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Ah yes, this is one of the boots that made me first fall in love with Glen Viberg. A beauty. Horsehide seems not to be much available, and if not then ebony latigo might be a good option. A similar look to this darker brown CXL, but likely more durable.
The 2045 is, all told, probably my favorite last, and I am dying for them to start making more models on it.  I like the look of the 310 better (so classic) but the higher heel just doesn't work for my gait.  The 2045 preserves enough of that classic look but with a more normal feel on my feet.   I had a pair of these scotch grain shell 2045s for awhile, but slightly too big, so I returned them.  And they never got back in another pair in my size, alas: Incidentally,...
I'm with you on the structured toe..Sounds like you've got quite a Viberg hoard there!
 Service Boot. To be more specific:2045 service boot,plain cap toe,Dainite sole (unless you can get Cat's Paws!),and ebony latigo would be very nice indeed.
 My understanding is that the "sprung toe" was developed for boots before rubber soles existed, so that the "rock as you walk" effect would ease the pounding your feet took.  Not sure if that's true, but so I've read somewhere... And I think that rather than flattening down it might actually get more pronounced over time. I like the look of a sprung toe, I have to admit.  Basically because I like the idea, as I've said before I think, of having a boot that looks like what...
^ Here are my old 110s for comparison    
Anyone happen to know if the older style 145 oxfords are or will be available anywhere.  A few pop up on the Japanese site Rakuten, but mostly in the odd smaller size.  And I guess one or two places have them with the ripple sole, but I am interested in the more straightforward, chunky work shoe version.
Four months.
 Cool, thanks.  Look forward to seeing more...
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