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Do you take it out of your pocket when you sit down? I'd be too worried about breaking it....
OMG, you are sooooo right! How did I not see it till now?! My entire wardrobe, nay, my entire life, has been dictated by the fact that I am a complete computer nerd!!Thanks so much for sharing your uncanny insight into sociology as it is applied to style and FADES ON DENIM PANTALOONS
Don't get excited.  It's mostly people's smartassery.
Did you make an account just to comment on my question? Bless you.     IT consultant. I have many different clients around the area, all with differing dress codes.  I don't wear jeans to work unless I'm staying in the office all day.
Jeebus.  That is a stage 5 case of iPhone thigh right there....
Sorry. Yours is a good idea as well.
Thank you for the only constructive comment :)  This is a good idea.  Now just gotta buy a couple more pairs and break them in without anything in the pockets.  Maybe I'll go dig a ditch in the back yard....
It's not raw denim.  It's a pair of Levis 514s. It's not a piece of art "reflecting my lifestyle," it's an article of clothing, and I would prefer it didn't look like corned-shit.  My lifestyle reflects my lifestyle.  Or should I get full sleeve tattoos, quit my job and live in a fair trade coffee shop, writing a coming of age novel?
Looks good!  Right?  
It was 85 here today :)
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