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I like the Vibram 269s on my White's.
Nice boots both !
A couple of things i like about the 269. I kind of like the thinner black line that it gives you through the soul, just for aesthetics. And I like the way it narrows underneath the arch. The standard half sole makes the boot seem a little too skinny there for my taste. And as James says, it feels pretty good on the pavement and has decent grip. Definitely worth considering. For some reason I feel like you don't see it often on the standard dress brown SDs.
I am a captoe fan from way back, but have to admit that there is a satisfying simplicity to the basic dress brown SD in a plain toe. But don't revoke my membership card to the captoe club!
I vote dress brown with brass eyelets, and maybe the 269 sole. Toe cap optional.
 I had a slightly different experience the first time I tried on a pair of SDs, after years of wearing off the shelf Caterpillers, Red Wings, and Chippewas.  I was surprise at how light they felt, to be honest.  I mean, solid and well built for sure, but not at all heavy in my mind, and I think lighter than the Chippewas I was wearing at the time (though those were oil tan leather with heavy rubber/cord soles, and the SDs were unlined CXL with leather sole. Anyway, I think...
 I like the chunkier wootboot lasts, so 310 (with slightly lowered heel) or 2045, with a thicker black or brown horsehide (not the Guidi), plain cap toe, Cat's Paw heel and half sole, eight eyelets.  Maybe contrasting stitching.  Would also take a Dainite or other sole, but not a flat leather sole. One of the boots I briefly owned was a size 10 2045 with scotch grain black shell.  It was a bit too long, but with an insole it was slightly tight in the vamp.  Not much...
I haven't worn any of those other boots you mention, but have always been  9.5E or 10D in workboots over the years:  A Viberg 10 is clearly too big, and a 9 a bit too small.  Pretty sure I am a 9.5 in Viberg, but alas by the time I figured that out the boots I wanted (and the MTO program) were gone...  I am making do for now with White's and Aldens, but one day, one day...
 Speaking of toeboxes holding up or not, I am reminded of wdahab's natural shells, which began to collapsed so quickly around his toes -- an effect he liked and was fine with as I recall.  But makes me realize that it's some time since we had any evo updates on that pair... @wdahab, are you still there? Any new pics?
 I would probably try a 7D in Viberg, though of course as many of us learn the hard way sizing is tricky and can vary greatly from person to person...
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