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 I like that they retained a substantial, round toe for the chukka. Very nice...
The show through does start pretty quickly though with CXL, almost immediately..
Are you sure the one not the LEFT is the SJ..? I would've bet it was the other way around..
^^ My money says that the one on the right is standard SJ and the left is SD. Though if they are marked wrongly I don't know how one could actually determine that.
^^ Rivets! 👍
I think IRs are tricky to compare to, because they are weirdly shaped -- very long and narrow.  A 10 in IRs is way too tight on me width-wise, but fairly long. Whereas I am 9.5E in Whites.  I think you tried the right first try in the White's.  Hope it works out...
@sambam Just curious, what difference in size would there be between a 9.5E and. 9EE? Thanks.
As much as I respect @metranger8694, I have to register my dissent here. The 2045 is just a classic boot shape. Hard to beat to my mind. (Though the 310 w/ lowered heel inches it out.)
Are used to think that I would never like a wedge soul. But I've gradually gotten used to them, and this pair really looks great!
Toe looks great on these!
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