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Anyone happen to know if the older style 145 oxfords are or will be available anywhere.  A few pop up on the Japanese site Rakuten, but mostly in the odd smaller size.  And I guess one or two places have them with the ripple sole, but I am interested in the more straightforward, chunky work shoe version.
Four months.
 Cool, thanks.  Look forward to seeing more...
 The two boots you have up on your site look nice.  (It's good to see some Dublin leather...)  I wonder if you can say more, or post more pics, about the construction -- things like what sort of shank, are they fully or partially lined, how much arch support, etc.  And do you have plans for any other leathers or options, like toe cap, etc? Anyway, good luck with the company!
^^ Yeah, I've always thought the stitched down construction was one of the (little or not so little depending on your perspective) things that set Viberg boots apart. I don't remember it being related to sleekness when they started talking about it, and if that was the goal they could do a closer trim I assume (like White's will do), though I don't know the requirements of the stitched down construction.  I thought they admitted somewhere that it was about making...
 I don't think the boondocker works well with the 2030 last.  The 2030 is sleek and dressier, and the boondocker style (roughout, overstitching, etc) is not at all dressy and works better with 110 or 2045.  Though I understand others may disagree. That 2045 boondocker is the only boot in the new batch that really tempts me.  If they had my size I might pull the trigger.  Although, perhaps it's the pic, but it doesn't seem to quite have the classic 2045 workboot toe...
 They seem to both look a little tilted, but the right extremely so.  Unless the pic is misleading.  If it is that tilted, it's a real shame.  White's often has wonky heels and midsoles, but that one's pretty bad.
^ Those classic work boots look great!  Nice to see some good old brown oil tan leather.  Though I am surprised (pleasantly) to see the undyed edges on the leather, which normally you only see on CXL and Horsehide.  Nice boots all around..
 I wouldn't be surprised if over the years regular saddle soap cleaning might take away from the leather, as I guess virtually any treatment will.  But I have used it very occasionally on all my boots, and it seems okay.  Pretty gentle cleanser I think.  As far as removing salt stains, mine were pretty minor I admit, but it worked on 'em. ^thanks @spurs61, keep us posted..
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