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 All good standard advice, except that I know from repeated experience that here is no substitute for trying boots on.  And I actually did email them a week or two ago but never heard back.  No big deal, cause at this point I am just curious; not ready to make a real order..
Can anyone speak to the nature of that Madone leather, which I've never heard of before?   Also, anyone know if Truman will send out try-on boots for sizing?    
Weird. To me the 110 felt incredibly wide in the heel!
And speaking of full runs, there are plenty of sizes of a couple of nice make ups at the Bureau Belfast:   https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/brand/viberg
 I'd love to see pics of these boots with a year or more of wear on them, if anyone has them.  I briefly owned a pair when they first came out, but they went down the wrong-size black hole, as did three other pairs of Vibergs.  These were slightly fancy for my tastes, with the scotch grain shell, but I Ioved the shape and the sheer old-fashionedness of them (with the 10 eyelets, etc), and I imagine the shell would have worn in nicely.
 They were part of the original stable of boots that came with the new Viberg.com site, two years ago I guess...  Black Scotch Grain shell!
In other news:  One of the things that makes me happy about those new Context HH's is the fact that they have sort of put the 2045 back on the map, after long neglect.  To me, the 310 will always remain the most badass boot last around.   But the 2045 is a classic shape and I'd love to see more new boots on it.   In the meantime, two compelling examples:  
Repost from a few months ago:     'I don't really think this is anything worth arguing much about, but a few quotes from a post Brett Viberg made on Ironheart:   "Currently I am trying to bring in good year welting machines, which will allow a larger production, still only 60 or so pair, comparing to Alden's say at 3-400, Red wing at 5000, Wesco and Whites run about 100 a day or more.... I also am hoping it will lower some cost, due to less hand work, hand lasting...
^^ To me stitched-down has always been part of Viberg's distinctive look.  White's is not really a genuine stitchdown as I understand it.  (Someone who knows more than me explained it all at one point on one of the boards, and in any case it looks different and not nearly as clean as Viberg usually does.)  Viberg's GYW boots are fine, I am not going to get upset over it, but I definitely think you lose one of the distinctive markers of Viberg craft.  And even if it is not...
If you really need a pair of black boots and were open to something cheaper, the Thorogood Beloit looks pretty good at Context,
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