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Rare deadstock Indy Boots, 9.5E, in mint condition!  Not sure what year these are, but they are the older style:    genuinely brown leather rather than the pumpkin orange, cotton duck lining, older Alden stamp on insole, darker welt and sole.    These are new, unworn boots, with a tighter welt than I've seen on any recent Indy boots.  This is a chance to get a rare, original 405 boot.   It looks like at some point there was a tag or something attached to the sole,...
 A good way to think about it.  I do think in general the SJ/BH is totally boss, but I have always liked a blockier look, which I think the heel counter on the boot above gives. In other news, notice anything about the tongues on these:   I had mentioned some time back that I might go to a cobbler and have the bellows tongues cut down on the sides to make them semi-attached, in order to deal with the ankle rubbing.  But in looking at them and at my old boots I realized "I...
 For me it's the pinky toe.  Otherwise there does seem to be in general a fair amount of volume in the toe box, but because of the way it's shaped (both SJ and SD in any case) they really grind on my pinky toe.
 Yeah, sizing can be crazy!  If you wear an 11.5 in Wolverine and RW I cannot imagine that you would take a bigger size in White's.  I think Baker's is probably right on this, but the question is whether you want the 11C or 11.5B.  I actually find White's to be relatively narrow (except in the Swing last of course), so I guess I would pick the 11C as most likely...  But man, it can be a crap shoot on sizing mail order boots!
Just picked up these deadstock Indy boots on ebay, with the browner calfskin, older Alden stamp on the inner sole, and the cotton duck lining.   Just curious if anyone can tell, roughly, when these might date from..?          
 I've never gotten the appeal of the 1000 mile boot. I remember years ago after hearing so much about them I tried some on in a store, and they just seemed so light and utterly without foot support, which your experience confirms.  Really more of a shoe than a boot I guess. And then all the QC issues started coming to light..
 These do look great for sure!  You know what I really like, and what I haven't seen on a FR/SJ before, is the proportions of the heel counter.  White's usually brings it forward more, making it lower and longer if that makes sense.   Notice how this one doesn't cross over the stitching on the upper.  I like this much better.  Wish mine were like that.
But be aware that tracing method is not by any means foolproof for sizing. There is no substitute for trying on a boot. Baker's will send you one to try on, but I think they only have smokejumpers. Sometimes you can find a retailer that will allow returns and try one on that way. Imogene and Willie had some in stock in the past, and a place in NYC that I forget the name of.
Good luck, keep me posted. BTW, the Dainite resoling cost $143, so they bring that added value..
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