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Oh yeah ...
Yes, his regular heel is too tall for me, but he does on occasion do a lower heel, which I'd get.  But like you, still not entirely sure...
Okay, so now that I am getting ready for a resole of my Bounty Hunters, trying to decide if I should just send them back to Bakers to have it done, or maybe try out Brian the Bootmaker, who has his own very interesting half soles and heels:     I like these a lot, but the main downside is losing the quasi-stitchdown of White's.  Brian rewelts them to look like this:     I do like the stitch down look, but not sure how much difference it makes to me.  Anyway,...
Can someone remind me -- What is the Vibram sole that looks like a half sole but is attached to a full length leather outsole..?  I am blanking on it.  (Some have had trouble with it marking floors...)
Does anyone know which is wider (across the toebox especially), Modified Last or CDI (Contour Depth Inlay)?  Thanks.
A question about the CDI last (Contour Depth Inlay):  Does anyone know for sure, are the insoles they come with always removable/replaceable..?
 Wait, now I am interested to know what you posted...?!
 Right on.
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