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 My White's are 6".  Here is a pic, 1 year of wear:  Most Vibergs are 5".  I was actually wondering about Trumans:  I notice the older pics have 8 eyelets and the newer ones 7, and they look a bit shorter.  Does anyone know, did they switch from 6" to 5"?
I think pull tabs look good, but they can be a minor pain in catching your pants -- at least on my White's that happens, and I find myself bending over just about everytime I get up to fix it.   Gusseted tongue:  I have them on my White's Bounty Hunters and it was VERY painful on my ankle where the double fold hit; I ended up cutting them back myself to a semi-gusset!  Which now works fine.  I'd say that unless others are having problems with the tongue shifting, avoid...
 I hear ya..!
No need to treat them out of the box, unless you're logging or firefighting with them! Wear them for six months or so and get some wear on them and then see what you think.
Like @meso says, the CXL Conversation can be a no-win situation. But I have to say, neither my Whites nor my Aldens have that sort of unequal wear. I have been wearing each for over a year, and both have less creasing than that and it's even on each boot. The uneven creasing reminds me of what you often see on 1000 Mile boots. And it's not that I mind wear, by any means, but that looks a little wonky.
New Posts  All Forums: