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^ Maybe this is one of those color-blind tests, but those boots in the picture of Brett look totally brown to me..!
 I hear you, I've always liked them on boots, but am only belatedly thinking of them as a possibility on an oxford shoe.  They may work however, and let's think about it.  Here are two (far far far inferior in every way!) oxford style shoes with them, just to think about: 
Thought there was much more support for #13 (110 wax flesh)..  Unless I was reading comments wrongly..  That's a great boot, even I probably won't be able to go in on it this round.
       All right, you all seem to confirm my original instinct, so that's great and makes me feel like it's right.  Honestly, I am so excited about the possibility of getting this made (you guys have no idea how many times I've looked at Viberg oxfords on Rakuten and wished for something other than the wedge sole), that I can't help but want it to be perfect. The only other question is, if rivets become available, do we want them on the Half-Japanese..?
^^ That's cool.  I am still very much thinking of Ebony Latigo -- just wondering about other options. But seems like it is probably what we want..
So, I don't mean to confuse things any more than they need to be, but for those of you interested in #5, "The Half-Japanese" oxford shoe, I am second guessing just a bit the Ebony Latigo.  I was hoping to get close to the Icy Mocha CXL in the original picture, which seemed a darkish but complex brown with a bit of burgundy, and certain pics of the Ebony Latigo seem close to that.  But the more I look at it the more straight brown it seems -- there aren't a lot of pics...
I agree that the tan horsehide is too light for that build, and it also looks in the pics like a pretty soft leather, which does not seem to work for the 310 either.  Viberg used to have some thicker "horsebutt", but this like like a much thinner leather, maybe "horse strip" (not sure about that), which is great for some builds but I agree not for the heavy duty 310.
 Yes, Cat's Paw heel and Vibram half-sole would be my first choice.
Public Service Announcement:  Just wanted to make sure everyone on this board knows about the GMTO thread going on right now:     http://www.styleforum.net/t/454301/proposal-stage-2-weeks-viberg-for-styleforum-preorders-round1-2015/0_20     I think most people do, but I remember totally missing the boat on one in the past, even though I was on this board pretty regularly.     (Self-Interest Announcement:  And while you're there, check out especially the...
Really? Seems like a lot of interest.. Anyway, that combo is pretty close.
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