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 I know what you mean. They are great looking boots, and seem to be well made -- and at almost half the price of Vibergs!  But I too wish they were a bit chunkier in the vamp and toe.  Be interesting to see if they come up with another last in the future, perhaps something with a sprung toe..
 Not much is more fun than fantasy bootin'..  Looks like a nice build.  I will weigh in in favor of a block heel, if you like the looks of it better, as I do.  I have always been a "heel striker" but have not had any problem with that with my lowered block heels (and on a smaller sized boot like this I would go lowered if I were you). The oil tanned leathers ("smooth") by all accounts are thick and tough and will take some breaking in.  Which is fine of course for a...
Yeah my black CXLs wear through more gray than brown.
 It's a good looking boot.  Nice to see a 2045 for a change. With regard to horsehide, I would love to see them get some HH again like this pair:  I owned these briefly (too tight), and this was the best boot leather I had ever seen.  Not sure where it came from or how it was tanned, though it was HH.
Can anyone speak to the amount of arch support in Truman Co boots?  On a continuum of, say, Viberg (not much) -- Alden (some) -- White's (a lot).
 I am very jealous.  I had thought seriously about a trip to the factory for my 50th birthday last spring, but then they stopped doing the custom individual orders, even if you came in, so I nixed it.  Nice to live vicariously through your story. (And nice to see the Half-Japanese oxfords front and center!)
 Oh, and was Jason Viberg around?  He was who I talked to the first time i called out of the blue several years ago-- very friendly.
 Very nice.  Was wondering if those might be early Half-Japanese oxfords that Brett is wearing...  But figure probably not..
They label the standard 310 as a D, and it is also available in E.
I posted this on the Cascadia Boot thread, but figured I ought to put it here as well.  Some nice waxflesh boots made by Nick's for the Taiwanese store Mansway:  
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