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 Were you able to just replace the peg, or did you have to do the whole shifter arm..?  I'd be interested to know what you replaced it with. I got one of RE's new chrome 500s.  Not a high performance bike by any means, but fun to ride.  I am a sucker for the classic English single cylinders, but I don't really have to time or space (or know how if I am honest) to maintain an old BSA or Norton -- but this bike gets me pretty close.
 I've ordered them from White's.  They are good thick laces -- too thick actually for the small speedhooks White's uses!  But they work very well for their big eyelets. I don't think they are the same ones used by Viberg, if I recall my old Viberg laces rightly.  I think the Viberg ones were maybe slightly flatter..?
Interesting -- the newer versions look to me like they would be tighter.  They certainly seem to be much lower profile.
I think I'd go all Black Dress for what you're looking for.  But, CXL w/ BD backstay would also be cool...
I agree, except that I found them too small for the leather laces. But definitely sturdy!
I'd vote black dress.
I wouldn't worry about too much. White's often mismatch such things even in the same size! But I doubt it would be too noticeable.  I am a fan of the cap toe BTW...
^^ just curious, what does Himel Bros being to a Viberg collaboration?
 Right on.
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