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 I will say that I am very happy with my lowered block heel, and I highly recommend it.  Looks great, and functions well for walking (for me).  Oh, and I would say to order through Bakers and ask them to sand down the heel closer to flush, so as to avoid the large heel shelf that White's is notorious for with the block heel. I am pretty pleased with the black CXL, which has held up probably better than I expected (after a year of regular but not hard wear); but if I had to...
Hmm, woulda sworn you were a 310 diehard Meso.. Now I am wondering what else I need to rethink about the order of the cosmos..
 Must be their Swedish roots:  "elg" in Swedish is a moose, not an elk.  I know, because I ate it in Stockholm once!
Just got my daughter some very nice Katahdins from ebay:    
   Well, it is a standard pattern, though an older one -- their old 1940 Service Boot, which has the 5 eyelets; and I remember either Guy or Jason Viberg telling me they could lower the heel 1/8th" on the 310 no problem.  But it would be fine too with more eyelets, though less distinctive. These are perhaps my favorite Viberg boots ever.  When I first saw the pic, I was transported back to my childhood in the 1970s in the mill towns outside Pittsburgh, where every grown...
^^ it's got a nice undyed edge..
Chopchop's "Unlucky 310" looks great.  I was just getting ready to propose a similar 310 -- except with cap toe, lowered heel, and half sole ("The Millwright Boot"):     But don't want to split the 310 vote, so will hold off.
Telling. Even so, I have to say that IRs are the most uncomfortable bootI have ever worn; though I think they look great. With Chippewas I added an insole and it was perfect. And my pre-katahdin pair of engineers lasted 10 years!
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