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No b-ewing, the board would not be the same without you..!
 Palmer Trading Co has some in black waxed flesh -- not sure what sizes are available.
 hmm, I remember some talk on this board when discussion MTOs that the rivet was "proprietary" to Cabourn only... Looks like that might be more flexible than it seemed. I like the rivet on these, and the eight contrasting eyelets;  not a fan of the distressing.
 My lowered block heel feels just right for walking, etc.  I have had a taller heel (on Vibergs) and did not like it -- felt like I was teetering.  All depends on one's taste, gait, etc...
 In my experience it stays white for quite some time without any special treatment; unless you get mud or something on it.
Looks good to me. Nice leather too!
Nothing fancy here, but here's a pic of my 403s after about 10 wears. I am very happy with the CXL, which doesn't seem to have any of the problems that you sometimes see on it.
Maybe they farmed out a batch to Dayton..?
 A ten inch boot sounds like a bear to get on and off to me, but I've never had a pair that tall so I don't know.  By all accounts the distressed smooth is tough and durable.  I probably would not get it lined.  I got my CXLs lined to keep them from stretching, and I think that was the right choice, but I'd like a pair that was unlined in the shaft I think.  Also, i would not recommend CXL for a winter chore boot.  I know some people will object, but it's clearly not a...
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