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 Ah yes, Rolling Dub Trio!  I had my eye for over a year on the Coupen Boot, but was reluctant to order from Japan, and knew nothing about sizing.  So it's nice to have a Viberg Half-Japanese in lieu of it (and yes, with a better sole!).
Er.., probably not what you meant to say I take it?
^^ I vote brown dress leather..
 Does White's even offer Dainite soles..? Sizing seems to most people to be a half size down from Brannock (shoe store measuring machine), though of course it varies for different folks.
^Superfeet work pretty well for me too.  And Powerstep.
 As Viberg-wearer Justin Bieber would say, "Swagalicious!"
 The more one hangs around this board, the more this actually seems like it makes sense..!
 No, only $725..  A bargain then!
 Yeah sorry, when I first proposed it I just had the one picture; it was only later that I re-discovered the original posting for the shoe from the 2013 sample sale.  Will PM the details now.
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