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Guess you don't need a Goodyear welt to be on goodyearwelt..
@Limberlion, nice pics!
I have the lowered block heel and it is very comfortable, more comfortable than a higher heel to me. And I think it would look slightly dressier. I definitely recommend it.For leathers, the CXL will of course get scuffed up pretty quickly. If you're looking for a dressier look at seems like the French calf or the dress leather would be best.
They didn't do it for me at first, but seeing a picture of a worn pair on Instagram a while ago made me like them. But the combination of the price and the fact that Palmer just not allow returns, definitely made them unbuyable for me. But it's a rare example of the 2045, which is a great last..
[edit, PM instead.]
 @meso, why are you selling those Red Dogs?  (Fully structured toe BTW..?)
 For a long time the brown dress leather seemed the most popular on SDs, and a lot of guys swear by it.  It looks slightly dressier but appears to be pretty hardwearing.  For more of a workboot look, and a longer break in time, the brown smooth/brown oil tan is by all accounts White's thickest and toughest leather.
 Some nice boots for sure.  Those black ones are the only 2030s I have seen so far that might tempt me (if I were in the market for black boots).  BUT, we are now talking $965 for CXL boots...  Oof.
 You know about the ones at Kentaurus right?  I know also that VMC in Switzerland had some black horsehide 310s several months ago, it's possible they still do since they don't have an online shop.  Of course, both of these would cost dearly...
 Looking for friends for your Copper Task boots..?
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