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My White's got a little muddy today.  Which they seemed happy about:       But I was glad for the excuse to do a little boot maintenance, so here they are after saddle soap and VSC:  
So... Any pics of well worn color 8 shell? I don't mean a dozen wears or a few months, but maybe a few years? Thanks.
Just curious, anyone have pics of #8 shell with maybe a couple of years of real wear on them? Trying to imagine what those new boots will look like eventually.
Morgan is gone , alas ..
 I'll second that!  Wade and Carrie were VERY patient with me working out my recent order.  Two try on jackets and lots of waffling on my part, but they never blinked.  They stuck with me, and I now have my order in for a Maxwell in black CXL HH, with light contrasting stitching.
 I wore a pair with a double leather sole for a couple of months, and just never took to it. Slippery on wet floors (and I would assume show or ice though never had the experience) and even certain carpets but was fine of course on pavement or concrete.  But it really sort of slaps the ground I found as I walked, and just didn't give any cushion.  I also had for a shorter period a pair with Dainite, and i liked them much better. Also a bit slippery on wet floors, but good...
 These look nice!
 Killin' me..
 Looks like a nice alternative to brown CXL, for anyone who likes that rich tone but isn't crazy about the scuffing and scratching. But, how about something besides 2030..?!
I'd say only necessary if you really plan on walking through a lot of snow or water on repeated occasions.  Otherwise, I would say let the natural CXL age on its own with any treatment for as long as possible.  It's fun to see it take on its character without hurrying it along or changing the color drastically by oiling it up. BTW, there are pics around the interweb of Hollowsleather's natural CXL White's Bounty Hunters that will give you an idea of how they will age.  He...
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