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Very nice!
I remember seeing the black calf boots from Brooklyn Clothing on Brett Viberg's instagram or somewhere and they looked very cool..
 My experience with the Iron Ranger is that it is VERY narrow, whereas the Viberg 110 is pretty darn wide. Honestly, I have a hard time imagining that the same size in each will fit the same (at least with regard to width).  Needless to say, I hope I am wrong in your case!
 If it's the same leather as the boots I had it's HH but not shell.  The HH Viberg uses is thicker and mellower than shell. And I am pretty sure, though others will know more, that the horse "butt" they use is a higher quality leather than the horse "strip" used by White's and others.  In any case this brown HH was a very rich color and a nicely thick leather.  Again, I've seen very few boots in it, though there are a few pairs floating around..
 Right on.  A great buy...
Curious where you got yours -- seems like a pretty rare leather for Viberg.  (And of course, I'd love to see beat-up pics..)
^^ Here is the pair I am thinking of, owned by Finn, whose feet are in these in the pic:  
Whoever got these brown horsehides, you are going to love them.  I've seen this leather in real life and it is pretty unbelievable...  
yeah, pretty sure they'd be too small..
Surprised no one's gotten the 145 Oxfords yet.  A half size larger and they'd be mine..
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