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Weird, they have a pair listed as "British tan chromexcel." I think that must be wrong, unless White's has a new leather from Horween, which I doubt.
I love my black boots, and wear them three or four times a week. But I am not much of a fashion guy..
I don't have pics but brown smooth (aka oil tan) is darker and much heavier; classic brown (same as English tan I believe) is actually smoother and thinner.
BTW, anyone happen to have pics of SDs made with brown oil tan with some wear on them..?
Sometimes you see a build that really gets a certain look just right.  I just came across these on Eastwestapparel's site, and I think the description is exactly right, that it catches perfectly that "old school hobnail look."   SD on the c461 last, double leather sole, black dress leather.
 Thanks!  Two very nice pairs of boots there.  Looks  like the Truman's are a bit longer...?  Though maybe that's an effect of the White's getting more wear and the toe turning up...?
 One thing:  If you're a White's wearer you will really miss the arch support.  My experience is that, other than the 310, Vibergs have essentially none.  And that combined with their tendency to often send out boots with a built in pronation (inward lean) can be a problem for those of us with high arches.
 I can't quite figure out what that is, but if it's hard plastic material it seems unlikely that it will wear down.  The question is whether it rubs your heel and bothers you.  If so, then I'd say it's a problem.  If not, then no big deal since it's not otherwise visible.
New Posts  All Forums: