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 I floated it several months ago as an MTO on the Viberg board, but got absolutely no interest.  Of course, that was at the height of the 2030 fever that had set in, so it might be different in the future.  But also, even though I love the look of the 310 (so classic to my mind...), after wearing a pair for a couple of months I never could get used to the tall heel.  Morgan at Viberg said they could lower it a bit, and that may work for me, but I think I am a medium-height...
 That's what was so good about finding this board, I could stop talking to friends and family about my boots all the time and put that energy here, thereby avoiding looking like a boot-obsessed weirdo to everyone around me. And I still basically lie about how much I have paid for my boots, especially to my dad, who spent 45 years as a steelworker and I am sure never paid more than $60 for a pair of boots.  I admit to $300, which flabbergasts him, but I won't admit any...
Btw, for a similar heel with the full rubber sole check out the Vibergs with Dainiteson meso's WTB ad -- my former boots I might add!
^ Pretty sure that it was one of those pics that I sent to Kyle and asked if they could do the heals on my BHs like that.  He said they'd try for it, but what I got was a basic shaved down block heel.     Having said that, I am very happy indeed with the lowered block heel on my BHs.  I actually think it's perfect.  It looks like the heels on the boots that all the men I knew growing up in western PA wore to work every day.  If you didn't grow up in the Pacific northwest...
 I would not assume that this difference in proportions is consistent between Cuban and Block heels. White's can be pretty sloppy on those things.  I feel like we've seen some boots where even in the same pair the heel lengths were different..
 Let's see pics of those horsehides!
 Be very interested in seeing these when they come in.
Really nice to see those worn BHs in dress brown, since most of the dress brown boots are SDs.  I think is the first BH with some wear that I've seen.  Needless to say, very nice indeed...
No b-ewing, the board would not be the same without you..!
 Palmer Trading Co has some in black waxed flesh -- not sure what sizes are available.
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