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 These look nice!
 Killin' me..
 Looks like a nice alternative to brown CXL, for anyone who likes that rich tone but isn't crazy about the scuffing and scratching. But, how about something besides 2030..?!
I'd say only necessary if you really plan on walking through a lot of snow or water on repeated occasions.  Otherwise, I would say let the natural CXL age on its own with any treatment for as long as possible.  It's fun to see it take on its character without hurrying it along or changing the color drastically by oiling it up. BTW, there are pics around the interweb of Hollowsleather's natural CXL White's Bounty Hunters that will give you an idea of how they will age.  He...
Unless you don't mind them darkening up a LOT, I would stick with the VSC. For now anyway. Eventually the natural CXL Will darken up anyway, and then if you want I have your treatment you can use those heavier boot greases.
  Very nice! (Just wish I had patented my "straight edge" tongue protector invention!)
So, I am curious, What are the chances of getting a minor groundswell for a SF MTO based on these older style oxfords, which a few people above seemed excited about:     And @LA Guy, do you know if such a make up would be possible?  110 last, structured toe, external heel counter, half sole.  The leather on these was their old Ice Mocha, which depending on the batch seemed to vary from brown to almost tan to this burgundy-like color.  I know they don't offer it...
 These look good.  The 1035 seems a good compromise between the 2030 and the 2045 lasts. Surprised they call it an unstructured toe -- it looks partially structured to me, though hard to tell sometimes...
 Therightlace.com is popular.  They have 1000 Mile style flat waxed laces, which work pretty well with 5 or 6 inch White's.  But there are also tons available through various ebay sellers, often super cheap.
   Thanks guys, this is helpful.
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