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 I think the Iron Rangers would be fairly different than any of these, and if they fit you right worth having.  They have a more workboot look than any of these. Don't suppose you wear a 9.5.  If so, there is a great rubber-soled pair currently on ebay (not mine): http://www.ebay.com/itm/161268162905?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Of course, you could also go for a pair of White's Boots!
Nice. Really like the contrasting stitching.
@cathpah, serious boots there!   Thanks for the laces feedback.  Like most folks, I've always liked the look of the leather laces on black boots, but I take andy b's point about the old school workboot look you get with the black.  Both are good looks, which makes it hard to decide.  No doubt I will switch back and forth..
Leather laces, or flat black..?  
@involutio you are officially my hero...  Two fabulous boots...  Not sure I would need both pairs, but I also wouldn't kick either one out of bed for eating crackers.
 I doubt you could a pair of trees that would work on them, but honestly the ones I have had are such heavy, well built boots that I don't see you needing them, at least not for keeping the shape of the boot.   My experience with them was that the toe was fine as far as comfort goes, actually helps give you a sort of "rock when you walk" vibe which is nice. But I never quite got used the high heel, which always left me feeling a little bit teetering.  (My wife said, Dude...
I think 310s in shell are rare birds, though I feel like I've seen pics of some somewhere. I am less enamored of shell than a lot of folks I guess.  It's too thin and too dressy for my tastes.  Not that I don't see the appeal for others. To my mind, the best leathers Viberg has used are the horsehides.  Here is a rare brown one, which I think is hard to beat: 
While we are on the 310 love fest theme, I've always had a secret love for these ones that Volls carried, now long sold out:   Store photo:   In real life, with some wear:   It's a nice, thick oil tan leather but I also really like the contrasting stitching.  I contacted Volls a few months ago and they said they hoped to restock, but were not sure when.
 I am with you.  I much prefer the 310 or 2045 to the sleeker lasts, but the latter have become very popular and Viberg seems to be working that for now. I did ask Morgan whether the workboot lasts were going to disappear and he said No, they would still be making plenty of 310s and 2045s, but that we're going through a 2030 phase for now. BTW, have you seen the pics of meso's 310s from a month ago or so..?
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