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Pretty sure they will still make a 160, don't see shy not. I think it is one of the lasts that has fallen out of favor since the rise of the 2030. It has more toe volume than the 110, but also a higher heel. Though I think the boot you propose will look great on either last.
^ Here's the 160 for comparison:  
A question. As you all know, this is the model for my proposed Half-Japanese boot (originally a one-off from a sample sale). I think the current ebony latigo gets us close to this leather color, which I like for the shoe.  I also like just about this amount of contrast with the eyelets.  I thought at first these were antique brass, but now I am wondering, are they perhaps just regular brass..?  Whichever they are, I think this is what we want.  
There should definitely be a 310 in the mix -- at this point they are not really available anywhere else, and they represent the classic Viberg look.
But a 2030 meso?
Blade Runner!
Yes indeed, that's the one I had in mind -- a nice looking boot..
 Yes, please ask, a rivet actually adds a lot I think.  And I feel like I have seen them on another Viberg boot recently, a non Cabourn, so perhaps it is indeed possible.  Seems weird to call that one element proprietary -- it's not like other boots don't have them. Rivets would look great on some of the service boots proposed here, but also maybe on Half-Japanese..?  I am a fan of rivets.
Half-Japanese: The shoe that would be king.
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