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 I am not an expert on welts (by any means), but I remember someone who was explaining in detail on one of the boot boards (can't remember which) why stitch down is NOT as water resistant as the Goodyear..  It makes no nevermind to me, they both seem more than good enough, but I do remember that...
^^ Beauties..
 I dion't know meso, if you dropped one of your 310s on these by accident they might be crushed to death...
 Sounds like the Bounty Hunter is what you want....  Here is an updated pic of my pair, with about two dozen wears under their belt. As you can see, you get just a bit of sprung toe, and a nice (I think) roundedness to it.
 I am with you on the sole... These were on sale for a couple of days and i was tempted, but not quite enough to pull the trigger. Have you ever looked at Rolling Dub Trio or Slow Wear Lion (totally great names each..) mid cut boots?  Really nice I think, though they have to be ordered from Japan I believe, and with cork soles. Rolling Dub Trio: Slow Wear Lion:
 Yeah the 461 is significantly sprung in the toe (though not as much as the Viberg 310) and is a bit roomier in my experience.  The SD last has a little bit of an upturn and a nice shape; with the celastic toe it gives it some good roundedness (about like an Iron Ranger I would say).  I think both of these lasts look great, better than the standard smokejumper shape.  I think the question is how much of an upturn are you looking for?
I think the quicker deliveries may have to do with fire-season orders all being done.  I think Kyle said White's gets all their fire season orders in Feb and March.   I too had heard that some Danner's were not made in the US, and that quality has been questioned.  No first hand knowledge though, and not sure how related it is to this  ABC Mart.  But man, pretty bummed about White's getting bought out... After all those years as an independent company...  And the push...
Man, that black calf is a great boot, though I am not a 2030 guy.
 Have you seen these over at Ironheart?  Not bad... http://www.ironheart.co.uk/hardware/wanda-01.html 
I think these were the first pair of Vibergs that I saw a picture of, and they stopped me in my tracks.     I grew up in Western Pennsylvania in a steel town in the late 60s and 70s, and every adult man I knew either worked in the steel mills or at the Valvoline plant or maybe the Westinghouse plant, and these boots immediately reminded me of what all the men wore to work everyday.  This was a couple of years ago, just before Viberg really started getting big in the...
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