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 They seem to both look a little tilted, but the right extremely so.  Unless the pic is misleading.  If it is that tilted, it's a real shame.  White's often has wonky heels and midsoles, but that one's pretty bad.
^ Those classic work boots look great!  Nice to see some good old brown oil tan leather.  Though I am surprised (pleasantly) to see the undyed edges on the leather, which normally you only see on CXL and Horsehide.  Nice boots all around..
 I wouldn't be surprised if over the years regular saddle soap cleaning might take away from the leather, as I guess virtually any treatment will.  But I have used it very occasionally on all my boots, and it seems okay.  Pretty gentle cleanser I think.  As far as removing salt stains, mine were pretty minor I admit, but it worked on 'em. ^thanks @spurs61, keep us posted..
Those roughouts look great.  Be interested in seeing more pictures as they age..
 Here 'tis:  Just cleaned with saddle soap, no other treatment.  The CXL is just over six months old, with regular but not strenuous wear, just now getting some snow and salt.  It is holding up okay, but clearly taking more dings than a tougher leather.  Honestly, I'd be surprised if it lasted ten years, as some other boots of mine have, but we'll see.  For now I do like it. In other news, no surprise but I can confirm that the 269 sole is not great on snow and ice.  It's...
Saddle soap, after several days of snow and salt stains.
Pretty sure 310s have the right of way. They'd crush anything else imagine.
They look pretty nice; I'd be interested to know more as well. (The woman working on the heel looks like she can bench press more than me too.)
First time in the snow for my Bounty Hunters.
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