this made (you guys have no idea how many times I've looked at Viberg oxfords on Rakuten and wished for something other than the wedge sole), that I can't help but want it to be perfect. The only other question is, if rivets become available, do we want them on the Half-Japanese..?
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