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One thing about the 110 last -- if you haven't worn it, it's a little bit odd.  I like others found it to be very wide in the heel, and flat in the toe.   Someone above mentioned the dark brown calfskin on the 2040 last, which might be really nice, or even better the 2045.  Anyone know what the merlot above is on; looks  like maybe the 2040.
 No, the oil tans (black and brown) are definitely the thickest, toughest leather White's has..
Yeah, that brown calfskin really looks nice.    But please, something besides the 2030 last for those of us that don't want such a dressy boot...  And a more substantial sole...
   I thought this was on the 110 last... but not sure.
Attaching here a pic of the black captoe Homestead boot, next to my old (13 years or so) engineer boots.  They are the same size and width as marked, but the newer ones are significantly more narrow, and don't quite work for me.  Otherwise they seem like pretty good boots, but the leather is nothing special (unlike the Sundance leather, which I saw a guy wearing recently and really liked).
Thanks for posting. They look great.
Let me float this MTO again, in case anyone is interested in a classic black workboot, with a little extra style:   -- best black leather available. -- 2045 last. -- 8 nickle eyelets. -- natural midsole. -- Dainite sole (or Cat's Paw if available!) -- cap toe (prefer plain, but brogue possible, no pinking) -- contrasting white stitching (as in the Volls model linked below).   A classic, a classic, and hard to find something like...
Just curious, anyone have pics of the Sixteen Andrew Stealth boot in the wild, maybe with a little wear...?
 Yeah that looks like it.  The contrasting stitching and the sole.  It looked at first like a hybrid of the Beckman upper with a Iron Ranger sole, but I had not seen this new round toe boot before. In other news, for anyone interested there are some Chippewas on Ruzeshoes.com, including the harder to find black Homestead and cordovan toecap Homestead.  http://www.ruzeshoes.com/nsearch.aspx?SearchTerm=chippewa  I ordered a pair of the black, which should arrive today or...
Here too. Wish it had been available a year ago when I got mine.
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