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For those talking about a 310 workboot with a more durable leather, I've always thought the the Volls 310 from a couple of years ago was close to the perfect black boot.  It's the basic oil tan leather, but the contrasting white stitching adds some style.  Here is a pic of a pair with some wear on them:  
 I have never been a fan of the (to my eyes) flat and pointy toe of the 2030, but I have to say that they look better to me with some wear on them.  Nice boots.
Well, it certainly is important to plan for any event... I could lose them in quicksand, to burglars, to a hungry bear.. you never know. Hmm maybe I DO need that extra pair.
 I tried to float a similar, slightly-more-than-basic black workboot last time and got no interest at all.  Though at that point the 2030 was riding high.  Maybe you can get more interest this time around.  Though since then I have gotten a pair of black White's boots that fit the bill, so I would not be in on this order I am afraid.
Re: harness leather. FWIW Red Wing calls the leather on their Iron Rangers harness leather.  Not sure how much that means...    
 FYI: Here are my former 110s in black horsehide, with Dainite.  They were beauties, though I wanted a structured toe and pretty sure these weren't.  Alas, too big and they got sold... 
Rare deadstock Indy Boots, 9.5E, in mint condition!  Not sure what year these are, but they are the older style:    genuinely brown leather rather than the pumpkin orange, cotton duck lining, older Alden stamp on insole, darker welt and sole.    These are new, unworn boots, with a tighter welt than I've seen on any recent Indy boots.  This is a chance to get a rare, original 405 boot.   It looks like at some point there was a tag or something attached to the sole,...
 A good way to think about it.  I do think in general the SJ/BH is totally boss, but I have always liked a blockier look, which I think the heel counter on the boot above gives. In other news, notice anything about the tongues on these:   I had mentioned some time back that I might go to a cobbler and have the bellows tongues cut down on the sides to make them semi-attached, in order to deal with the ankle rubbing.  But in looking at them and at my old boots I realized "I...
 For me it's the pinky toe.  Otherwise there does seem to be in general a fair amount of volume in the toe box, but because of the way it's shaped (both SJ and SD in any case) they really grind on my pinky toe.
 Yeah, sizing can be crazy!  If you wear an 11.5 in Wolverine and RW I cannot imagine that you would take a bigger size in White's.  I think Baker's is probably right on this, but the question is whether you want the 11C or 11.5B.  I actually find White's to be relatively narrow (except in the Swing last of course), so I guess I would pick the 11C as most likely...  But man, it can be a crap shoot on sizing mail order boots!
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