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I find White's and Indy boots to run about the same size..
^ In my experience IRs seem long and VERY narrow. Even the so called EE felt like a narrow D width. And of cours nowhere near the support of Whites.
^^ Venetian Shoe Cream seems a good light conditioner option, with little darkening in my experience.  Prices seem to vary greatly, but Oak Street Bootmakers sell it at a decent price.
My BH's did me right during two days walking around NYC last weekend.   Central Park:     And standing on the curb (with my daughter's Doc Martens on the bottom edge of the pic I see):
 I think they always line the toe box and vamp, right?  It's only the shaft that can be left unlined..?  So I remember hearing, thought not sure. In any case, some nice looking boots for sure!  The black dress leather looks great on the BH.
I have never used Bick 4.  But VSC will hydrate a bit and give a nice luster without darkening much or otherwise over-treating in my experience. What leather do you have? If CXL, especially a lighter version, I would go with VSC.
I love how if you look at the second picture out of the corner of your eye it looks like a lion is about to eat you! Those are some beasts..
Any pics of your driver boots? Those have a weird appeal to me, and I'd love to see a pair with some wear on them..
^ This is clearly a labor of love on the part of Fok. Thanks for your work dude.
 Do you know if they have given the last a number or a name?
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