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Thanks. I think they lost a bit of their sprung toe with the resole, which is too bad. But otherwise, I consider it a great success.
Just got my Trench boots back from a resole.  They came with the flat leather sole (all that was available at the time), which I was never wild about, so even though they still had some life in them I decided after a year to resole them with Dainites.  Here is the result:     I like the way they look, and I've had Dainites in the past and am pretty certain I'll be happy with the feel.  Looking forward to dirtying up the new welt a bit...   BTW, these have spent a...
Or black dress..Though as Louie says you may want to think about the black Beckman or Iron Ranger. If the iron Ranger fit my foot, it would be my main black boot. I think it looks great.
So, I currently own both OSB Trenches in natural CXL and Whites SJs in black CXL.  I briefly owned a pair of Krause boots as well, but returned them.  Here's my take:   There certainly was some evidence on the now defunct OSB board of quality control issues, though I am not sure any worse than what we see with White's, and certainly not worse than Alden.  There are some who think that OSB gets a lesser quality CXL than Whites or Viberg, but I don't know if that's the...
Right! Though there was always a group of us that wore Red Wings or Caterpiller work boots; though I confess to finally buying a pair of doc Marten shoes in about 1992...
Funny. Was your house built in 1948, and never remodeled..?!
^^ Yeah, CXL scuffs easily, but that definitely seems excessive. I think anyone would be disappointed in that.  I mean, even if you like your boots to evo quickly, that's a bit much.   As far as what's causing it, it looks like the scuffing you get from my heels slightly brushing when you walk, even when you don't know you're doing it.
And here, back on topic, are my White's with modified "straight edge" style false tongues:  
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